A Barbecue Place Near Me

A Barbecue Place Near Me – Specializing in premium wo-oh Japanese beef from Kumamoto, The Gyu Bar is a contemporary yakiniku dining concept reminiscent of old-world elegance and housed within a 35-seater space. Complete with a variety of quality meats and seafood, organic rice and spices from expert farmers and award-winning suppliers, the restaurant is now open again for private dining.

Conceived to bring an authentic ‘Yakiniku’ experience to all guests, Gyu Kaku prides itself on serving a variety of premium ‘Japanese Wagyu’ and many other quality dishes at reasonable prices. Their menu includes $3-$7.80 mouth-watering appetizers, $5.80-$7.80 fresh salads, $6.80-$23.80 tantalizing seafood dishes, $3-$12.80 rice bowls, $2.80-$5.80 desserts, drinks, and even a 3-minute all-you-can-eat buffet for $86.80 per pax. And $66.80 per pax Australian Wagyu Beef!

A Barbecue Place Near Me

Led by Managing Director Suguru Ishida, who once ate at more than 150 yakiniku joints a year in Japan for 15 years straight, Yakinikuquest offers guests an exciting omakase yakiniku experience anchored with the finest selection of premium Wagyu beef. Indulge in a variety of omakase sets featuring the $98 Wagyu Foodie Omakase which includes a starter, Japanese salad, Wagyu sashimi, 6 cuts of grilled beef, beef curry rice or cold noodles, and dessert, or the $168 Wagyu Fanatic Omakase. Your choice of starter, Japanese salad, wagyu and uni sashimi, signature “beef noodle”-niku somengril beef in 8 highest cuts, wagyu chazuke and a dessert of your choice.

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Best known for its diverse selection of premium Japanese Wagyu cuts alongside other occasional US and Australian imports, Yen Yakiniku offers a leaner and more balanced choice of A4 beef. Inspired by Taiwan’s successful Da Wan Yakiniku, Yen Yakiniku grills each dish in under a minute and serves it in front of each guest. Customers are invited to check the quality of each raw meat before grilling begins. A meal at Yen Yakiniku is expected to cost between $100 and $150.

Committed to the finest selection of premium A5 Wagyu beef imported directly from Kyushu Kagosima, Yakiniku Haijoen maintains strict quality control and prides itself on expressing the deliciousness of its menu through continuous improvement. Established in 1970, Yakiniku Hizone is revered for its innovative menu and close resemblance to offerings available in the Tokyo metropolitan area. Customers can expect to taste a variety of Wagyu beef skirt steaks, short ribs and other spectacular cuts.

With an array of premium meat selections imported directly from Japan, this Robertson Co mainstay features choice cuts like misoji, Chateaubriand and ribeye, along with other offerings such as the $20 Wagyu Tartare which serves premium wagyu cold. egg yolk, which is well-marinated and fragrant with a fresh sesame flavor, and $18 chicken cold ramen with smooth glass noodles, raw sprouts and a delicious Japanese-style boiled egg.

First hitting Singaporean shores in early 2020, this popular Japanese quick-service yakiniku chain is revered for its affordable and varied wallet-friendly menu, with no GST or service charges. Starting at $7.80 for a 100g pork and chicken set with rice, miso soup and kimchi, Yakiniku Like is best known for its unique solo dining concept and distinctive electric smokeless grill. Striving to deliver all orders within three minutes, the restaurant serves a variety of top-quality meats, including beef imported from Australia and the United States.

Daddy D’s Bbq

Running a buffet until 1am, Syohachi Yakiniku is located in the heart of Singapore’s central business district and promises a variety of premium free-flow meats. Their most popular 2-hour A5 Wagyu Ala Carte Buffet is priced at approximately $70 per person, while other wallet-friendly options include the 90-minute Yakiniku Ala Carte Lunch Buffet priced at $30 per person. Available Monday through Thursday, 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., the 90-minute yakiniku ala carte lunch buffet features six cuts of premium beef and six seafood dishes to start, including offerings such as A5 Wagyu, Japanese Ox Tong, . Short ribs, tiger prawns with salt, oysters with herbs butter sauce and Japanese oysters with herbs butter sauce, among many others.

Magosaburo is best known for serving the finest wagyu from Japan, handpicked in abundance. Across customized selections from their expert team of chefs, guests can expect to experience fine Japanese cuisine and enjoy their choice of beef on BBQ, sukiyaki or shabu-shabu.

Hailing from Tokyo’s Ebisu, this grilled meat restaurant offers meat lovers the delicious, unadulterated taste of lean Japanese beef cooked on crystal. Located along Duxton Road lined with luxury shops and Japanese restaurants, Niku Katsumata combines traditional Japanese and modern European decor styles to create the perfect venue for any special occasion with family, your partner or just entertaining.

Min Jiang Kueh Abe x Leftfoot Friends & Family pop-up store from social media esteemed Yishun Park Hawker Center

Yakiniku Japanese Bbq Hotspots In Singapore!

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To use Social Login you must agree to the storage and management of your data by this website. %privacy_policy% A simple web search for “BBQ restaurants near me” can give you a great idea of ​​how many places are nearby. However, that doesn’t tell you anything about what you’ll get. You have to know if the food is worth it while going there. If you’re looking for a great barbecue restaurant in the area, stop by and see what NY Firehouse Grill has to offer. You’ll never need to search for “BBQ restaurants near me” again.

Manang Fe Bbq & Grill

When you choose to come to NY Firehouse Grill, the food is sure to satisfy. You can pick up some more traditional sports bar fare like burgers and wings, or you can try more modern cuisine. These include a steak wrap called The Lieutenant, flamed fish tacos and creamy mac-n-cheese. The menu features some classic Philly dishes (like cheesesteaks with or without cheese whiz) and some new dishes that will become instant favorites.

While the food on NY Firehouse Grill’s menu may lean a little more towards the carnivores among us, there are plenty of options for pescatarians and vegetarians as well. There are even items that kids are sure to dive into. Between salads, entrees and appetizers, those who stop by this joint are sure to find a meal that satisfies their hearty barbecue cravings.

You’ve been looking for an amazing barbecue restaurant in Peekskill, NY and this is what you’ve found. Want to share your newfound wealth and bring food to others? We can also cater your next event. If you’re asking yourself, “What’s the best BBQ restaurant near me?” Contact NY Firehouse Grille at 914-788-0808 or alex@nyfhg.com.

Join our email list! Learn about our specials, contests and firehouse events! Sign Up Now I’m not sure about you, but I’m definitely a sucker for sappy Korean romcoms. I always end up with bleary eyes and a growling stomach from pulling all-nighters to watch shows. This leads me to a crazy Korean feast the next day, usually at a Korean BBQ buffet restaurant. For those of you who love to eat Korean food after watching K-dramas, check out this list of 16 places that serve Korean BBQ buffets!

Barbecue Delivery Near Me In Austin

Located just a few minutes away from Dhobi Ghat MRT station, Am Kim Korean BBQ is often busy with hungry people during lunch time. Among their marinated meats, some popular picks would be their Spicy Volcano Chicken and Juicy Beef. A variety of side dishes are also available, including kimchi soup, teokbokki, and a self-serve salad bar.

Buffet is $16.90++ per person for weekday lunch and $26.90++ for weekends and public holidays. Dinner is $26.90++ from Monday to Thursday and $27.90++ from Friday to Sunday, including public holidays.

Address: 1 Jubilee Said Drive, #01-04/05/06/07, School of the Arts, Singapore 227968 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30am to 4pm, 5:30pm to 10pm (Closes Fri 10:30pm), Sat-Sun 11:30am to 4pm, 4pm to 10:30pm Tel: 6238 7218 Website

Be spoiled for choice at Sikkek Korean BBQ, which offers an array of dishes cooked on top of simple marinated meats. With items like japchae, ramyeon and Korean fried chicken, you won’t be hungry while waiting for your meat to cook.

New York’s Favorite Barbecue And Frozen Drinks

As if that wasn’t enough, the restaurant also caters to Banchan. Make your ssam-bomb with slices of lettuce along with grilled meat,

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