Baltimore Crab Fest

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Join us on the water to enjoy fare from some of Baltimore’s best food and drink establishments and dance to live music all while sipping craft beer. sweets and cocktails.

Baltimore Crab Fest

And 4 Desserts • Bill’s Terrace Inn • Box Hill Crab Cakes • White Rice • Conrad’s Crabs Steam Truck • Copper Shark • Corner Crab House • Costas Inn • Faidley’s Seafood • Ice Queens • Jimmy’s Famous Seafood • Little Havana • Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls • Nick’s Fish House • Nikas Cabbage Bar • Norris Seafood • Shell & Barrell • The Choptank • The Island • Tillamook Ice Cream Boat • read more!

For Home Crab Feast, Simplicity Is Key

Union Brewing • Full Tilt • Mobtown Brewing Company • Guilford Hall Brewery • Diamondback Brewing Company

Visit clients including The Sheller •  Elevated Wellness • Topo Chico • Maryland Lottery • Clinton Electric • Versa Business Systems • Art of Balance Wellness Spa.

It includes admission to the festival. All food and beverages can be purchased by cash or card. Prices vary.

Pint Pass – $40 | Includes festival admission, Crab Fest pint glass, 2 beer tickets and a one-year subscription to Baltimore magazine. Must be 21+ to purchase

Dining Dish: The Biggest, Best Bloody Mary East Of The Rockies: Phillips Crab Feast Bloody Mary

Yes, tickets will be available at the door. Tickets go up to $20 for general admission and $40 for a Pint Pass at the door.

Visitors may park in designated areas along the road leading to the Baltimore Sun restroom and parking lot.

Although it is allowed, it can be warm and busy, so it is better to stay at home.

Please pull up your ticket or badge on your phone while waiting in line. If you purchased a Pint Pass ticket, you must have a valid 21+ ID.

Baltimore Crab Festival (jun 2022), Chesapeake Seafood Festival

Food and beverage vendors accept cash and credit cards, and can be purchased by the cart throughout the evening.

We cannot offer refunds, but all ticket purchases are fully transferable. The event is held rain or shine.

As COVID is still present, health and safety is a priority. Therefore, we follow the current guidance from the City of Baltimore. These measures include but are not limited to outdoor areas, unannounced entry, and multiple hand washing stations for visitors and participants. In addition, as a participant, you must follow all the rules and instructions posted while attending the festival.

There is a risk of contracting COVID-19 at all events. With all public events, you assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19, and you release the festival from liability related to that.

Blue Crab Festival Myrtle Beach 2022

All bags will be searched upon entry to the event. Security reserves the right to require passengers to return prohibited items to their vehicles or to release these items; Failure to cooperate may result in expulsion from the festival.

There are several water stations throughout the festival grounds, and festival goers are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle. Please note that the bottle must be empty upon arrival.

Access to the Baltimore Crab Fest magazine is at the discretion of security and/or Festival Organizers during the event. We may conduct security searches upon entry in our discretion to ensure the safety of festival goers.

Crab Fest cannot assume responsibility or liability for any personal property or property that is lost, stolen or damaged, and cannot assume responsibility or liability for any personal injury or accident or death.

The 2017 Propeller Club Of Baltimore Crab Feast

Ticket holders and event attendees agree to be photographed, photographed, and photographed as members of the audience. Film footage, photographs and recordings may be used to promote the Baltimore Crab Fest magazine in print, various publications, and websites. You agree that the recordings remain our property and we will use them to promote our event in any way we choose.

The ticket holder must follow all rules, regulations, safety notices, and regulations while attending the event. Violation of any of these terms or any inappropriate behavior that causes harm, disruption or injury may result in Baltimore’s Crab Fest magazine, its security personnel, staff, employees or festival organizers being fired. ticket holder from the festival site and free of charge. , I decided it was time to put these annual crab events into one big list, sorted by date, so that we Marylanders can plan ahead!

Needless to say, my fondest memories growing up are sitting out on the deck with my family, picking crab meat off a pile of steaming, Maryland blue crabs for hours, talking and laughing. .

Although times have changed and the population of Maryland crabs from the Chesapeake Bay has declined over the years, it’s still good to enjoy a good summer crab meal!

Best Places To Eat Steamed Crabs In Baltimore

So why not treat yourself and take the family to the best that Maryland has to offer!

Depending on the festival (some are big and some are small and intimate), here is a list of all or some of the best food you can expect to enjoy:

Whereas other lobster festivals in Maryland charge a la carte and let you decide how much you want to eat.

While most of these events are family and pet friendly, some require 18+ or 21+ attendees, so read all the details before purchasing your tickets.

The City Union Of Baltimore Crab Feast

8. The Crab Place Crab & Cruise – 6/18/22, 6/25/22, 7/2/22, 7/8/22, 7/9/22, 7/22/22, 7/23/22 , 7/29/22, 7/30/22, 8/5/22, 8/6/22, 8/13/22, 8/26/22, 8/27/22, 9/3/22, 9 /10/22, 9/17/22, 9/24/22

Finally, if you’re looking for a great local crab shop for a good crab feast without the ‘festive’ part, click on the Best Steamed Crabs in Frederick, Md.

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As Maryland Crab Houses Face Labor Shortage, Black Crab Pickers Recall Legacy Of Struggle And Dedication On The Eastern Shore

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Food & Drink How to Throw the Best Crab Feast Ahead with our tips and tricks for a meal to remember.

Written by Jane Marion and Lydia Wolever and Lauren Cohen and Jess Mayhugh. Photos by Danielle Dernoga. Food production and distribution by Limonata Creative.

It’s food—and it’s a feast. What is the difference? Think of a feast for the ages: Jesus’ Last Supper, King Midas’ funeral feast (when each guest drank a gallon of wine and milk), Dr. Seuss’s Who-ville Who feast -roast- animal feast. Although food is what you eat when you want to live, the festival is a gluttonous affair, with food—and drink—flowing with thousands of hungry guests in attendance. A meal is eaten; a feast is over. Eating is a break in the day; the day is a festival. You get the idea. In Maryland, festivals often center around the state’s treasure, the blue crab. Picking steamed crab, especially at the height of the season in the warmer months, is always a cause for celebration.

George Washington Knew His Way Around A Crab Feast

While not much is known about the area’s early crab festivals, we do know that the unraveling of Maryland’s heritage—and the less-than-justified community—had something to do with it. In the days of Rockefeller’s crab and oyster empire, for certain segments of society, digging your own meat into a pile of seafood was not the “right” thing to do. “The first time we find the word ‘dwarf party’ in an old newspaper is at the beginning of the last century, when informal behavior was more favorable in public,” said says writer/journalist Kate Livie, an expert on food and folklore. Chesapeake region. “Crab gathering is a hobby of the underprivileged, but crab festivals are not something you find in formal settings.”

Cold storage was also effective. “In the early to mid-20th century—the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s—you also started to see the impact of refrigeration and how it encouraged many crabbers,” Livie said. . “People are doing things out in public that you would only do at home. In the 20th century, Marylanders embraced the crab festival as something everyone should do.


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