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Barbecue Place Near Me – Doing a generic web search for “barbecue restaurant near me” can give you a great idea of ​​how many places are nearby. However, it doesn’t tell you anything about what you’ll get. You need to know if the food is worth spending time on. If you’re looking to visit a great BBQ restaurant in the area, stop by and see what NY Firehouse Grille has to offer. You’ll never find yourself needing to search for a “barbecue restaurant near me” again.

When you choose to enter NY Firehouse Grille, the food is sure to satisfy you. You can choose some of the more traditional dishes of a sports bar, such as burgers and wings, or try more modern cuisine. This includes a steak wrap known as The Lieutenant, flamed fish tacos and creamy mac-n-cheese. The menu includes some Philly classics (like the cheesesteak with or without Cheese Whiz) as well as some new dishes that are sure to become instant favorites.

Barbecue Place Near Me

While the food on NY Firehouse Grille’s menu tends to lean a little more towards the carnivores among us, there are plenty of options for pescatarians and vegetarians as well. There are even items that kids are sure to dive into. Between the salads, entrees and appetizers, people who stop by this place are sure to find a meal that satisfies their craving for hearty barbecue.

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You’ve been looking for an amazing barbecue restaurant in Peekskill, New York, and this is what you’ve found. Want to take the food to others to share your newfound treasure? We can also cater for your next event. If you’re wondering, “What’s the best barbecue restaurant near me?” contact NY Firehouse Grille at 914-788-0808 or

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People around me would know how much of a meat lover I am. Whenever I have to make a decision between meat and seafood, there is no doubt that I would go for the former. While passing by 321 Clementi, I came across Yakinikuohji, a Japanese BBQ meat buffet restaurant. A huge menu was plastered on the glass walls, and looking at the meats on offer was what made me promise to visit this attractive restaurant one day.

The buffet comes in three different types: Basic (40+ items priced over $19.80 for adults, $15.80 and up for children), Featured (nearly 100 items priced over $29.80 for adults, $19.80 or more for children) and high quality (over 100). premium items at $42.80+ for adults, $25.80+ for children).

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My partner and I went to the basic buffet. We were given a piece of paper to select our dishes; A maximum of 12 dishes can be indicated on each order sheet. The entire menu is free-flowing, so customers can order again and again.

Instead of a regular electric grill, Yakinikuohji offers customers a charcoal grill. There is an additional charge of $2.50 per person for the charcoal grill. I prefer the charcoal grill over an electric grill, as the former brings out a slightly charred flavor in each piece of meat.

If you really want to choose from the variety of meat they offer, I recommend you to get their pork kalbi, pork loin and marinated beef. It would be a good idea to grill them with a little salt, which is put on the side, to give them a flavor boost.

The thinly sliced ​​pork tenderloin was like a less fatty version of pork belly. It was tender and surprisingly juicy, even though it contained less fat.

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Like the pork loin, the pork kalbi was also thinly sliced. However, it had more layers of fat compared to the pork loin. The oil came off the meat with each turn of the grill. It was extremely juicy and crispy on the sides due to the slightly charred edges.

In addition to the meat, the basic buffet also includes side dishes such as Nagahama ramen with boiled egg, seaweed soup, potato salad and cucumber kimchi.

Nagahama ramen consists of tender chunks of braised pork, a marinated hard-boiled egg and a handful of chopped scallions.

The broth wasn’t overly salty, but it remained flavorful. It is suitable for people who prefer the taste of their ramen to be lighter. On the other side, the broth was coated with a thin layer of oil.

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The good thing about Yakinikuohji’s ramen is that it doesn’t turn easily. Unlike the noodles used in typical Japanese ramen, their ramen has a softer bite that is similar to Chinese la mian.

Despite having the same oil situation as the ramen broth, the seaweed soup was overall nice. It was fragrant because of the immense amount of sesame seeds added to it.

Yakinikuohji is also extremely generous with the amount of seaweed given, with each slice of seaweed giving off a nice crunch.

Black pepper is sprinkled on top of the potato salad, giving this buttery dish some flavor. A peppery aftertaste hit me first, followed by a sweet and honey aftertaste.

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Last but not least is their Cucumber Kimchi. The outside of the cucumber was crunchy, but the inside was soft. Its taste was very similar to achar, sweet with an added hint of spiciness.

Yakinikuohji is a relatively small but comfortable casual restaurant. The place, however, can get quite crowded due to the heat and smoke from the charcoal grills. It is located at 321 Clementi, a 10-minute walk from Clementi MRT Station and Bus Interchange.

Overall, Yakinikuohji is worth a visit given the quality of the food and the number of items available at this price. This is a place suitable for big eaters and meat lovers.

Yakinikuohji also offers a la carte dishes such as curry rice (from $8.80 and up) and teppan meat rice sets (from $13.80 and up). The curry rice comes in generous portions despite being priced under $10. Yakinikuohji also offers student meals starting at $5.80.

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Address: 321 Clementi Avenue 3, #01-01, Singapore 129905 Hours: Daily 12:00pm – 11:00pm Tel: 6258 2849 Website Yakinikuohji is not a halal restaurant.

Big Fish Small Fish Review – Fish and chips with a variety of sauces at $6.90 nett in Punggol 17 Aug 2017 No matter the region or style, when it comes to great BBQ, you can see it and smell it from the parking lot. An aroma of mesquite or burning walnut hits you as soon as you step out of the car. Plumes of smoke let you know you’re in the right place and your stomach growls in anticipation of the savory meats and selection of sauces inside.

In metro Phoenix, there are a number of places where you’ll find an exceptional signal. A strong Texas influence, a touch of Carolina-style salsa, a mix of Tennessee and Louisiana flavors, and a few twists on Mexican cuisine combine to create something uniquely Arizona.

From Southeast Gilbert to Avondale, North Scottsdale to South Phoenix, here are the Valley’s 10 best barbecue restaurants.

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No Phoenix barbecue list would be complete without the restaurant that reigns supreme in this valley. With locations near Tempe and in Phoenix’s Sunnyslope neighborhood, Little Miss BBQ is at the top, and for good reason. Customers line up around the block, waiting their turn to try the nozzle that former New Times food critic Chris Malloy called “a portal to another dimension.” Add a dose of Arizona to your barbecue adventure with a green chile burrito smothered in a bright enchilada sauce.

The best description of Stacy’s Off Da Hook is in the name. This uptown Phoenix joint has the flavor, all in a tiny five-booth spot on Glendale Avenue. Press in or, better yet, order takeout for a dinner fit for a backyard party. The ribs in gravy are the perfect amount of messy and satisfying, while the southern sides shine. Sweet candied yams and collard greens pair well with pulled pork, rib tips, and cornbread in this Southern staple. Wash it all down with Kool-Aid, served on tap.

Honey Bear’s recognizable downtown A-frame barbecue restaurant has closed this year due to the pandemic. But thankfully, the original location at Van Buren and 52nd Streets remains open. This restaurant and caterer has been serving Tennessee-style barbecue since 1986. Menu highlights include Honey Bear’s specialty pulled pork shoulder and ultra-creamy mac and cheese.

A hearty helping of banana pudding is a great way to end a meal at Eric’s Family BBQ.

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Eric’s Family BBQ, a white painted adobe style building in Avondale, produces some of the best barbecue in the valley. This joint is known for its Texas-style brisket, which takes 16 hours to create, but don’t sleep on the turkey, which is infused with sweet tea to keep it juicy. Eric’s serves pork and beef ribs, as well as pulled pork measured by weight at the counter. Find the daily menu scribbled on brown paper taped to the walls. The signal is excellent, and the cheesy elote sides, desirable beans and spirals of

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