Best Area To Stay In Guatemala City

Best Area To Stay In Guatemala City – Guatemala City is the capital of Guatemala. Located in the south-central region of the country, in a valley surrounded by volcanoes, Guatemala City is known for being the commercial, industrial and economic center of Central America. In this post, we will discover the best places to stay in Guatemala City.

The main cultural attractions in central Guatemala City include the National Palace of Culture, the Constitution Square, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Central Market. Find accommodation in Guatemala City.

Best Area To Stay In Guatemala City

Other important attractions in Guatemala City include the Popol Vuh Museum, the Reformer Tower, the Miraflores Museum, the Carlos Merida Museum, the Railway Museum, or La Reforma Avenue.

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Outdoor types and nature lovers, and those traveling with children, will enjoy attractions such as La Aurora Zoo Park, IRTRA Mundo Petapa Theme Park, La Asunción Ecological Park, and Senderos Alux Ecological Park.

Due to its high altitude, Guatemala City has a tropical savanna climate. The city has a temperature of about 14 – 24 oC throughout the year. The monsoon lasts from May to November, while the rest of the year is drier. The best time to visit Guatemala City is during the summer (December to April). During these months, you can enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about the impending winter rains.

Getting to Guatemala City by air is the best airport in the world. Located 6 km south of the City Center, this airport offers regional connections to many destinations in Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean and a wide range of international services to cities in the United States, Spain, and Colombia .

A network of long-distance buses also connects Guatemala City to most of the country’s neighboring cities. Check bus routes, timetables & prices.

Best Areas To Stay In Guatemala City

Guatemala City’s public transportation system consists of a rapid bus network known as Transmetro, several traditional bus lines, taxis, and taxis. You can find cheap cars in Guatemala City here.

The best area to stay in Guatemala City, especially as a foreign tourist, is Zona 10. This great area is home to some of the city’s biggest shopping areas and the best hotels in the world. There is also competition and convenience in Zona 10. See accommodation in Zona

Other good options when choosing the safest places to live in Guatemala City include Zona 4 and Zona 13.

Located in Guatemala, Hyatt Centric Guatemala City features accommodations with a restaurant, free private parking, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center. Along with a bar, the 5-star hotel has air-conditioned rooms with free WiFi, each with a private bathroom.

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The city is located south of the city center, which is separated from the 9th district by Avenida La Reforma.

The area is also home to many government buildings and embassies, and offers excellent hotels, restaurants, and shopping.

From a cultural perspective, Zona 10 is home to many of the best museums in Guatemala, such as the Popol Vuh Museum, the Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Clothing, and the National Museum of Natural History.

Check out the best hotels in Guatemala City to stay in Zona 10.

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Also, in Zone 4, you will find a good entertainment offer, with many bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors, shops, and clubs.

Plaza de la República and Exciones metro stations are also located here, as well as the bus station, making it one of the best places to live in Guatemala City.

There are many restaurants and bars in this district, in addition to children’s attractions such as the Children’s Museum, the Aurora Zoo, and the Esquilandia Park.

Also, the National Museum of Archeology is a good choice in this area, with 20,000 archaeological artifacts and about 50,000 cultural pieces.

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Among the advantages of Zona 13 is its proximity to the airport and good connectivity with the rest of the city.

Check out Zona 13 in Guatemala City for accommodation.

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Launched as the capital of Guatemala following the 1773 earthquake in Antigua, Guatemala City grew rapidly after internal refugees flocked here during the Civil War. Since then, crime has tarnished the city’s reputation and there are still some places to avoid (ask any area).

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But locals also feel that the city is returning to the “golden age” of their parents and grandparents – and it’s worth discovering for yourself. Freya Godfrey chose seven reasons to give Guatemala City a chance.

In the Parque Central, you’ll notice a massive bandstand covered with a seamless roof with rotating ornaments. Twice a week there is live marimba and other music, and you can join the locals dancing in front of the square.

Central Park is also the cultural center of the city. The National Palace here – called “The Great Guacamole” for its green exterior – now houses the Palace of Culture and places events in the square.

Craft beer began to emerge in Guatemala, with small breweries springing up all over the country. But, for authentic Guatemalan beer, head to the American Brewery Center. The brewery has been running for over 125 years and there is even a museum, the Central American Brewing Museum.

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Wander around the museum’s brick-walled walls, lined with large barrels and old tools, from typewriters to original machines.

No, it’s not what you think. “Sextear” or “sexteando”, which translates as “to sexting”, is the word that the locals use to hang out along the sixth street. The recent update of Guatemala is more clear in this direction.

One of the city’s main thoroughfares in the mid-nineteenth century, Sixth Avenue was filled with floating stalls of all kinds. Now walks are lined with scented trees, the main street buildings have been renovated and new markets are opening all the time. Today, it is once again a popular destination for weekend tourism.

You can’t miss the Winery Center; with a bright pink and blue exterior, it is one of Guatemala’s nightlife spots. Inside, walls plastered with posters and covered in graffiti give you something to look at while you enjoy the Guatemalan hills.

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It’s not just famous for its live bands and good food, either. The venue also hosts regular recitals, talks and exhibitions, and is a great place to gain a deeper cultural understanding of the city.

Mercado Central can be difficult to find – the entrance is more or less hidden. But the unsightly opening leads to a vast market that covers almost two square meters. Fresh fruit and vegetables are available, as well as a large butcher’s display that you will find in many Guatemalan markets. For tourists the main draw is the handicrafts sold here.

There is a good reason for the smallest building that has a market: the previous location was destroyed by an earthquake in 1976 and a new perimeter was built to withstand such an event. The current system was inspired by nuclear weapons.

Stroll down Avenida La Reforma and Avenida Las Americas on a Sunday and you’ll find a busy street full of walkers, joggers and rollerskaters.

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Both roads were closed to traffic on Sunday in preparation for the public gathering – an event known locally as Steps and Fedals. There are also street performers, games can be found along the way, and you can participate in a dance or Tai Chi class.

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