Best Boiled Crawfish Near Me

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This Louisiana Crawfish Boil recipe will teach you how to boil hot and spicy crawfish like a pro!

Best Boiled Crawfish Near Me

This authentic Louisiana brew is easier than you think! If you’re willing to spend time boiling your crawfish instead of buying them already cooked, you can cook them however you like, whether you want spicy or mild crawfish.

The History Of The Louisiana Crawfish Boil

Well, if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a bag, here’s my MOST popular Louisiana Crawfish Boil recipe that you can use for your crawfish boil.

A little lesson first on how to eat these delicious, messy slime bugs. Twist the tail and suck the head!

If you like your crawfish a little spicier, sprinkle cajun seasoning over them as soon as you have some on your plate.

Additionally, you can use your favorite crawfish boil seasoning to boil the crawfish. There are many excellent seafood boil seasonings on the market.

The Best Crawfish In Katy? Insiders Submit Their Recommendations

I get a lot of migraines and have found Louisiana seasoning to be one of the only ones that doesn’t give me a migraine when I eat crawfish.

Honestly, you can add anything you like to your crawfish boil. Being from New Orleans, I know that many families have their own unique way of boiling Crawfish.

My family sometimes adds sausage, andouille, hot dogs, artichokes, peppers, onions, whole garlic, lemon, oranges, celery, pineapple, cauliflower, mushrooms, and broccoli.

Also, I’ve seen people poke holes in cans of green beans and other vegetables (paper removed) and boil them.

Louisiana Crawfish Boil Recipe

A crawfish boil should be a fun event, so just pick a few of your favorite ingredients to add to the boil to make it an easy boil, don’t stress and enjoy!

Yes, it is necessary to clean the crayfish. Crayfish excrete waste through their gills, so you need to clean them. This is IMPORTANT – DO NOT skip this step!!

Place the crawfish in a large bowl. We use a large ice chest and place a board in the bottom under one side which helps the dirty water to drain.

Watch my video above. Soak the crayfish for 2-3 minutes and then rinse them several times until the water runs clear.

Where To Score The Best Crawfish In New Orleans

And trust me, when you buy non-pond farmed crawfish, you can taste the difference if you don’t clean the crawfish until they are thoroughly CLEANED!

If you find dead crayfish in your bag, throw them away. You can tell if the lobsters are dead by the tails being straight.

Also, sometimes if you remove the head of a cooked crawfish and its brown and dark appearance it can be rotten. You might want to smell it before you eat it.

Usually 3 pounds per person is good, unless you invite a big eater to your party like my dad.

Slap Ya Mama Crawfish Boil

Personally, I can only eat 3 kilos by myself in one sitting. Not my dad, he can eat 10 pounds or more. I’m not kidding!

And honestly, my family always buys a big bag of leftover crawfish to harvest and freeze for recipes like my Fried Soft Shell Crabs with Crawfish Sauce or my Fried Spotted Trout with Creamy Crawfish Sauce and my favorite salad pasta with crayfish. And, don’t forget to check out my crawfish balls recipe.

To know if you need to feed 20 people, you will need 60 kg of crayfish. And, you want to make sure you have plenty of sausage, corn, potatoes, and veggies.

Make sure your pot is big enough to allow room for the sausage, potatoes, corn, and whatever vegetables you decide to use.

Seafood Boil Sauce

Who knows one day we might enter the local Crawfish Cook-Off where we live and win the Louisiana Crawfish Boil Championship ..LOL

Plus, if you wanted to throw in a bag of boiled Louisiana Crawfish for extra spice, you could. It’s a really good blend of spices in a small pouch.

And, you might also like my recipe for Spicy Cajun Shrimp Boil. Have you ever had Louisiana crawfish?

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Houston Crawfish Season: Best Prices App; Best Months; How To Eat

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Houston’s Best Crawfish Now

Sure, the crawfish doesn’t even come close to rivaling the clams served in New Orleans, but when a craving strikes, these restaurants are sure to satisfy. Without further ado, check out these 8 establishments that serve up the best crawfish inside and out.

The owners of Tasty Tails are from New Orleans, so you know they know what’s up. The bugs here are boiled to perfection, then tossed with a perfect tangy blend of flavors. Order online through the restaurant’s website.

Located in a busy Carrollton shopping center, the Crab Station serves excellent boiled seafood and the crawfish is no exception. For a serious seafood feast, order the Sack #5, a decadent combo that includes six pounds of crawfish, three pounds of shrimp and four clumps of snow crab, plus corn, fries and sausage. Order online through the restaurant’s website.

This Addison seafood spot has been boiling crawfish for years and they have a great formula. The crawfish here is nice and spicy and can be amped up with a few shots of “extra turbo” seasoning. Add corn and potatoes, mushrooms or sausage on the side for the whole feast. Want to cook your own crawfish? Nate’s sells them by the bag for DIY home boils.

Where To Get Boiled Crawfish In And Around New Orleans

There’s a reason that dining at The Boiling Crab means waiting in line for hours, and that’s because it’s arguably the best purveyor of boiled seafood in town. There are plenty of flavor options and other non-crawfish offerings, but your best bet is to eat as many pounds of crawfish as possible tossed in their Whole Sha-Bang seasoning.

At this Greenville Avenue seafood spot, crawfish are available in six different types of seasonings and sauces, from classic Louisiana Cajun spice to garlic butter. Looking for super spicy mudslides? Go for the “supercharged” heat level.

With multiple DFW locations, Shell Shack can almost always satisfy a craving for spicy crawfish (or crab or shrimp). Ask the kitchen to drench a few pounds of crawfish in garlic, Cajun, or lemon-pepper seasonings, or put the whole hog in “The Kitchen Sink,” a mix of all three. Heat levels, which range from mild to diablo, can also be adjusted.

Available by the pound at this Cajun-Asian restaurant in the Bishop Arts District, the crawfish are minced in a spicy, buttery, garlicky sauce. There’s also “Connie Sauce,” which combines Cajun spices, coconut milk, and green onion for a fresh take on this classic.

Homemade Crawfish Boil

For people who really love spicy crawfish, this spot is a must. In addition to spicy nights, find crawfish po’ boys, crawfish alfredo pasta and more. While many of us in South Louisiana don’t think twice about boiling crawfish, we forget that—for many people—the process can seem a little intimidating. From the crawfish boiling equipment required to handling and seasoning a large bag of live crustaceans, it can easily seem overwhelming. But with the right tips and planning, even the most inexperienced cook can beat the boil as they whip up a seasoned pot of deliciously cooked brats for friends and family. Once you know what you’re doing, boiling crawfish is not only easy but also fun!

Don’t be a jerk! Check each of the following items off your list before you begin your successful crawfish boil:

Make sure

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