Best Boiled Crawfish

Best Boiled Crawfish – To my cooks who are not familiar with Cajun cuisine, allow me to introduce you to a delicacy here in Louisiana. The Crawfish. Nothing brings people together more than a good Ole Crawfish Cook down here! Listen, these little red breasts bring a different kind of joy to our hearts! I can’t even explain the taste. But, let me try…It’s like a little lobster with 100x more flavor! Of course, everyone here has their own way of cooking. You already know that I have to come up with the easiest way that is also the most delicious! This is how I prepare my Crawfish Boil and bless my people!

Your crawfish bag will be dirty! Don’t be afraid. They come from the swamp. Therefore, some pollution is expected. We pour them into a large cooler and place the sea in it. Then, open the drainage hole. Allow the water to run for about 20 minutes or until the water in the cooler runs clear.

Best Boiled Crawfish

You should be able to see the crawfish clearly. You also want to remove any dead crawfish you see floating around. If their tail is right, they have gone to glory. Get them out! You definitely don’t want to eat a crawfish that gives up breath before hitting that warm water. Widow!

Slap Ya Mama Crawfish Boil

When filling your pot with water, make sure to fill it about 2-3 inches above the halfway mark.

You guys know I’m a sweet girl. I work hard making sure these crawdaddies are timed to perfection. You want them to have the right amount of kick. If they are too spicy, it is difficult to enjoy them. You want them justsssst right! You know, like Goldilocks stealing the washing and pressing behind. Anyway, I want to have a good time! I use a mixture of both Zatarain’s and Louisiana Fish Fry Products cooking times. Both of these brands will be incredibly delicious! I also added one, 8 oz bottle of liquid. The Garlic & Onion flavor is a tad bit less spicy than the original concentration. It adds just the right amount of kick. If you want extra, EXTRA spicy crawfish, add another bottle.

I know what you think. “Coop, what the hell?” But, listen, you know if I don’t know anything else, I know how to add flavor to a meal, okay? So, trust me on this one. Don’t skip this chicken bouillon!! Also, don’t skip the butter. Because, well, butter makes everything bad good!

And don’t be shy with vegetables and oranges. They get a lot more out of cooking! And the secret, must have an ingredient: vinegar. Plain, white, distilled vinegar. A cup will do. This makes the crawfish shells easier to peel. It also smells fresh. The scent of crawfish can linger on your fingers long after washing your hands. This little splash of vinegar takes care of that! You can even eat them in your home without worrying about smelling your walls and furniture. Thank God for vinegar!

Texas Creole Crawfish Boil Recipe

The most important part of boiling, other than choosing the right amount of time, is the cooling/soaking process. Crawfish boil very fast! Within 5 minutes, they will be beautifully red and floating at the top of the pot. This is when you need to drop the temperature. 150°F is ideal for soaking. Adding frozen corn and sausage helps. But, you need to do more to drop the temperature fast enough. If not, the crawfish will turn to mush. Some like to add ice. I don’t recommend that because ice can freeze the pot and take away some of the flavor we worked so hard to build. I use Boil Boss! It is an innovative and easy to use ring that attaches to your waterline. It works amazing! It drops my Cooker from 220°F to 150°F in just over 3 minutes! It also closes in the juice. I had the juiciest crawfish of my life using this stuff! Get yours here (NO SPONSORSHIP):

They say that when the crawfish sinks to the bottom of the pot, it has absorbed as much flavor as possible. But, I find that the longer it is, the spicier they become. So, taste how soft it is. I drank for about forty minutes. Since the boss is already tired, I don’t have to worry about cooking my crawfish. It gives them a lot of soft time.

I was intimidated by boiling crawfish. But, there is nothing to it! Just follow my instructions and watch the video until you are ready to confidently face your first boil. You can do it! And just watch the game!!

Good, ole Louisiana Crawfish Cook how to with recipe for the best boil you will ever enjoy! Springtime is the best time for cooking crawfish! A traditional southern staple, crawfish boils are a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends and family.

Lessons Learned From My First Crawfish Boil

Spending time together is always more enjoyable with delicious food, and crawfish boils are no exception.

That’s why I’m sharing our favorite crawfish recipes with a complete guide to hosting your first big crawfish – from how much crawfish to buy, to helpful tips for keeping your crawfish happy (and alive!), all the way from cooking up a killer cajun citrus brew to cooking, this guide will help you find success.

To make the perfect crawfish boil, it’s important to have the right ingredients. Thankfully, it’s not complicated—all you need is some fresh crawfish, potatoes, corn on the cob, cajun spices, and sausage.

The key to great crawfish is seasoning: usually a combination of garlic, lemon, onion, and cayenne pepper. Once everything is cooked together for about 20 minutes in a large pot of water over an open fire and the crawfish is ready to eat!

Seafood Dealers Say Crawfish Season Could Be Among Best Ever

The best part of the crawfish boil is the way it brings people together; everyone gathered around the table and enjoyed each other’s home while savoring southern Louisiana flavor.

Crawfish season is from late January to early July (for buying wild crawfish from Louisiana), with peak months in April, April and May.

Since a crawfish boil occurs outdoors the best times for hosting a crawfish boil are in the spring or early summer months.

You’ll notice crawfish are back in time when all the seafood bars and shrimp shacks in town start advertising their own crawfish boils. In our family, we love to get together at home and host our friends for an authentic backyard barbecue.

Eating Crawfish In Breaux Bridge, Louisiana

There is just something about the process that makes it more fun than dining out – it has the same appeal as a summer barbecue but with different efforts.

Today we will learn how to throw the big 60 lb. crawfish cooked in our backyard.

Crawfish is a freshwater crustacean related to lobsters and shrimp, but they are harvested wild from streams and river beds. They are usually made in a pot of water that lasts for a long time, with vegetables like potatoes and ears of corn.

Farmed and imported crawfish meat is available year-round, but only live, whole Louisiana crawfish are used for Southern crawfish boil in the United States.

Crayfish As Food

You can find bags of frozen crawfish meat available year-round for etouffee, gumbos, and creole dishes, but they are not used in traditional stews.

For this reason, you will need to research a supplier of whole, live crawfish for your event and understand how to handle them while preparing for your cooking. It’s not hard but it does take some planning.

Now that we’ve talked about the what and who, let’s talk about how to prepare for your backyard party. We will discuss how much crawfish to buy and the gear you will need for the event.

And if you’re wondering, 60 lbs. of tiny crustaceans is a party for adults 15-25, so start that guest list!

Crawfish Boil Basics

PRO TIP: Even if edible crawfish will be the main course it is always a good idea to have hot dogs for the kids, and chicken or burgers for the non-seafood guests.

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Dead crawfish cannot be cooked so this step is important in keeping them in conditions suitable for their survival before the party begins.

Crawfish come in different sizes of bags but I find 20 or 30-pound bags are the most common in my area.

How To Eat Boiled Crawfish « Food Hacks :: Wonderhowto

To prevent live crawfish from dying, you will need a large 150-quart icebox, filled with ice, for every 20 or 30 pound bag of crawfish. (You will need 2-3 of these ingredients if you follow our crawfish recipe below.)

The bags they come in are a good combination and lay down well in these extreme colds. Live crawfish are kept on ice because they hibernate and essentially fall asleep.

Do not fill the bulbs with water because they will drown. They can be easily doused with water from the garden hose every two hours because they must

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