Best Hotels In Broadway Cotswolds

Best Hotels In Broadway Cotswolds – On paper, The Lygon Arms on Broadway has managed to combine the best elements of Danny and My Winter Dreams locations; Danny is a cozy pub with rooms and a roaring log fire, mine a boutique hotel with excellent food and wine accompanied by beautiful scenery.

The Lygon Arms has quite a long history dating back to the 1300s and quite a glamorous clientele over the centuries; Oliver Cromwell, King Charles I, Prince Philip and Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor have all stayed here. More recently, iconic hotels of Cliveden House and Chewton Glen fame, acquired what was, for all intents and purposes, a rather run-down hotel at The Lygon Arms in 2015. In August 2017, an extensive renewal, shortly after he became Mr. & Mrs Smith and went on my executive list of hotels I need to stay at.

Best Hotels In Broadway Cotswolds

Danny and I love the Cotswolds, it’s firmly woven into the history of our relationship (we even got married at Slaughters Manor in October 2018) and is the midpoint between our Nottingham and Somerset families.

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The opportunity to stay there arose because, for the first time, we weren’t going to a faraway destination together in early January, having only returned from our honeymoon at the end of October.

My annual leave strategy (which basically involves taking time off during public holidays to maximize time off for minimum holiday entitlement) still meant that it made sense for us to be off work and I (for the first time in my career) they gave me the opportunity to go out between Christmas and New Year. Danny has enforced holidays during this time, so everything was working splendidly, but with an exotic 2.5 week holiday off the cards, what were we to do?

Well, I decided to continue with the trend of firsts and used my first three days to tidy up at home everything that had accumulated before the wedding and the chaotic hurricane of work that had occurred while trying to get into the day after the holidays. before plunging headfirst into the absolute war zone of retail logistics in the run-up to Christmas.

The next three days were spent in Somerset with my family for ‘Christmas Round Two’ as we had spent the same day this year with Danny’s family in Nottingham. From there we decided to extend our wedding fun a bit longer and embark on an adventure in the Cotswolds called our mini moon! Et voila, a perfect excuse to try The Lygon Arms.

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Tip: Don’t confuse this hotel with The Lygon Arms in nearby Chipping Camden, a mistake I’ve heard has led to many booking or going to the wrong hotel!

It was dark by the time we got to Broadway, but High Street was magically lit up with fairy lights as we made our way to the hotel. We had wandered around town a few years ago and wondered how we had missed an 86-room hotel in the heart of the village, but we got it again.

Finally, after a couple of three-point turns, we pulled up outside a quintessentially Cotswolds honey-coloured building with a nice clear sign reading ‘THE LYGON ARMS’ and (thanks to the sir) valet parking; I didn’t like our chances of finding parking (both valet and parking are free by the way).

The hotel was still dressed for Christmas with twinkling fairy lights and a beautiful seasonal floral arrangement framing the door. Walking in is like coming home, flagstone floors and a maze of living rooms (called “Lygon Lounges”) with crackling fires and plush couches you just want to throw yourself into (the couches, not the fires). The walls are painted a navy blue with oak paneling, which together with the smaller sized rooms could be oppressive, but the high beamed ceiling, flattering lighting and warm fabrics keep the overall atmosphere decidedly on the warm and welcoming stage.

Broadway Hotelbroadway Cotswolds

Tip: I booked our hotel through the luxury hotel website Mr & Mrs Smith. They have a carefully curated selection of boutique hotels that will never disappoint, along with a Best Price Guarantee and a Mr & Mrs Smith ‘Extra’ with every booking. For this stay we got a 3 nights for 2 deal along with a free half bottle of champagne and a box of chocolates.

There are 6 room levels; Cozy, classic and luxury rooms and then junior, patio and master suites. One of the three master suites is named the Charles I suite as it is where King Charles spent the night in 1649 before the battle of the English Civil War and a coat of arms still stands above the fireplace .

We, however, have opted for the safe middle ground of a Junior Suite. The oak paneled doors still had a latch system to open, which when combined with a sliding room key system can be a little fiddly to operate without two hands free, but I think it’s a lovely touch and traditional Who needs two hands anyway, when your friendly host is carrying your bags.

In our room there is a stunning four poster bed covered with scattered cushions in a variety of tweed fabrics, a sofa bed, antique furniture by Gordon Russell, beamed ceilings and the original fireplace (upholstered so not used) .

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The bathroom is large, with a freestanding bath and a powerful rain shower with two basins and a heated towel rail (I love a hot towel when I get out of the shower!). The style of the room is traditional but with a modern touch, so it is not stuffy, and the result is a luxurious, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. We also have a Nespresso coffee machine so it’s ticking all the boxes for me!

We slept fabulously every night, the king size bed is extremely comfortable, but one of the dangers of staying in a 600 year old inn is the creaky floorboards and the people staying above us have the funny of a herd of elephants.

Funnily enough I heard a few people complain about the noise during our stay but to be honest I don’t see how you can retain the charm of a place like this and guarantee all the modern luxuries but I did understand the frustration . Myself, and to a certain extent Danny, are heavy sleepers, so it doesn’t interfere in the slightest with a great night’s sleep.

We return to the main hotel to find a place for a pre-dinner drink and settle into the small cocktail bar sitting at the back of the hotel restaurant. Danny has a Cotswolds Fashioned which is delicious, my first choice of a Lemon Basil Martini is off the menu due to the basil shortage (which continues until the last evening of our stay when I managed to have -one of them, it was fantastic!). I settle for a Lychee & Rose Champagne Bellini which is also excellent and we sit back and relax in a couple of deep armchairs.

Buckland Manorbroadway Cotswolds

We have a dinner reservation at the hotel’s restaurant, the Lygon Bar & Grill, which doesn’t have a particularly imaginative name. The restaurant, however, is beautiful, large and with more modern touches in the marble tables and brown leather booths lining the room, but still in keeping with the rest of the hotel, with the same navy walls , oak paneling and traditional art lining the walls. The centerpieces are the huge roaring fire in the inglenook fireplace and two tiered stag chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Chandeliers are my favorite interior decorating feature and this is one that even Danny can incorporate, we’ve found the lighting feature for his dream study! We have our table to choose from, I go for one of the three tables for two in the small gallery upstairs overlooking the restaurant. We are led through a small hall and up a flight of stairs, it’s a bit darker up there but we’re close with these stunning chandeliers!

The menu is small but with enough variation to keep the vast majority happy; I opt for the cheese soufflé to start while Danny has the lamb brisket. For the main course I have a Thai style seafood salad (I like to try all three courses but to avoid stuffing myself I have an entree size for the main course) and Danny the beef tenderloin with fries and a simple but gorgeous arugula and parmesan salad.

My meal was very good, but we both tried Danny’s steak and it was average at best; cooked rare as he likes it, but not melt in the mouth as you would expect for a steak at this price. Despite the best intentions and also because we had eaten a lot during the Christmas holidays, dessert wasn’t calling out to me!

The Broadway Hotel In Cotswolds And Broadway

Side note: This hotel has a discretionary service charge of 12.5% ​​automatically applied to dining and spa services

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