Best Month To Visit Alaska

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I may call “Lower 48” home, but my heart is still in Alaska, the state I grew up in. I love writing about Alaska! There is something special about this unique place and the fact that Americans can easily visit it. (Yes, it’s actually easier than you think. See here.) Given that I write a lot about Alaska, I’m sure I’ll get a lot of questions. And one of the most important questions is about the best time to visit Alaska.

Best Month To Visit Alaska

I grew up in Alaska and experienced The Last Frontier in all four seasons. (Yes, there are four!) I also spent three summers working in the hospitality industry for a major cruise company. I saw the pros and cons of visiting during the period.

Alaska Travel Tips

Time to visit Alaska (summer). Through all of this, I’ve learned that when someone asks when to visit Alaska, it’s a tricky question to answer.

We start by recommending each Alaskan season, what you can experience, and the best time to travel to Alaska. Read on to learn more about the best time to go to Alaska and why this is so hard to answer!

This post promotes travel to destinations that are the traditional lands of many Alaska Native groups, including the Aleut, Athabascan, Haida, Inupiat, Tlingit, and Yuit peoples. With respect, we duly acknowledge the land in gratitude and respect to the people of this land, past and present. Explore Native Land to learn more about the people who call this land home.

Growing up in Alaska, we joked that Alaska has four seasons: winter, farewell (spring when the snow melts), construction season (summer when roads can finally be built and paved), and mosquito season (fall, when mosquitoes thrive). . All jokes aside, actually

All You Need To Know About Visiting Alaska In August

Alaska has four seasons and they are very diverse. Before deciding the best time to go to Alaska, it’s important to understand the differences between Alaska’s seasons.

Over the past few months, I’ve created a series covering each season in Alaska and why you should visit it. You can read more by clicking on the links in this section, but I’ll break it down anyway so you can understand later my recommendations for the best time to visit Alaska.

During that winter, you will experience sub-zero temperatures, snow and darkness. I spent 15 winters in Alaska growing up and I can tell you that living there is not for the faint of heart. But there’s something special about winter in Alaska. Enduring an Alaskan winter, or even visiting during those cold, dark months, creates a special bond between people. In Alaska, there are certain winter-only activities and certain winter-only events. The famous dog sled race, Iditarod!

Winter in Alaska is perfect for those who love winter activities and are adventurous. If you’re considering, read on for other reasons to visit Alaska in the winter.

The Best Time To Visit Alaska In 2023

Farewell season, also known as spring, is literally a brief season when temperatures are warm enough to melt the snow and ice of the previous winter.

It operates in the spring (somewhat) from late March to mid-May. (If it snows in the late season, you can even do it until the end of May!). It’s two short months from the icy white north to a verdant palette of flora and fauna returning from hibernation.

Alaska’s spring season is great for those who like adventure but don’t like the cold weather and want to get away from the crowds. If you’re considering, read on for other reasons to visit Alaska in the spring.

Summer in Alaska is when the best of The Last Frontier is on display. Summer is between June and August. It’s a short season, but it’s full of opportunities to make memories.

Alaska Travel Guide

Visitors probably won’t experience “construction season” like the locals, but they will find everything buzzing in the Alaskan summer. All tourist amenities are available and many people come to Alaska to experience it all under the midnight sun.

And speaking of the locals, it’s really summer that keeps a lot of people around. It may be short, but it’s an honor. Living in Alaska’s natural wonderland means you’ll see many Alaskans hiking, backpacking, camping, boating and fishing. Summer is all about games.

Finally, fall is also called mosquito season, but at least you’ve been warned for now! Yes, mosquitoes are at their worst during Alaska’s short fall.

Autumn in Alaska is a short period between September and mid-October. Mosquitoes can be really bad, especially in early fall (and late summer), so be sure to pack bug spray if you’re visiting during this season.

Reasons To Visit Alaska In The Spring • Valerie & Valise

Reasons to visit Alaska in the fall. Summer crowds dwindle as temperatures drop, but it’s easy to pack your Alaskan fall/winter gear and take advantage of the open spaces. The scenery of Alaska is also beautiful in autumn. The trees turn golden and the tundra becomes a patchwork of garnet reds, maroons and burnt oranges. Animals seeking their last meal before hibernation are either active or on the move for the impending winter.

That information, how do you decide when to visit Alaska? There are some “correct” answers to this question and some not.

Time to visit Alaska? Summer is generally the best time to visit Alaska. Between May 10 and September 15 is considered summer for most hotels and operators, and the absolute best time to visit Alaska is June 10 to July 15.

Visit between June and August for a bucket-list experience under the midnight sun. Some places may start to close during May and September. The downside is that Alaska tends to be more crowded and more expensive in the summer as almost everyone wants to visit at this time of year.

The Best Time To Visit Fairbanks, Alaska In 2023

However, if you want to try a specific winter experience (watching the northern lights, dog sledding, etc.), you should plan a winter trip.

So the real answer is that the best time to travel to Alaska is during a season when the activities you want are available, the crowds (or lack thereof) can accommodate you, and it fits your budget.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of summer travel (availability, accessibility, options), June also offers the best of summer weather. Visit early (May) to experience the snow, and rain often falls in Alaska as summer progresses. We used to joke that every year on the 4th of July, right after the midnight fireworks, it starts to rain. ! (This obviously varies by region, but June is the driest month of the summer.)

We get a lot of questions about the other three Alaskan travel experiences/topics and when is the best time to do each one.

Alaska Weather Patterns Throughout The Year

If seeing the northern lights in Alaska is on your bucket list, you may be wondering: What is the best month of (many) winter to see the Northern Lights?

A matter of weather and darkness – Aurora activity actually varies throughout the winter, peaking near the two equinoxes. Worldwide, auroral activity is most active during the autumnal equinox (September 20/21) and vernal equinox (March 20/21).

Combine this with what we know about precipitation and clouds in Alaska, and September/October actually doesn’t work because you need clear skies to see the northern lights.

This is a good time to see the Northern Lights. Instead, the best time to see the northern lights in Alaska is in March.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Alaska? Here’s The Answer • Valerie & Valise

My most recent Aurora trip to Alaska was in late February/early March 2020. The sky was clear, the weather was cold and snowy, and we saw the aurora every night!

If you want to take an Alaska cruise, you know when the best season is. Cruise companies of all sizes continue to expand their seasons, with most cruising from late May to early September. Some small ship providers (UnCruise, which I cruised with, and

The best time to visit Alaska is during high season if you are on a budget but want to experience the amazing Alaska experience.

I will specifically plan a trip between May 7th and Memorial Day or between Labor Day and September 23rd. Why are you so specific?

Visiting Alaska In May — Handpicked Alaska

If you’ve been wondering how I’ve been visiting Alaska so often over the past few years, I’ve taken advantage of such a narrow season to save money. My last few trips were in September 2014 and May 2017.

Now you know the best time to visit Alaska.

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