Best Month To Visit Germany

Best Month To Visit Germany – The annual Christmas market in Nuremberg starts on the Friday before the first Sunday in Advent and runs throughout the Christmas season.

In Germany, the “tourist season” lasts roughly from May to September. Summer has its advantages: the best weather, snow-free mountain trails, very long days (light until after 9 p.m.) and the busiest schedule of tourist parties.

Best Month To Visit Germany

Traveling during the “shoulder season” (spring and fall) is easier and can be a little cheaper. Off-season travelers tend to enjoy less crowds, decent weather, a whole host of sights and tourist attractions, and the ability to grab a room almost whenever and wherever they want — often at a flexible price (except, of course, in Munich during Oktoberfest). In the fall, many other fun harvest and wine/beer festivals bring many towns and villages to life, while forests and vineyards display beautiful fiery colors.

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Winter travelers find that the concert season is in full swing, without any crowds, but some accommodation facilities and attractions are either closed or open on a limited schedule. The weather can be cold and gloomy, and it gets dark outside long before dinner. But dustings of snow turn German cities and landscapes into a wonderland, and December offers the chance to wander Germany’s famous Christmas markets (this fun often comes with higher hotel prices and longer museum hours). And late winter brings unforgettable unusual carnival festivities (also known as Fasnacht, Fasching or Fasnet), primarily in Cologne and smaller Catholic cities in the south.[This post may contain affiliate links from which we earn a small commission. Please see our post for more information and thank you for supporting our site so we can continue to bring you great content for your travel inspiration!]

Planning your trip and wondering when is the best time to visit Germany? In this guide, we tell you the best time to travel to Germany, as well as the best time to visit Berlin, Munich and other fantastic cities in Germany.

I’m sorry to do this to you, but yes, I will give you THAT answer. I know, I know. You want a straight answer when is the best time to visit Germany, but here is the real answer:

Ah! I know, such a cop, right!? But don’t click yet. Let me fully explain why I can’t just give you a blanket statement like “September”. And if you stick with me, you’ll be able to narrow down the PERFECT time of year to visit Germany on a base

Best Time Of Year To Visit Europe

Travel preferences. I lived in Germany for the better part of a decade, traveling in every season. Here’s when I think you should visit.

You might quickly think that if you want to go to Oktoberfest you should go to Munich in October (wrong) or that if you want to see some of the magical German Christmas markets that December is the perfect time (possible, but I have some advice for you on that!)

Regardless, start with the general question “Is there anything specific I want to do in Germany” as this will help narrow down the best time for YOU. Do you want to hike in one of the most beautiful Alps? June is wonderful! Or maybe you’d rather ski the Alps. February is a great month for that.

So let’s break this down by season. (Spoiler alert, every season will be “my favorite season” #SorryNotSorry)

The Best Time To Visit Germany

Fall is often considered the “peak season” for travelers, but I wouldn’t expect crowds at the tourist spots by any means. I’ve never found autumn to be cheaper either, but it’s a bit quieter compared to Germany in August for example.

The weather in Germany in October is the perfect recipe for stunning fall foliage. Oranges, reds and yellows will take your breath away. This is a great time to travel the Romantic Road, winding through tree-lined streets, or to stop in the Black Forest and enjoy nature. You can expect temperatures in the mid-40s, sometimes in the 50s (neither too hot nor too cold!) and it never hurts to have an umbrella when traveling in Germany in any season!

Although most people will rush to Oktoberfest, the reality is that most towns and villages in Germany host their own festival. Granted, most have nothing on the level of Oktoberfest, but that can make it even better, to be honest.

Of course, Oktoberfest is often a “Bucketlist” item, but if you want to experience Oktoberfest without so many tourists, Stuttgart Cannstatter or Gäubodenvolksfest in Straubing are just a few examples of amazing, big and fun festivals in Germany. But don’t write off those small towns just yet. Some of my favorite fiestas are small country volksfests!

Best Places To Visit In Germany

Plan to go to Oktobefest in Munich, don’t plan a trip in October. Instead, Oktoberfest actually starts in mid-September and ends on the first Sunday of October. Plan accordingly and book WELL in advance, at least 6 months if not more.

Almabtriebs: Many tourists haven’t heard of Almabtriebs, which is a huge shame. Take everything we love about traditional fiestas (Oompah bands, lots of beer, handmade goods, delicious food) and add cows (yes, cows) and you’ve got Almabtrieb!!! These seasonal festivals only take place in the fall and in the mountains as farmers bring their free-ranging cows from the Alps for the winter. It’s a celebration unlike anything you’ve ever been to and one you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

Ah, the magic of Germany in winter!!!! The biggest attraction for traveling to Germany in winter is the Christmas markets. It doesn’t matter which corner of Germany you travel to, you will find a charming, beautiful, traditional market everywhere!

Christmas markets traditionally start on the first Sunday of Advent (usually the last weekend in November). Some run only for a weekend or two, others the entire Advent season, and some even a week AFTER Christmas.

Hidden Germany: Where To Stay And What To Do Off The Beaten Track

Pro Tip: Fly to Germany ON Thanksgiving or Christmas for Cheap Flights!! Many people do not like to travel during the holidays. However, these are the days when you can get great deals on flights. Since some of the big Christmas markets are open even after Christmas, it could be worth waiting until the 25th to get there and still get in some markets!

Extra pro tip: If you’re planning to go to the best places to visit in Germany in winter for the Christmas markets, you should book your hotels and accommodation well in advance, as they book up quickly during peak times.

Another invitation to visit Germany in winter is to go skiing in the Alps. While most people will flock to places like Garmisch for the Zugspitz, there are plenty of other places in the Bavarian Alps that are great for beginners and intermediate skiers.

Even in winter months like February, you’ll want to book your ski accommodation well in advance, even in less popular locations if you want good prices or to be close to the lifts. February and even March are some of my favorite times to ski after all the Christmas market travel has died down, but really, anytime from November to April you can still find glacier skiing spots.

Best Time To Visit Germany In 2023

While winter in Germany isn’t my ideal time to travel (besides the reasons above), it can actually be a pretty magical time in Germany. Snow-covered mountains, castles draped in white and far fewer tourists are reasons not to write off Germany in January or other winter months. The weather gets cold in the winter, but it’s usually not so rainy and icy that it’s miserable. Instead, with the right amount of layers and the right shoes, it really isn’t hard to spend your days out sightseeing.

While April can still be a tough weather (meaning, be prepared to pack for multiple seasons in one trip), it’s the start of a truly beautiful season in Germany.

Around the middle of April all the canola fields start to explode and you will wonder if you have ever seen such beautiful fields. You’ll also wonder where the nearest pharmacy is because you’ll be in desperate need of allergy medicine! It used to happen that in the spring I open the windows of the apartment and after an hour everything is covered with light spots of yellow pollen!!! If you can see through your puffy eyes, it’s absolutely beautiful weather for a drive through nature!!!

The weather in Germany in May is where things really start to shine (literally and figuratively). Mid to late May is actually one of my top recommended times to visit Germany if you’re basing your time solely on the weather. The days and temperatures are often perfectly pleasant, which makes sightseeing so enjoyable and long hours out in pubs superb!

Best Festivals In Germany

Apart from a lot of public holidays (check your dates, especially if you’re traveling to Bavaria) when things may be closed, spring in Germany opens up cafes and

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