Best Place For Crawfish In New Orleans

Best Place For Crawfish In New Orleans – It is almost impossible to overstate the importance of the crawfish to Louisiana. Each year over 100 million pounds are harvested by the “crawlers” and the local population consumes most of the crustacean bounty.

These freshwater “mini-lobsters” keep most of their meat in their tails. But unlike a real lobster, where you might eat one per sitting, people often eat 50+ crawfish per meal. Although crawfish are also technically known as “crayfish,” if you order this dish in the Bayou Country, you can call them crawdads or mud bugs and order them by the pound.

Best Place For Crawfish In New Orleans

The main method of preparation is the “boil”, where the crawfish is thrown into a pot of hot water along with various spices (many use Zatarain’s spice mix), corn, potatoes, andouille sausage and sometimes even exotic meats (rabbit anyone?).

Best Boiled Seafood

After the cooking heat is turned off and the crawfish have had time to soak in the flavorful liquid for a while, they are usually dumped on a newspaper-covered table where voracious diners, who have been tortured by the smell of boiling seafood, have it. .

Eating “craw” is an art form that can be easily perfected, one where ladies are still considered ladies while they slurp, an absolutely necessary part of the process. The first step is to twist the tail from the rest of the body. Be sure to slurp the side with the head first, as this is where the bulk of the flavor and spice end up. Next up: the tail, where a few quick peels of the shell reveal a tender piece of meat. After repeating this process a few times, muscle memory takes over. Be sure to have plenty of paper towels nearby, as a crawfish boil tends to be a pretty messy, yet fun, meal.

The best place to enjoy a boil is in the backyard of a Louisiana local. But while crawdads are in season (February-June), many New Orleans restaurants host weekly cook-offs, and some are even all-you-can-eat. Try the Rivershack Tavern on River Road, or the House of Blues on Decatur Street, for the meal that says you really enjoyed The Big Easy.

Are you a fan of crawfish in New Orleans? Vote for it here as your favorite iconic American food in the 10 Best Readers’ Choice Awards contest. Crawfish season is in full swing in New Orleans. Look forward to the weekends with fresh and delicious boiled crawfish. Here we have collected the 20 best places to get boiled crawfish in New Orleans. These restaurants and seafood markets serve some of the best seafood and boiled crawfish you’ll ever have. Consider trying all of these places. Enjoy!

How To Throw A New Orleans Worthy Crawfish Boil — Be Well

Visit Schaefer & Rusich Seafood in Bucktown to satisfy all your seafood cravings. This family run seafood market sells high quality seafood at reasonable prices for your enjoyment. Schaefer Seafood started in 1969 when the family started selling fresh seafood from their own garage. The business has continued for four generations now, providing New Orleans with fresh and delicious seafood. Nothing is better than food, family and experiencing the two together. The staff at Schaefer & Rusich are passionate about sharing this tradition of family with your loved ones through their wonderful food. Be sure to try the boiled crawfish, as it is known to be among the best in town.

Deanie’s has locations in Bucktown, the French Quarter and the Garden District, so it’s easy to experience one of New Orleans’ best seafood restaurants wherever you are in town. Since 1961, Deanie’s has been serving up quality seafood for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to order their giant seafood platter to get a taste of everything Deanies has to offer. Get your fill of fried oysters, catfish, shrimp, crawfish balls, softshell crabs, boiled crawfish and other seafood varieties anywhere and find out what all the talk is about.

Specializing in fresh and cooked seafood, including crawfish, Captain Sid’s has been a customer favorite since 1979. Seafood lovers rave about the seafood and service you get here. Be sure to grab some crawfish pies, stuffed crabs, turtle soup, alligator sausage and fresh seafood out of the deli to go, as there are no tables. This seafood market prides itself on serving the best seafood with the perfect amount of seasoning, right in the heart of Bucktown. You will not be disappointed with Captain Sid’s as many feel it is the best seafood in Bucktown.

North Broad Seafood is a family-owned business that provides its customers with quality seafood at fair and honest prices. Visit this welcoming atmosphere hidden on Broad Street for boiled crawfish, red beans, po-boys, gumbo and other boiled seafood varieties. You will be amazed at the clean and safe location that the Nguyen family offers its customers. Since 2007, when the family took ownership, they have provided their customers with a safe grab-and-go concept store where they can find something for all their seafood needs. This is guaranteed to be the most enjoyable crawfish pickup you will ever have!

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Ever wonder where the amazing soft-shell crab and catfish fillet po boys served at Jazz Fest come from? This is the place. The Galley has been serving its famous po boys at the festival since 1977. After having success at other festivals around the United States, the Galley began serving establishments all over Louisiana. Soon the restaurant was born, and the rest is history. Galley Seafood is open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner, so be sure to get your fill of their famous po boys and boiled crawfish this season.

Clesi’s is a family-run business owned by the Clesi brothers, Carlo and James, and their sister Sonya Dicarlo. Clesi’s started as a catering business that became popular from crawfish boils. It eventually expanded into a restaurant, which is now located in Mid-City. They are best known for their crawfish, which are flavored with pepper, cloves and citrus. Try the jambalaya cheese fries, po-boys and fried seafood baskets while you’re there. Clesi’s is dedicated to providing its customers with excellence in both food and experience.

Bevi Seafood Co. is a local seafood market and restaurant located in Metairie and Mid-City. Depending on what’s in season, Bevi’s will serve you nothing but the best boiled crawfish, crab, oysters and shrimp. At the seafood market, you’ll find high-quality Gulf Coast seafood available daily. The made from scratch po boys and hotplates are also to die for. Try the Peacemaker po-boy, made with fresh, homemade ingredients; a BBQ Gulf Shrimp Platter; or plates of fresh seafood from Louisiana.

Cajun Seafood opened in 1995 at its original location on South Broad Street and has been called “the best-smelling corner in town” by locals. All the shops are family-owned and run, and provide customers with good service and fantastic food. Find incredible boiled crawfish at one of their four locations around town. The Nguyen family also serves wok, yaka mein, marinated crab claws, turkey necks and pig’s feet. Dine at one of the communal tables and enjoy some new company while enjoying their tasty crawfish.

Crawfish Season In New Orleans 2023

Bobby’s Seafood is a local and family-owned seafood market and po-boy deli located in Harahan. Visit Bobby’s for fresh and cooked seafood and traditional po boys that can’t be beat. Enjoy fresh seafood and boiled crawfish at one of the few tables, or take it out for a family gathering. Locals can’t get enough of the quality food here.

Seither’s Seafood gets its name from its boiled, fried and blackened seafood. Order something traditional, or try one of Seither’s creative specialities, which change daily. Be sure to try one of their award-winning po boys. Seither’s roast beef po-boy was named best po-boy by a seafood restaurant, and their specialty po-boys were named best specialty po-boys at the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival. Experience culinary creativity at Seither’s, and try some cooked seafood beyond the usual! You will notice the quality ingredients from local farmers. From crawfish to shrimp to fish and crab, Seither’s has it all and then some.

Find fresh cooked seafood daily at Today’s Ketch Seafood in Chalmette. For 18 years, this family-run business has been open every day of the week, serving a wide variety of cooked seafood. Today’s Ketch Seafood is a retail sale of seafood as a wholesale sale of seafood. They also host parties on site and serve po boys and seafood dinners. This crawfish season, get your boiled crawfish fix at Today’s Ketch and check out the other delicious food available.

J&J’s has been open since 1991, serving food with the same recipes ever since. Why change a good thing? Customers rave about the simple food and boiled crawfish. Hurry and get your food as it has been known to sell out in less than an hour. That must mean something good is being made here. Try J&J Seafood this crawfish season and expect to be nothing less than thrilled.

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Big Fisherman Seafood located on Magazine Street is open every day, but Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, for take-out only. Finish your shopping in the area and pop in to pick up some quality boiled crawfish and seafood

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