Best Place To Catch Crabs

Best Place To Catch Crabs – Every June, crabbing enthusiasts and families pack up their gear and head to Somers Point to compete in the Patcong Creek Tournament.

“We all go out together and then come back to steam crab,” says event organizer Ron Meischker. “I love going out to sea and sharing camaraderie and giving people the opportunity to fill buckets with crab.”

Best Place To Catch Crabs

Somers Point’s harbor master, Meischker, says crabbing is a great hobby for the family, and the kids he brings on his boat have always been fascinated by the pinching sea creatures.

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“Kids love the whole process,” he says. “I don’t just catch crabs, I bring them home and steam them. It keeps everyone engaged and engaged. And it’s a great bonding experience. Learn how to catch and chat on the boat. It’s a great time with family.”

Caryn Shinske, public relations officer for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, says the state limits each person to catching only one bushel of blue crabs per day.

You don’t need a license for recreational crabbing unless you use Chesapeake traps, Shinske says. Rules and regulations for the use of this type of trap can be found at

“The Chesapeake trap is one of the more reliable traps for catching crabs because it is harder for crabs to get out of it than other traps,” she says. “This trap bites the bait and drowns it.”

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In addition to Chesapeake traps, families can use traps that release side doors when submerged and close when the line is pulled back, says Shinske. Some use hand lines, light ropes with lures, and crab nets to scoop up the tasty crustaceans found near bulkheads and stakes.

“The best way to handle blue crabs is to grab the far end leg. It’s shaped differently than the crab’s other legs and looks like a paddle,” she says. “If you hold the crab firmly in that area, you shouldn’t be able to reach it with the tongs.”

Bait options include herring or raw chicken, but if you use raw chicken, wash your hands well after handling, says Shinske.

Ben Rose, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority, offers some tips on crabbing hotspots at resorts.

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“Crab fishing in the Wildwoods is a beloved coastal activity common in the tidal wetland areas on the west side of the island,” he says. “People enjoying the evening crab feast are often seen on the wetlands leading into the island, at the end of the street or at the docks along the back bay.””

There are many places to start looking for crab in South Jersey. Here are six places to try this summer.

1. Patcong Creek: Located on the Great Egg Harbor Bay in Somers Point, this location offers great views and plenty of opportunities to catch blue crabs, says Meischker. “There are a lot of crabs in this creek and not a lot of worms,” he says. “And there are also places where you can rent a boat for the day.” There are plenty of places to start looking for crabs in South Jersey. Here are six places to try this summer.

2. Barnegat Bay: Located on the northern tip of Long Beach Island, Barnegat Bay is another hotspot for crabbing, says Meischker. There are many places where you can rent a boat and go out to sea all day to enjoy fishing. As a bonus, the Barnegat Lighthouse is along the bay, allowing crabbing families to witness spectacular views before climbing the stairs and find an ideal spot to fish on the water.

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3. Route 52 Causeway Fishing Pier: There are four fishing spots along the two-plus-mile bridge between Mays Landing Road in Somers Point and 9th Street in Ocean City. All of these places are popular with crabbers and fishermen.

4. Cape May National Wildlife Refuge: “This is a local hotspot for crabbing,” says Barnes. The refuge is along a marshy creek on Ocean Drive between Cape May and Wildwood Crest.

5. Lakeview Docks: Located on Park Boulevard in Wildwood Crest, these docks are open from 7am to 7pm. “It’s a great pier for fishing and crabbing,” says Barnes. “Boat rentals are also available.” Admission is $6 for adults and $4 for children under 10.

6. The Wildwoods: “On the shores of the Wildwoods, there are plenty of hotspots to choose from for those looking to catch crabs,” says Barnes.

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She suggests entering North Wildwood from the north end and turning right to find a well-watered bulkhead. Vans has attractions along Rio Grande Boulevard off Ocean Drive near the 2 Mile Inn, and as you drive south on Ocean Drive there are two roads just over the toll bridge. We recommend visiting the dog’s little bridge. Here, families can walk from shore to wetlands and crabs.

Wildwoods hosts the annual New Jersey State Crab Festival on Saturdays from 11am to 10pm. This free event creates a block party atmosphere with live entertainment, vendors and made-to-order crabs. Ice House Restaurant, 4415 Park Boulevard, Wildwood. Catching blue crabs is one of the most fun things to do at sea, and one of the easiest to master. Almost every kid who grew up on the water knows how to do it, but for some reason, as they get older, they forget how much fun it is and end up chasing striped bass, flounder, bluefish, and many other game species. We will help you remember why it was so much fun and relearn how to do it again.

If you grew up near the coast, you or your friends would have spent at least one summer with a bucket of bait, a long-handled net, and your favorite gear for chasing blue crabs in the shallows. It wouldn’t have taken long to fill a bucket or cooler. Then it was time to go home and cook a feast for the whole family. However, as much as the days were enjoyable, adults forgot the fun and paid for crabs in the local shack. Time to relive your childhood or introduce your kids to thrills and refill the cooler.

There are four main methods used to target blue crabs. Which one to use depends on personal preference and the equipment available. Let’s take a closer look at each.

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Whichever method you choose, the goal is to get as many crabs into the cooler as quickly as possible. Here are some tips to help you do just that.

Check out this awesome video of crabbing using trotlines this year. We really enjoyed it and ate like kings and queens. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of the days my dad and I went crabbing in the Chesapeake Bay every summer. Every other weekend from June through October, we sat on our back porch and baited a 1,000-foot troll line with stinky salted eels. Dad used to sip gin from a coffee mug and smoke a cigarette while I cut up the eel and put it into a knot. By the time I finished, it was dirty, stinky and mosquito-bitten. i loved it Mother didn’t.

The next morning usually finds us in the Eastern Bay, setting trot lines around first light. Once set, soak for about 10 minutes. Then my father picked up the trot line and slowly guided the boat as the rollers beat rhythmically with pieces of eel running over it. I would stand with a net and scoop up nasty blue crabs risking their lives on each bait. We would catch a bushel or more before heading home in the afternoon, then pick steamed crabs in the dark of the night.

The Chesapeake Bay is famous for having some of the largest and most delicious blue crabs on the planet. They can be found everywhere along the coast of the United States from Texas to Maine, but are especially thick between Delaware and Florida. Here’s how to catch it.

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A mountain of regulations protects blue crab populations from declining. Contact your state fish and game or natural resources department for catch and limits, approved methods and licenses. There are strict penalties for those who try to slip under the radar.

Perhaps the easiest way to get started is the method affectionately known as chicken-necking. Tie a chicken neck (available at the grocery store) to the end of a 15-foot-long piece of cotton string and dump it beside the boat or on the pier. (Use more lines for deeper water.)

When the fishing line is taught, slowly pull the fishing line with the crab net ready. when you can barely see

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