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Children’s menus, when one is even available, are a pet peeve of mine. While some restaurants (like this one with a Michelin star) go the extra mile to cater to kids,

Best Place To Eat Healthy Near Me

Do most hotels and restaurants think kids want to eat unseasoned fried foods like chicken nuggets, chips and fried fish? Where are the tasty, green, high quality ingredients that kids deserve…

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Unfortunately, even in this day and age, well-thought-out and well-presented children’s menus are rare. In fact, to be completely honest, most restaurants don’t even have separate options for small children. I’m actually happier with a kids menu than an unhealthy kids menu because in a ‘no kids menu available’ scenario, I can order some healthy sides for my little one and a portion of my meal. Yes… but it’s definitely needed. Some work and sometimes a baby just wants their well presented food you know! Or mom doesn’t really like to share haha!

, I can tell you that any mama, anywhere in the world, is always really happy! And maybe I take things too personally, but I really see this as a restaurant showing great respect for my child and his well-being.

Balance: Assuming you eat the major food groups — carbs, fats, proteins, dairy (if tolerated), vegetables and fruits (I’ve intentionally left out enemy number one — sugar) — the key to ordering is to make sure your Have a few small (miscellaneous) things. So instead of going for a single dish of mac ‘n’ cheese, focus on protein and vegetables at the center of the meal and a few sides of carbs. So mac ‘n’ cheese can be a side of roast chicken with some broccoli. It sometimes feels like a lot of food, so it’s often easier to just partake in your own food, or go straight to restaurants that have already figured it out (see below)! Balance for you is diversity for them so it really is a win-win situation for everyone. I’m a big fan of buffets for kids for this reason, because I can go around and choose a good balance of food and create a colorful plate. Which brings us to…

Color: We all know that a plate should be rainbow-colored, not only to appeal to children, but also because it represents a good, nutritious variety. I’m not talking about colorful sprinkles on donuts (as much as your kid is clamoring for them), but rather, red peppers, green leafy vegetables, pink salmon and more. Visualize the meal as you order it and go ahead and order a side of steamed broccoli to add some extra color (equal nutrition) when it might be lacking, or add to your salad or salad bar. Hand out some of the carrot and cucumber sticks. Often baby foods are white and more white.

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Babies want bland food, but they really want flavor. It’s really important to introduce young children’s palettes to a wide spectrum of taste profiles from an early age. As parents living in Asia we shouldn’t shy away from spices, a little heat and the unique flavor profiles of local ingredients such as ginger, lemongrass, coconut and curry leaves. So many of us travel across the region for vacations and it’s a great service to expose our children’s hearts, minds and tongues to the rich flavors of Asia. So the next time you’re looking at the nuggets and fries on that Thai hotel kids’ menu, do everyone a favor and opt for Pad Krapo Moo Soup instead…just ask them to leave out the chilies. !

We’re lucky enough in Singapore to have so many great family-friendly dining options and menus with kid-friendly options, but I know every mama appreciates when she doesn’t have to think about options and We mamas are so grateful when someone tries to create a special menu for our little ones. We salute restaurants with children’s menus that offer balanced, nutritious, tasty and colorful options and here are some of my favourites:

The Eastern Mediterranean riverside restaurant on Robb Quay has launched the latest addition to its menus, with new children’s dishes made from scratch in-house. Well they offer a burger with fried fish ($14) and chips ($14) but these kids meals come with a side salad of leafy greens and radishes! There’s also macaroni and cheese ($12),  Bolognaise ($12) and grilled chicken ($14). There is also an option to add a drink (orange juice) and a scoop of ice cream for dessert for $7. Kids get a specially designed placemat that makes eating a fun and interactive experience (and keeps little ones quiet for a little while!) We love this airy spot right next to the river where kids can play on the sidewalk. can hang out with while mom and dad enjoy a drink in peace!

Founded by lovely Aussie mum Teri-Ann Leske, mum of 3, and author of several cookbooks focusing on healthy family meals. Her new cafe in Dempsey has a fantastic children’s menu with lots of tasty, colorful and often unusual but highly nutritious options for little ones. Menu items include a mini acai bowl, toast and toast with peanut butter and berries. My son loved the portobello mushroom and goat cheese on gluten free toast (not on the kids menu but he shared with me). Plus, there are tons of fresh juices, smoothies, energy balls, and treats for kids that are relatively healthier than other places to choose from. You’ll be spoiled for choice here and even the kids’ meals are Insta-worthy! The trampoline on site is a fab kid bonus.

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To ensure nutritious and balanced food options for kids, this kid-friendly restaurant in the kid-centric Forum Mall has an ever-evolving kids menu created by Mr. Jamie Oliver himself (his Food Revolution and campaign for healthy school lunches with) monitored. Interesting menu options include fish stew, spaghetti and meatballs (they can also do a gluten free pasta) and chicken lollipops. And while you still have burgers and pizza on the menu, these dishes have undergone major improvements from an ingredient perspective – so the sauce on the pizza is 7-Veggie Sauce and the burger comes with sweet potato fries instead of regular fries. comes (Not very healthy actually) The real saving grace is that all the kids meals come with a “shake me” salad, which the kids love. The presentation of the food is excellent and the coloring sheets and crayons are a nice bonus.

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This popular Robertson’s Quay Mexican restaurant is always packed with kids on the weekends and for good reason… the service is friendly and the food is kid-friendly! Plus, parents sip on great margaritas so everyone is happy! The kids’ menu includes plenty of gluten-free options (all of their tortillas are gluten-free, which is awesome), and our favorite is the ham and cheese quesadilla that my son enjoys with guacamole and corn on the cob. Other kid menu items include avocado tomato toast and chicken and cheese tacos. Just order some healthy sides like beans, guacamole, corn, etc. and you’re set! The menu itself is a coloring sheet and the server will bring you colored pencils, plus plenty of riverfront real estate for the kids to scoot/bike/play. Super Loco also offers a fresh fruit plate as a dessert option on the kids menu. Hallelujah!

With its kids eat free promotion from 2-5pm (with every adult main course, one kids’ item is free), the airy cafe at Dempsey is your best bet for a late lunch or early dinner with the kids. can The kids menu doubles as a colorful playmat and while there are limited options (they are currently working on adding new items to the kids menu and increasing the variety, taste and nutrition factor – yay !), great emphasis is placed on high quality. material For example, the kids’ pasta dish, chicken linguini, is made with hand-raised open barn chicken and air-dried pasta topped with freshly grated grana padano from their amazing cheese room, and the Junior Cheeseburger is a 100 % Wagyu burger, topped with artisan cheddar. A homemade brioche bun from their cheese room.

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Of course a great kids park like the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden will have a great kids cafe (which they named Food for Tots)… but I have to admit I still miss the old and big Food for Tots in the main botanic garden. Remember the thought. Both the new Jakob Ballas Children’s Garden and the National Museum restaurants have beautifully designed children’s menus with plenty of healthy and unhealthy options (the adult menu also has plenty of healthy kid-friendly options), so head on over. .

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