Best Place To Eat In Great Falls Mt

Best Place To Eat In Great Falls Mt – Walking down 10th Avenue, you would probably believe that the only food Great Falls, Montana has to offer is chain restaurants and fast food joints. You are deeply mistaken. There are many relatively new businesses that feed and water the people of Great Falls.

Great Falls has changed a lot in the twelve years since I showed up in my blue Dawood as a college freshman, and that includes the number and variety of places to eat and drink. The Great Falls food scene has definitely expanded and stepped up its game, including new breweries, trendy bars and patio restaurants.

Best Place To Eat In Great Falls Mt

Before I tell you about the tastiest places to eat in Great Falls, I thought it only made sense to point out the fact that I didn’t list any dinners in my review. To be honest, night clubs are not really my thing. Dinner clubs are actually not so much known for deliciousness as for their weird culinary combinations. Although quirky, dinner clubs are part of Montana’s cultural fabric and Western American tradition.

Great Falls’ Restaurant Scene Has Some Hidden Gems

For those of you who don’t know, a dinner club is a restaurant that also doubles as a social club and is usually found in smaller towns/rural areas. Think homemade surf and surf food in a vintage setting. Shrimp ravioli with ice cream ice cream… something like that, you know? Dinner clubs tend to look sophisticated, although outdated, but are affordable.

FUN FACT: The late travel and food expert Anthony Bourdain once dined at the dinner club with my philosophy professor Aaron Parrett in the episode “Parts Unknown”.

It’s no secret that while I was at the University of Montana, I worked at Crooked Tree. So it’s probably fair to say that I’m completely biased when I say Crooked Tree is my favorite breakfast date spot. Yes, the food on the menu is quite light compared to other morning eateries on this list, but it’s delicious. Every bakery is perfect. The light from the floor-to-ceiling windows is simply breathtaking in the morning hours. The open floor plan of the loft complements the trendy interior of the establishment, while smooth ceramic tableware emphasizes its chic. But it’s coffee, folks. It’s coffee. Gorgeous, roasted to perfection, served hand-held espresso style, it’s just *sigh* unbelievable. I am also a big fan of spinach and feta breakfast cookies.

Tip: Try Cinnamon Ombré – I created this signature drink during a barista competition and it’s my coffee heritage.

Great Falls Community Food Bank, Inc.

When I got back to Great Falls, Electric City was new. Almost instantly, it became a familiar dining spot thanks to delicious sandwiches and hot soups. I mostly like the idea of ​​taking a mug off the shelf and filling it with hot drip coffee. There’s something like “I’m local, this is my favorite mug at Electirc” that really resonates with the sentimental freak in me.

PurpleGold offers hungry guests a break from the classic American breakfast. Instead, he offers healthy fruit smoothies to visitors. Think of the trendy Balinese breakfasts served in a food truck… but in Montana, not Indonesia. Bowls PurpleGold

Filled, and rich in all the beneficial nutrients your body is probably asking for. PurpleGold is open only during the warm season. I highly recommend the Four Oh Six or E-City bowl to start the morning.

Classic Clark and Levy brunches are the best part of Sunday mornings in Great Falls. Firstly, this is almost the only place open on Sunday mornings, and secondly, it is the perfect combination of comfort food and diner atmosphere. Eggs, toast, pancakes, bacon – you get the idea, right?

Mermaids In Montana, 600 Miles From The Ocean, May Have Saved Their Motor Inn

Avocado toast on a sunny terrace overlooking the river – what could be better? Nothing special, except maybe Al Banco’s bowl of quinoa or their flat white dishes served with homemade apple pie. The options here range from pastries to a healthy breakfast to a hearty brunch. Al Banco roasts his own coffee and knows all about the art of making espresso. Believe me. This is one of the Great Falls establishments you don’t want to miss.

A restaurant serving a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches is such a simple idea. Place it among the best bars and breweries in the city and you will get a winner. Block eloquently implemented this exact concept in the very center of the city. I ditched the vegan lifestyle and tried a grilled jalapeno cheese sandwich paired with a creamy tomato soup. High tables and window seating make it feel like you’re dropping in with your best friends for a pre-game bite before a few pints of beer.

Is it a chain? Yes. It is delicious? Also yes. Mackenzie River Pizza is visited every time I stop in Great Falls for one simple reason: Thai Pie pizza on the original crust. I promise you won’t regret it. It has a peanut crunch. He has a golden crust. It has a completely different flavor that never gets old and gives me constant cravings.

Hot Tip: The outdoor patio here is located right on the river, so it’s a real treat in the summer.

New Restaurant Coming To Great Falls

Grilled sandwiches made with freshly baked bread are a Wheat Montana specialty. And during those cold Montana winters, they are a godsend. For a lighter lunch alternative, there are salads, soups and rolls. Sweet tooth will be curbed with an endless supply of fresh baked goods served straight from the oven.

Howard’s Pizza is a nightclub owned by the family since 1959. You can buy Howard’s Pizza in different places in the city, but the best place to eat pizza after an evening walk or when you feel like midnight is Howard’s Pizza. The location next to Gibson Park is my personal favorite as you can take your piece to the green space and enjoy it sitting on the grass, but I’ll take Howard’s hot piece wherever I can get it.

Hear. To me. Out. Chuck’s delivered their items to me and Lindsey in the middle of a snow storm, very late nights when we couldn’t decide what we wanted to eat until the delivery time in most places was up and the delivery was hot.

However, if you eat, you can expect retro style dining chairs reminiscent of a Bingo Hall. Red lanterns hang from styrofoam ceiling tiles, and tapestries adorn the walls. The vegetable chow mein is a winner, as are the pot stickers.

New Restaurant Features Great Falls Brews

Right next door to Crooked Tree is Fire Artisan Pizza, a great spot for a romantic date. Low lighting and a small setting with limited seating creates a cozy and romantic atmosphere. The pizza is usually wood-fired, but there are delicious combinations of toppings that keep it fresh and flavorful.

Great Falls isn’t really known for its Mexican food, but Fiesta en Jalisco is a pretty good choice. The burritos here are the size of your face and are filled with your choice of beans, rice, vegetables and meat. You get a lot of food on your plate no matter what you order. Pair your meal with a margarita and you’re done!

The Mighty Mo is a fantastic place to sample cold craft beer and wood-fired pizza. The production facility is located on Central Avenue, in the very center of the city. My favorite draft beers include Belgian Blonde, Coyote and Blue Fog. There is a vegetarian pizza. There really isn’t much more to say – invite your friends over for a pint of beer and pizza.

Some call the Fish Bowl at a Sip’n’Dip party a rite of passage. Some, religious experience. I call it mandatory. What is a Fish Bowl, you ask? It’s an alcoholic concoction served in an oversized glass with a gaudy paper umbrella, a large maraschino cherry and a nasty curved straw.

Online Menu Of Family Affair Restaurant Restaurant, Great Falls, Montana, 59401

Once known as The Front, this Great Falls hideout has been renamed under new ownership to MT Pints. It has the perfect outdoor seating for a Montana summer evening spent sipping craft beer. Nachos for Two and Cheese Curds are mouth-watering snacks that pair well with Hazy IPAs.

Custom cocktails, gourmet snacks and exceptional craft beer make Elevation 3330 a triple threat new to Great Falls pubs. There really is nothing more “Montanese” than a pint of Cold Smoke beer and live guitar. Elevation has a sleek industrial interior with a balcony perfect for summer nights and a bison head dangling from behind the bar. Drinks and food here put Elevation

Relaxation . I highly recommend the Tres Generation tequila, hibiscus and grapefruit cocktail if you like something savory.

The Enbär, as the locals call it, specializes in handcrafted cocktails, local brewing and delicious food in a super-chic setting. When I was looking for places to eat I found this place. It’s amazing that they are only open at lunchtime and can still survive.

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