Best Place To Eat In Los Angeles

Best Place To Eat In Los Angeles – “9 Must Try Restaurants in Los Angeles” is without a doubt my most popular pin on Pinterest. So here I am, two years later, back from the 4th to my favorite City of Angels with more information to share. As promised, I present you part 2: the bestBESTplaces to eat in LA in 2018!

Kicking off the best restaurants in Los Angeles list with my favorite of them all – Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong.

Best Place To Eat In Los Angeles

Run by Korean comedian Kang Ho Dong, the table-grilled barbecue chain has spread its fame from South Korea to the streets of New York and LA. They are known for their beef and pork cuts and serves pretty much every possible banchan (side dish) you can think of.

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It was just me and my wife’s friend and we both ordered the beef combo ($79.99) because our eyes were obviously bigger than our health. With the combo, you get two types of meat (I believe we chose the marinated short rib + prime rib eye) plus a stew (we chose the kimchi stew) with sides such as steamed eggs, corn cheese, mushrooms, potatoes, and kimchi. Let me tell you, we were seated at a huge table and the plates were filled to the brim. We got all the products yet we still managed to finish everything we ordered because it was so good we just couldn’t help ourselves.

When I went to Seoul two years ago, my friend and I decided to hunt down some authentic Korean barbecue. When we did, however, the server burned our food. That being said, I don’t have a benchmark to compare this to, but I will tell you that this place is explosive. I agreed with a worker and he and his friends went three nights together to try to get a table. Although he didn’t make it until the third night, he said it was all worth it. It’s no wonder there’s a line out the door and people are willing to wait patiently!

If you’re not a fan of standing in line, come for an early lunch or early dinner to avoid a critical moment. We came here directly from our morning flight arriving at LAX (hands if the first thing you do after landing is looking for a place to eat hahaha). Even so, half of the restaurant was already full. It’s no joke how good this place is.

#2 on the list we got Mexican cuisine because #tacotuesday! (Get it? Tuesday, the 2nd day of the week so #2 on the list? Well ok, strictly speaking Sunday is really the 1st day of the week and Tuesday would be the 3rd, but where not important.)

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Tacos Tu Madre is a small, cozy little taco shop my girlfriend and I discovered while staying at an Airbnb in Hollywood. Their style is not really Mexican food, but more of a fusion cuisine style with Asian influences. You have oriental flavors like Ahi Tuna, Vegan Banh Mi, and Korean BBQ and more traditional/Latin American like Fried Fish, Fried Chicken, Bean & Cheese, Shrimpe Ceviche, and Asada. Everything listed on their menu can be served as a taco ($2.50-5), burrito ($7-13), or burrito bowl ($8-14).

The food takes a while to come because again, they are small and there is only one chef working in the kitchen. This is a Vermont place though. They have two on Westwood and Larchmont Boulevard with one more opening in DTLA soon.

Make tacos, not war. ✌🏼 #TacosTuMadre || 📷:@saratoufali A post by Tacos Tu Madre (@tacostumadre) on Dec 15, 2017 at 5:52pm PST

The truth is a hip place with refreshing flavors. Fried Chicken is like grilled. Korean BBQ is not bad, very different and not what you would expect at a taco shop. My friend got the Ahi Tuna which came on a crispy shell. He got something else and I don’t remember anything but we were both very happy. Their taco shells are also gluten free so extra points for those of y’all with dietary restrictions.

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Oh and for those who speak Spanish, please tell me what their name means. I know your madre is your mother and it killed me not to know if it is Your Mother’s Tacos or Your Mother’s Tacos (like the cause “we make tacos better than your mother”?).

If you remember my previous must-try restaurants in LA post, many places I highly recommend for a great meal. All three trips since my first return have been trips where I’ve felt too lazy to pack fancy clothes and heels. That being said, many of the restaurants we visited were the same and all more affordable. A great site we stumbled upon is Catch LA.

First off, how cuteeeeeeeeeee this place!!! It looks like the perfect place for a Sunday brunch with the gals. The food was amazing and the service was excellent (until the end since lunch time the crowd poured in and our waiter was busy with many tables to occupy). No wonder it’s a favorite even among actors.

What attracted me to Catch the first time was the Waffle Tower ($15) on their menu. It’s a giant tower of waffles with ice cream in between each layer and I mean who can say no to that! Except we went to brunch a little later than planned, close to lunch time. At that point I was thinking more of a non-dessert food so I went with the Poke Bowl (~$25?) instead, which is by the way. The tuna was marinated in this delicious tangy sauce with mangos and avocados and laid on a brown bed. Whoever said that healthy food tastes bad!

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The heat is up + so are we #riseup #theclimb #waffle #icecream #tower #catchnyc #catchla #EMMEATS // 📷 @zagat A post shared by Catch Hospitality Group (@catch) on Jan 20, 2018 at 8:06am PST

Growing up in an Asian family, I was always used to the idea of ​​sharing food in restaurants. I know in Western culture, everyone judges themselves and it is probably almost unknown to ask someone to eat their food. Although this is not a family restaurant where the dishes are mentioned, I want you to come here with friends and share love and enjoy food together. Every item on the menu is just to die for. I was honestly almost sad that my friend and I both had small birds and couldn’t order more food to share. Even just looking at their Instagram as I write this post makes me lose my entire keyboard!

Speaking of $$$, it’s not as expensive as the previous restaurants I mentioned. Prices for brunch are especially reasonable. Everyone has their own definition of what is pricey and what is not depending on their level of income and such, but I think this place is well worth a visit 😉

Let’s grow, but first lunch. #coj #la #lunchdate photo by @eggcanvas A post shared by The LINE Hotel (@thelinehotel) on Jun 14, 2017 at 11:58am PDT

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Make that wish come true at The Office – yet another great place for brunch, especially perfect for those days when you wake up and feel hungry again. On weekends, they hold a buffet from 9 am to 3 pm with limited entrées and you can get mimosas for $18.

My date and I both got the Choriquiles (chorizo, egg, cotija, crema, and enchilada sauce) and boy was it spicy! I’m a sucker for hot food but at the same time, I’m terrible at handling heat. I don’t want the chorizos to have much of a kick but I mean it’s good. The weather was great and I wouldn’t mind coming back for dinner. Have you looked at their current menu and Cauliflower Steak with curry, parmesan, and quinoa? Lol! How about Faackitas grilled steak with poblano mash and cotija? K-Town Fried Chicken? Cauliflower Tempura? Man it’s 1am here and I don’t know why I’m torturing myself like this looking at delicious food in the middle of the night.

With the Hotel Line located in Korea, it is only natural that Commissary is run by Korean chef Roy Choi and appreciates the taste of the community. (Like this post has a Mexican/Korean food theme.) The restaurant is very trendy overall. Great food, great vibes.

Well, while we’re on the topic of brunch, let’s talk about another “it” spot in LA: Bottega Louie.

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Known for their decadent desserts and pastries, Bottega Louie is a dream paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth. I personally never understood the hype with macarons until I visited Paris and got a taste of the real thing. From then on I was hooked and the macarons here can compete with the OGs from Ladurée or Pierre Hermé.

Apart from being a

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