Best Place To Eat In Memphis Tennessee

Best Place To Eat In Memphis Tennessee – Everyone knows that Memphis is famous for three things: blues, barbecue and, most importantly, Grizzlies. But Memphis is also home to a killer food scene. From classic Italian fare to upscale Southern fare, Bluff City has it all.

Each neighborhood has its weekday essentials, and its weekend role around Midtown is where it should be. New restaurants are popping up everywhere, and it’s becoming impossible to manage a list of places to visit. Thanks to a few close friends and serious foodies from my alma mater, here’s a list of 50 Memphis dishes you must try before you die.

Best Place To Eat In Memphis Tennessee

Pete & Sam’s has been a Memphis staple for over 60 years, and once you see its elegance, you’ll understand why. Ask any Memphian and they’ll tell you whatever you order as an entree (I’m voting for shrimp and mushroom spaghetti with cheese sauce), you should start your meal with the Beacon salad. You can’t top it with bacon, cheese, or tomato dressing.

The 50 Best Things To Eat In Memphis Before You Die

I know this sounds a bit odd to most people, but trust me when I say this is truly amazing. Cauliflower is tender and tangy with the perfect balance of sweet and sour, perfect for summer. A true farm-to-table.

Elmwood Shack is literally a shack. Located in Lowe’s parking lot, it’s easy to miss this treasure. But once you find it, we promise you’ll keep coming back. From killer breakfasts to BBQ quesadillas, this little spot has everything from the fine arts. Rumor around town is that for fish tacos, this is the place to go, and I can’t say I disagree. With tacos like this and fresh picos, you can add meat and they will be top notch.

Now, to be fair, I’m a fan of the Vesuvian steak sandwiches here. However, I’ve heard the meatball sub is a fan favorite. Trying to be as unbiased as possible, I succumbed to the meatball hype. Now I leave it up to all of you to decide which one you personally like.

A lot of people will say it’s OK to BBQ at Tops, but I disagree. Tops are for burgers and Central is for BBQ. Tops boasts world-famous burgers. Because it’s freshly ground, cooked to order, and the smoky taste is irresistible. But honestly, where else can you get a burger at 8:30am?

The Best Bbq In Memphis

If you’ve never heard of Blue Plate, you’re not truly Memphian. This lovely place may be a bit biased since it’s a big yellow house on the edge of our neighborhood, but breakfast is the best here. If you’re feeling like Jack Johnson, try the banana pancakes. You can also order it with bacon, biscuits and gravy. You won’t regret it.

As we said before, Central is for BBQ and the best way to serve it is a big pile of chips with nacho cheese. Garnish with shredded cheese and jalapeños for a true classic. But don’t blame me for not being able to bear finishing the whole basket.

It’s the perfect appetizer for anyone who doesn’t like shrimp. Shrimp is cut into thin paper, stuffed with cheese, and wrapped in bacon. So even if you have a picky palate, you can order a few and dive right in. It doesn’t hurt to order one of the margaritas to wash it all down.

Whenever one of my friends comes home with me from Arkansas, this is the first stop we make. Nothing says home better than this beautiful plate shared between old and new friends. The special feature of these fries is that they are sliced ​​thick enough to contain plenty of cheese and bacon. But make sure you order a side of Homemade Buttermilk Ranch. Cheese fries just aren’t the same without them.

Best Bbq Restaurants In Memphis

The Belmont is a small green building on the corner of one of Memphis’ busiest streets, with only about half a dozen parking spaces near the restaurant. But on any given night this place is crowded. Orders of burgers, chicken sandwiches, and fries go round and round in the kitchen, but in my heart I have a soft spot for Reuben’s done well. The meat to sauerkraut ratio is perfect, layered between the nice toasted bread. Belmont has mastered this and that is all it needs to say.

All I’m saying is that if these donuts are good enough for Alton Brown to say are his favorites, they’re good enough for you too. Choose the Classic Glaze and you’ll taste the fluffy clouds of sweet heaven. The owner, Mr. Gibson serves customers every Saturday and Sunday morning with a flying pig hanging from the ceiling with a smile on their face. Mr. Gibson is him and his donuts are truly amazing.

What locals call Young Ave is everyone’s favorite casual lunch spot. This deli boasts the largest selection of beers in the area, along with decent sandwiches and pizza-sized quesadillas. But whatever you get, the sweet potato fries are a must. It is very important to ask for homemade honey mustard and not the packaged variety they initially bring.

Houston is a chain, and I know that would defeat the purpose of “Memphis” as a whole, but this deserves a listing. Please don’t question me about this. Dip the chips in sour cream before diving into the spinach and artichoke dip. Add some salsa too if you’re feeling spicy. It’s a great combo.

Where To Eat In Memphis, Tennessee This Weekend

Muddy’s is the only cupcake place in Memphis worth a visit. St. Mary’s graduate student opened the door and Kat really knows how to make killer cupcakes. I’ve never tasted anything I didn’t like and I’m sure you will feel the same. But if you’re just a normal person, Plain Jane is well worth your time. Or, if you like Reese, we recommend Tom Boy. My personal favorite is the mint and chocolate Grasshopper.

Shh, this is one of the secret menu types. And yes, they will give you a dirty look at first, but they know exactly what this salad is about and will be more than happy to placate you. The light, crispy chicken tenders shown above with hot bacon dressing and honey mustard take this salad to an unusual level. So next time you visit Houston, avoid staring and order.

No other place has snow cones like this. Jerry is special. It’s a hot pink building with a giant ice cream cone on the roof. The ice is so thin that anything with ice cream in the middle tastes better. So order your Wedding Cake Supreme and write on the wall what you want to do before you die.

Folk’s Folly is a classic Memphis Steakhouse. This is where everyone takes their significant other for a celebratory or anniversary dinner. It boasts an elegant atmosphere and excellent service, while the food is top-notch. So go ahead and cook your steak to your liking and finish it off with an order of crispy pickles (pieces, not spears).

Memphis Is The Delicious Destination You Need To Put On Your Must Visit List

Even Guy Fieri knows SOB is going on. He featured SOB’s popcorn, duck fried rice and bread pudding on his show Diner’s, Drive-ins and Dives. But he seems to have forgotten about the insanely creamy, rich Mac n Cheese. They may look ordinary and not the best Instagram photos, but they will always please your taste buds.

This meal is for those who feel they can’t include enough seafood in their diet. Served on a pile of rice, the Sea Pyramid boasts yellowtail tuna, bluefin tuna and salmon, along with two types of caviar. The beautiful pyramid is then topped with avocado and ponzu sauce.

Bosses is a favorite among the high school crowd as it is where they all gather during school lunchtime. But if you’re brave enough to face the crowds, the classic chicken tenders and basket of fries are worth it. Something about the breading of the tenders and the sweet and spicy condiments of the fries leaves me begging for more. Add a little bit of their sweet tea and I count down.

Babalu Memphis is one restaurant that should be on everyone’s list. The atmosphere is lively and the food is done tapas style. So it’s only fitting that they have tableside.

Eat, Play, And Stay In The Memphis Pyramid

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