Best Place To Eat In Quebec City

Best Place To Eat In Quebec City – 10 restaurants to try in Quebec City? Yes, we are responsible for suggesting restaurants, bars and cafes that we like in Montreal, but sometimes also trips. So we’re preparing a series of articles about the restaurants we love in the cities we love; Here are 10 restaurants to try in Quebec City during your next visit to this beautiful city.

Since July 2018, Arvi has been delighting his clientele by redefining restaurant conventions in a very pleasant atmosphere. In fact, the address was voted the best new Canadian restaurant of 2019 by En Route! magazine. What makes the Arvi experience so special is that there is a single team in charge of the kitchen and service. At Arvi’s, the customer experience really comes first. The service is friendly but very professional and is provided by very talented people who enjoy explaining the concept and the products on offer. Arvi’s tempting 5-course meal for $70 offers the option of a regular or vegetarian menu. On the plate, we find seasonal Quebecois ingredients with the emphasis always to highlight the product. They also offer diners a great wine pairing option for $45.

Best Place To Eat In Quebec City

A favorite in Quebec City! La Buvette Scott is an unpretentious address that pleasantly surprises with its attractive menu, impeccable service and warm atmosphere. Located in the heart of Faubourg Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Buvette Scott was quickly adopted by locals who have made this place their favorite neighborhood restaurant for all occasions. Behind the modest decor hides a friendly, almost family atmosphere that charms and wins the hearts of foodies who walk in. In the kitchen, Jean Philippe, who used to work at the now-defunct Le Cercle restaurant, creates an inventive menu that is constantly changing. La Buvette Scott offers a dozen seasonal small and medium plates built primarily around garden-fresh vegetables and seafood. Carnivores will also find something to their liking as there is always a meat dish or two on offer. On the drinks side, Dave Stsard-Yves, after 10 years at SAQ, has created an attractive wine list that complements a delightful selection of local microbrewery beers; perfect pairings to enjoy your evening!

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Sardelet, the newest member of the delicious Buvette Scott, is a small address in the Saint-Jean Baptiste district where you can eat and drink extremely well and simply. The chef offers fresh dishes with local and European products. The vegetables, a central element of his cuisine, come directly from his garden: a grand challenge that forces the sardines to respect the rhythm of the seasons. The house also offers Italian and Spanish meats that transport you and coexist with the products of the exceptional butcher Aliment Viens and the kitchens of Buvette Scott. Living up to their name, the house also offers preserved Spanish and Portuguese sardines! One of the highlights of the show is the chef’s homemade bread and focaccia. To drink, Sardels specialize in an impressive selection of beers and wines, and really stand out because they treat beer with the same care and attention you’d expect in a wine bar. A real favorite.

Open since March 2019, this wonderful “hidden” restaurant is located in the Old Port of Quebec. When you enter La Tanière3, you are immediately immersed in the heart of the Quebec terroir, thanks to the boreal decor and background music that supports the concept, which is based on the history and terroir of Quebec. You can taste wild products from the province: birch from Montmagny, wild rose and sweet grass from Kamouraska, wild wasabi (a plant found in the marshes of Lac Saint-Jean), myrique beaumier, spruce gum and many others. And this, with a touch of history associated with the dishes presented. The pairing of food and wine is as well done as the meal itself. The desserts, served in a children’s forest, are each more creative than the last! The menu of at least 15 courses evolves with the seasons.

La Planque is a very welcoming restaurant where the cuisine is of a very high quality. A small, well-executed menu; foie gras, salmon, beef, squid, surf and turf, aubergine, cakes, pork chop and some small cakes. Nice wine list, good beers, relaxed and friendly atmosphere and polite, friendly and pleasant service. The establishment is open from Tuesday to Saturday and the kitchen closes at 22:00; lunch is served Tuesday through Friday. For a drink before or after, try their neighboring restaurant Cendrillon!

Designed by Charlène Bourgeois of Atelier Pierre Thibault, the 48-seat space is airy, thanks to the light color tones stemming from the use of wood (chairs, floor), white shades on the walls, bar, tables and warm. lighting. It’s elegantly simple, and the layout of communal tables that can be joined together for larger groups makes it welcoming and encourages you to linger. It’s a modern yet timeless look. Yakitoris are the specialty and in the kitchen, chef Louis Philippe Moisan prepares all the little delicacies. Quail eggs, squid salad, corn cakes, kaarage chicken, chicken jakitoris, pork belly, scallions and mushrooms caught the attention of our taste buds, as did okonomiyakis and dumplings.

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L’Affaire est Ketchup has been a huge success since its opening. In the St-Rock district, the establishment features a well-executed comfort food menu that changes regularly, offering delicious and hearty comfort food. The address is a place where convenience is paramount, a place where people want to go, but especially come back. Here, the atmosphere is festive and warm and the service attentive, all adding to the enjoyment of the experience. The small 20-seat space is consistently full; reservations are required. Two services, one at 18:00 and the second at 20:30. On the menu, desserts are a must for starters. As a main course, scallops make most seafood chefs cringe. Chef Marc-André’s cuisine is based on the beauty and quality of the products; treats them with simplicity so that they shine on their own. The owners also have the restaurants Patente et Machin, Kraken Cru, Ket’chose and Albacore which are excellent!

Located on Saint-Vallier Street West in Quebec City, Pied Bleu is a charming bistro inspired by Lyon where you can enjoy delicious food paired with a good bottle of wine. A small and unpretentious bistro with charming decor that presents very good dishes in a friendly atmosphere; that’s what Bouchon du Pied Bleu is. With a few starters, Lyon inspired dishes, mains, fish, famous black pudding (for which they have won awards!), offal, cheese and cakes, accompanied by a very nice selection of bottles, the beautiful place in every visit. . They are open Wednesday through Saturday and offer weekend brunch. As for the wine list, the owner has curated a list that is 100% made up of private imports that go well with this local menu.

Laurie Raphaël is a fine dining restaurant that focuses on local products. The restaurant, with its family history, is an essential part of Quebec City’s high-caliber culinary landscape. The space can accommodate 35 people, while a private room for 15 people is also available by reservation. Raphaël develops the menu of his restaurant with a special focus on local products. The establishment operates mainly in terms of tasting menus. In addition, the restaurant has a unique element: its themes. These themes can be based on the restaurant’s history, Quebec traditions, various international inspirations, the seasons, some star products, as well as the expertise of sommelier and maitre d’ Samuel Blanchard, who curates a list of biodynamically produced wines from the natives. vineyards and some other regions.

“A historic restaurant reinvented with a regional cuisine signed by one of Quebec’s most renowned chefs, Stéphane Modat.” We can only agree with that! Since Mr. Fashions have been in the kitchen, the Château Frontenac restaurant has undergone remarkable improvements. In the impressive and picturesque setting of the Château, this European-inspired restaurant presents dishes of very high quality and very well prepared. The view from the porch is breathtaking and the wine cellar is also beautiful. The restaurant is open every day. Note that the establishment also offers tea service and brunch on Sundays.

Must Try Restaurants In Quebec City

519 3e Avenue Québec City G1L 2W4 821 Rue Scott Québec G1R 3C8 1 Rue Saint-Jean Québec G1R 2V1 36 Rue Saint-Pierre Québec G1K 3Z6 1027 3e Avenue Québec Saint-Jean Québec 39-J10 Est. G1K 3A5 181 Rue Saint-Vallier Ouest Québec G1K 1J9 117 Rue Dalhousie Québec G1K 9B7 1 Rue des Carrières Québec G1R 4P5

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