Best Place To Eat Lobster In Portland Maine

Best Place To Eat Lobster In Portland Maine – Want to know where to get the best lobster in Portland, Maine? Here are 12 top spots for your next trip.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Portland, Maine for the Women in Travel Summit where I met some amazing female travel bloggers from around the country.

Best Place To Eat Lobster In Portland Maine

Naturally, when it came time to put together a post on where to find the best lobster in Portland, Maine, I thought of these lovely ladies and decided to ask for their recommendations.

No Shell, Big Shock: Maine Lobster Rolls Fetch Record Prices This Season

I tried to eat as much lobster as I could while I was there but it was nowhere near enough. The city is spoiled for choice, with amazing dishes available everywhere from food trucks to 5 star restaurants.

If you’re wondering where to go to get Portland’s favorite food, here are 12 suggestions of places in and around Portland to help you relax on your next vacation.

There’s something special about walking through the alleyways and parking enough to get to a hidden gem that calls itself a “joint.” Locals and visitors alike love J’s Oyster.

While the restaurant’s name gets a lot of attention, the real star is the plentiful Maine lobster served a variety of ways. Start with a lobster claw or leftover lobster stew. Then dive into the big lobster salad plate or go all out with the lobster dinner.

Top Places To Eat Lobster In Boston

Lobster gets the scampi treatment sautéed with garlic, butter, wine and angel hair pasta. Or try the Lobster Pernod in mushroom and cream sauce over linguini.

But there is no greater joy than the delicious lobster roll that is filled with sweet lobster in a soft bun. J gets full so go early or late or stay at the bar.

When you’re in Portland, Maine, you can eat lobster any time of day, but my favorite time to eat lobstah is brunch. In particular, I fell hard for the lobster Benedict at Little Tap House.

Served from 11am to 2:30pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, this charming gastropub has a brunch menu featuring dishes, like the incredible lobster roll, crafted from local ingredients along with rotating offerings of Maine-centric microbrews.

Places For The Best Lobster Roll In Maine (+ History And Tips!)

As for the Benedict, it was absolutely packed with fresh Maine lobster, perfectly poached eggs, and creamy hollandaise on top of a classic English muffin.

Every bite just melted in my mouth, and I didn’t want this meal to end. I think this Benedict pairs nicely with a Bloody Mary, but I chose Barreled Souls Brewing’s tropically tart and locally brewed Little Havana Gose.

What started as a food truck has transformed into a low-key diner-style restaurant in the heart of Portland. Highroller Lobster Co is the perfect place If you are looking for lots of amazing ways to eat lobster.

FOMO is real here, but if you love lobster and you love cheese, you have to try the lobster taco. With a cheesy shell and plenty of lobster goodness inside, it’s a treat for your taste buds.

The 7 Best Lobster Rolls In Portland, Maine

Make it your own by choosing one of their delicious sauces. Since it’s a taco, I highly recommend the lime mayo but choose whichever one your heart desires! It may seem small but trust me, all that protein fills you up.

It also pairs well with Fried Lobby Pop, battered & deep fried lobster tail. Whether it’s your first time in Portland or you’re a repeat visitor, you’ll agree that Highroller is the highlight of your trip!

Overlooking the water and boats docked nearby, this quaint little restaurant on the pier might be overlooked by many on their way to bigger places, but locals coming and going through the door is a sure sign that THIS is where our lobster dinner should come from. .

Stepping inside, we are greeted and encouraged to seat ourselves. With no wait staff, you order your food at the counter and it’s brought out to you when you’re ready.

The Top Restaurants In Portland, Maine

I ordered the half-pound lobster dinner, which included freshly caught lobster, corn on the cob, scallion and baked potato. I also ordered a bowl of New England Clam Chowder and to top it off, a delicious Lavender lemonade beer brewed by Maine Mead Works.

With overheads kept low to reflect that back to the customer, prices were very reasonable and the food was one of the best I’ve had in ages. Mmmmm….lobstah!!!

When I was searching for the best lobster in Portland, Maine, one word was on my mind – fresh.

I ended up at the Harbor Fish Market out on a pier, completely out of my comfort zone surrounded by jumping fish heads, huge tanks of live lobster, and various shellfish full of slimy goodness.

Best Lobster Rolls In Portland, Maine

Here’s a little-known secret about the Harbor Fish Market: you can buy a lobster from the tank and have the staff cook it for you on the spot. They have all the ingredients you need to dig into your lobster at your favorite position (bib, wet nuggets, shell cracker, butter).

I bought a lobster, if it was cooked, and went out to the Maine State Pier to eat it. It felt real and bold, and it was a very tasty, juicy mess.

If you can only have one lobster roll for the rest of your life, this is the place to have it. Think a crisp buttery roll topped with chunks of tender and meaty lobster, slathered with just a little sweet, brown butter and chives. It’s heaven on a plate.

After one bite, my dining companion literally said, “I could die of happiness right now and be fine. ” That’s good.

The Best Lobster Rolls On The East Coast

After tasting as many lobsters as we could while in Portland, Maine, the Brown Butter Lobster Roll at Eventide Oyster Co. the [crab] cake.

It was the cherry on top of a perfect afternoon of sipping Portland’s famous beers, trying the oysters at this place, and ending with this delightful treat. If you want to experience the best lobster in Portland, this place is great.

The best place to get lobster? How about capturing your own? If you like a little adventure, board the Lucky Catch for a 90-minute cruise on Casco Bay, where you can become a lobster for the day.

After a quick introduction, you’ll be donned a bright orange, full-length apron and given gloves to protect yourself and your clothes as you “work” in setting up bait bags and securing them in the lobster traps.

Portland Maine: The Food & Drink Guide

Even the smallest members of the family can enter. Or you can just relax and watch the boat run from your seat. You will learn a little about lobster anatomy, how to measure a lobster, and how Maine maintains the lobster population.

The sun, the sea air and the good humor of the crew make for a pleasant time on the water. At the end of the cruise, buy your lobsters at wholesale “boat price” and take them to Portland Lobster Co. which is nearby to cook for your dinner.

Lobster stew at Gilbert’s Chowder House in Portland, Maine is a whole new experience for anyone who thinks of stew as thick and rich meat and potato stew.

Admittedly, I went into Gilbert’s after a cold and windy lobster boat ride. My cruise had come up empty in the lobster department, but my lobster stew at Gilberts certainly hadn’t. It was loaded with tender chunks of lobster – all floating in a rich, yet delicate, cream-based stock.

Highest Rated Seafood Restaurants In Portland, Maine, According To Tripadvisor

I learned that lobster stew is different from other stews and chowders because it is not thick. The ingredients, which include cream, milk, butter, seafood stock, sherry, and lobster, blend into a velvety soup.

Archibald is not pleasant, but on that cool spring day in Portland, my large serving of lobster stew, accompanied by a shipyard brew, could not have been better.

Get out of the heart of town to find Bite into Maine, a food truck born from a passion for food and a love for Maine. Owners Sarah and Karl have had several takes on the classic lobster roll.

Want to try something other than a roll? They have lobster grilled cheese, lobster mac and cheese, lobster BLT, bisques and chowders. This is one of the best places to find delicious lobster for a fair price with fantastic views.

Come Eat At One Of The Top 5 Restaurants In Maine

They also serve natural Maine Root sodas. Add a homemade Whoopie Blueberry pie and you have yourself a dish that just screams Made in Maine. I’m not surprised that Bite into Maine was named in the 10 best lobster rolls in the United States by Food and Wine.

Bite into Maine has three locations. The Commissary location in Scarborough, Maine, is a small takeout-style shop that is open year-round.

The second is an airstream food truck serving up delicious rolls at Allagash Brewing Company in Portland. But the original location is where you’ll get the best views, located at Fort Williams Park right next to the Portland Head Lighthouse.

One of my Instagram followers actually suggested I try the lobster roll there. It was on my to try list!

The Disappointing Highroller Lobster Co In Portland, Maine

This was the first (of many) lobster rolls I tried in Maine and it was my favorite. The roll was lightly toasted and very moist.

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