Best Place To Eat On Oahu

Best Place To Eat On Oahu – Of all the Hawaiian islands, Oahu has the best food because it is a true melting pot of Hawaiian food with other Asian cuisines. From Hawaiian to Japanese to Korean, you’ll find so many amazing dishes in Hawaii, from local food trucks to fine dining.

The following list is not exhaustive, but I can vouch for each dish because I tried it myself. Some I ate more than once, it’s THAT good! Here’s my list of what to eat on Oahu, the best local secrets.

Best Place To Eat On Oahu

When ordering, check each restaurant’s website or IG page to decide which of their specialties you want to try. I promise you can’t go wrong with the following 14 local spots. are you ready 🙂

A Local’s Guide To The Best Places To Eat In Oahu Hawaii — Ckanani

Sure, they have Marugame Udon in Southern California, but Hawaii’s hits the spot. Be sure to add their Spam musubi and tempura to your choice of udon. Their matcha latte is also very good.

Hands down, the best tonkatsu in town. I LOVE tonkatsu and this place is one of my favorites. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Be sure to try their tonkatsu sandwiches and children’s menu as well.

If you like Korean BBQ, Sura is a good choice! All you can eat meats, sides and cool authentic Korean flair.

Bogarts is SO good, we ate there about 3 times for breakfast. I loved their kimchi fried rice, loco moco, pancakes (banana and mango), acai bowl, and migas. I highly recommend this place for authentic Hawaiian cuisine.

The 38 Essential Honolulu Restaurants

The best malasadas in town! You have to try it when you are in Hawaii. The custard is also delicious.

Not in the picture because I forgot to take a picture, but I love their oxtail soup. It’s fast food that’s delicious!

We really liked Izakaya Naru. Good food, nice intimate atmosphere and you can try different Japanese dishes.

Again, I forgot to take a photo because I was too excited to eat, but Ono has amazing store bowls!

Best Hawaiian Plate Lunch On Oahu

Foodland, a local grocery store in Hawaii, has delicious poke bowls that you can pick up and eat from the beach. This is the best meal ever!

An oldie but a goodie, there are plenty of shrimp trucks in town, but Giovanni’s remains our favorite because of the nostalgia. We’ve been going here since we were kids. I love mixing these garlic butter shrimp with the spicier Cajun shrimp. Yum!

We discovered Kula shaving ice by accident and it’s so good! I tried Kula Rainbow, Sunset and Classic and they are all good. They only use fresh ingredients instead of artificial syrup and you can add mochi or haupia to the shave ice. There are more well-known shave ice places on the North Shore that we’ve tried before, but I like Kula the best!

It was one of the best authentic dishes I tried in Hawaii. We tried Hawaiian food like Laulau and Squid Lu’au. The best part was their dessert called Sweet Lady of Waiahole (warm kulolo with haupia ice cream). It is delicious and not too sweet. I want to come back to eat it again. LOL.

Best Places To Eat On Oahu For Locals (from An Sf Transplant) — Blue Sky Mind

Huli huli chicken is a Hawaiian dish consisting of marinated chicken grilled and covered in sauce. It is delicious and you must try this dish when you visit.

The best ramen in Lanikai Beach. Here we have lunch, use the toilet (there is no toilet at Lanikai Beach) and get ready for a fun day at the beach! I love their seafood ramen and fried rice. Also try their homemade hot sauce, it’s delicious!

Have you tried any of these dishes? What is your favorite? What did I miss? Please leave your comments below! Traveling with a local is my favorite way to find the best hidden gems in a destination. My sister Shannon has lived on Oahu for several years and keeps a list of restaurants, food trucks, and markets for me to visit each time. Whether we were driving through a residential area at the Hare Krishna Temple for an all you can’t eat buffet or tasting the best food on the island at a grocery store. Everything is usually memorable and tasty. Keep reading to discover 15 popular places to eat on Oahu, including the best shave ice, pizza and more.

Banana is a cute food truck that offers healthy (vegan-friendly) soft serve made with bananas and other local produce. Their mission is to support local farmers and boost the local economy with their products.

Restaurants You Must Try On The North Shore In Oahu

There are several Banan locations on the island, including a food truck at the base of Diamond Head, a location in the heart of Waikiki, a cube at Kahala Mall, and a store at the University of Hawaii. We visited Banan’s original food truck location near Diamond Head.

There are many different options, from simple flavors to “creations” that include other fruits and additions such as coconut, honey and puffed quinoa. You also have the option of receiving your order in a perfectly Instagrammable papaya bowl.

My favorite part about Banan is that they donate all of their food waste (about 1000 gallons a week!) to a local farmer to feed his pigs 🙂 .

I don’t think it qualifies as an “off the beaten track” place to eat on Oahu anymore, but The Sunrise Shack has been one of my most memorable dining experiences on the islands, so it deserves to be on this list.

Best Restaurants In Oahu Right Now

Sunrise Shack was founded by local professional surfers who opened their first small cafe on Oahu’s North Shore in 2016. Serving smoothie bowls, bullet coffee, cold-pressed juices and healthy baked goods, the shack has been so successful that they opened a second location in Waikiki a few years later.

We went to both stores and if you can, I highly recommend the original, Haleiwa location. The bright yellow Sunrise Shack sits on the side of the road and is a whirlwind of good vibes and happy energy. The guy working the register was so friendly and kind that he even got out his ukulele and started playing for us while taking orders. His energy was a perfect match for the colorful son and it really gave us an experience.

In addition to all the good vibes, Sunrise Shack offers an amazing menu featuring top quality, locally sourced and organic ingredients. I ordered the Monkey Bowl, which consisted of blended bananas, coconut cream, peanut butter, almond milk, dates, and cinnamon, topped with cacao nibs, gluten-free granola, banana, peanut butter, coconut flakes, and chocolate covered almonds. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever tasted on the island.

Be sure to try coffee made with coconut oil, MCT oil, grass-fed butter, and vanilla. It’s incredible and addictive.

Best Places To Eat On Oahu

The prices are on the higher end, but the bowls are huge (definitely big enough for two people to share) and the experience is more than worth the visit.

If I told you that you could find the best poke on Oahu at the grocery store, would you believe me? Don’t worry, I was skeptical too..

Although Shannon is a vegetarian, she is often asked where to find the best tip when friends visit her on the island. After polling locals from all over, the general consensus is overwhelmingly… Foodland.

When we were in Kauai last week, Nick and I made it our mission to find the best poke. We ate at all the top rated markets and shops on the island and every single one was delicious.

Best Local Food In Waikiki & Oahu — A Charming Escape

After trying Foodland’s poke (we ordered the secret spicy ahi) we agreed it was by far the best we had on our entire trip to Hawaii.

Being from San Diego, I usually don’t trust Mexican food more than 100 miles from the border, but Thyda Tacos surprised me.

Their bio on Instagram reads “LA street style Mexican food” and they really deliver. While the tacos aren’t as good as San Diego tacos 😉 (I’m biased), they definitely live up to the quality of decent LA street tacos.

Located in a very small and easily missed taco truck, Thyda’s Tacos offers tacos, burritos, quesadillas, mulitas and rice bowls. Your menu options also include limes, radishes and pickled jalapeno.

Great Places Only Locals Know In Oahu

Be sure to check out Thyda Taco Tuesday specials. You can get $2 pollo and carnitas tacos and $2.50 asada, barbacoa, jackfruit and lengua tacos. Vegetarians can also eat here as they offer jackfruit ‘meat’ in all their menus.

Thyda and her team are so friendly that you feel like you are eating with friends. There are a few benches to sit on, but the experience is more of a grab-and-go establishment. The stand is located in the back of Whole Foods on Queen Street and the parking situation is not great. They have one kiosk available, but you can also park at Whole Foods and walk over.

My sister calls Monserra Shave Ice the best shave ice in Oahu. My grandma is so obsessed with it

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