Best Place To Eat Oysters In New Orleans

Best Place To Eat Oysters In New Orleans – New Orleans is a culinary destination, but the region’s local flavors are still the most sought after by tourists and locals alike. The Gulf of Mexico supplies New Orleans with some of the best seafood you’ll find, including some of the sweetest and juiciest oysters around. If you’re visiting New Orleans in the near future, an oyster feast should be part of your itinerary. We scoured the city in search of the best and most affordable oysters we could find, and we’ve come up with this list. Here are the best restaurants in New Orleans that offer free or cheap oysters.

Celebrity chef John Besh’s name is all over New Orleans. He has at least four or five restaurants in the city and every one of them is absolutely amazing. Luke is one of our favorites for many reasons. First of all, the selection of drinks is amazing. You can go to the bar and ask to be surprised, they will definitely make something unique for you. The food is also something to be proud of. There is an outdoor kitchen where you can see all the action and smell all the goodness. Of course, the oysters are as fresh as you want them to be. During happy hour (3 to 6 p.m. daily), you can get your half scallops for just 75 cents or roast them for $1.25 each. Thrillist calls Luke’s one of the best oyster restaurants in New Orleans. This is a place you don’t want to miss. The vibe is just right, considering the restaurant is located in the historic Hilton Center and is a bit removed from the craziness of Jackson Square. You can hop on the trolley straight away to get to other places in the region, but plan to stay a while in Luque because you’ll want to.

Best Place To Eat Oysters In New Orleans

If you’re a fan of oysters, you’ll appreciate what Seaworthy has to offer. The restaurant finds its oysters not only in the bay, but also elsewhere. This means you get a good variety of oysters and oyster flavors. Located in the warehouse district of New Orleans, the restaurant is very unassuming from the outside. But the interior is an experience in itself. The bar is downstairs and the restaurant is upstairs. If you’re only going for the oysters, head downstairs for an amazing experience. Happy hour is Monday through Friday from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. You can get oysters for half off the regular price. In fact, you can get everything on the menu for half price during happy hour, so you’ll be really happy.

Good Places To Get Raw Oysters In New Orleans

There’s something very sexy about downing raw oysters, and maybe it’s because oysters are an aphrodisiac. If that’s the vibe you’re after, Baliz is the place for you. Honestly, you don’t need that vibe to eat at this restaurant. This is just one of the must-see places in New Orleans. According to Eater New Orleans, “Baliza has the feel of a well-dressed gentleman farmer.” That’s enough to convince us. Happy hour at Balise starts at 4:30 and lasts longer than most places – until 7pm. While oysters sell for $1 during this time, it’s higher than other places, but considering they can be paired with $5 cocktails and wine, it’s still a bargain. Even if you only get a dozen oysters at most, you’ll still enjoy an intimate atmosphere. You should also know that the restaurant is the brainchild of James Beard Award winner Justin Devillier, who also owns La Petit Grocery.

There’s only one place you have to go on a Tuesday night in New Orleans, and that’s Cutter Brown’s Tavern on Carrollton Avenue. Happy hour starts every Tuesday at 3pm and runs until the sports bar closes. That means the oysters are halved, and you can’t beat them. Cooter Brown is also known for its wide selection of beers. What better drink to pair oysters with than a fresh pint of your favorite beer? Although Cutter Brown is primarily designated as a college hangout, there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying your time here. This is a favorite place for locals to watch games on TV. There are many screens to scroll through. If you prefer a more raucous atmosphere, Cutter Brown’s Tavern is the place for you. Of course, happy hour also happens on other days of the week. Tuesdays are our favorite day of the week.

We know we’ve said it before, but we really mean it this time. If there’s one place you should go for oysters in New Orleans, it should be Acme Oyster House. This restaurant is the best place for oysters, hence the name. With over 8,000 reviews and 4.5 stars on Tripadvisor, the crowd is sure to say. You can never go wrong with Acme. It’s the oldest and most famous oyster house in New Orleans, and they’re best known for what they serve. The oysters here fly out of the kitchen because of how busy they are, which also means they’ve perfected the art of shucking. Try the Spicy Bloody Mary with Oysters. You definitely want more than one. A stay at Acme is a total experience you don’t want to miss. You might even come back the next night for more.

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A Dozen Of The Best Oyster Specials In New Orleans Right Now

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People like to drink gin for all sorts of reasons. It’s the perfect opportunity to sit back and relax after a long, hard day’s work. Some love it right away, while others … Oyster harvesting season is in full swing from the first Wednesday after Labor Day in September until April 30 of the following year. This is the best time to enjoy New Orleans’ favorite oyster dishes and specialties. At least one of New Orleans’ oyster bars and restaurants should open this fall.

Oyster happy hour in New Orleans should always start at Pascal’s Manale. Get a dozen raw oysters for $7.50 or a half dozen for $4. Head into town between 3pm and 6pm on weekdays for this deal and you won’t be disappointed.

Bourbon House has a $1 happy hour special on raw oysters every night from 4-6 p.m. This place likes to get oysters from the Louisiana bayou, making it a great place to get local seafood. There’s also a sweet deal on beer, $3 for a bottle of Abita.

Casamento’s, Harbor Seafood And The Morning Call

The views of the blue crab alone will make you want to visit this place. There are plenty of outdoor spots overlooking Lake Pontchartrain, and if you have a boat, you can drive it up to the restaurant. Add in the happy hour deal of 60-cent raw oysters and $1 fried oysters, and you’ve got a great night out. Deal Tuesday to Friday 4:30pm to 6:30pm.

If you’re in the mood for some delicious raw oysters, stop by Redfish Grill on Bourbon Street Monday through Thursday from 3 to 5 p.m. for a 75-cent deal. It is a perfect setting for people who love seafood and parties.

Grand Isle Restaurant has a great happy hour menu with 75 cent half shell and raw oysters.

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