Best Place To Get Lunch Near Me

Best Place To Get Lunch Near Me – Have you ever searched for a “nightclub”, only to be disappointed by the 12am closing time? With this list, you won’t have to face that again because all the hotels listed are open 24 hours a day. Here are the 10 best restaurants in Singapore!

Al-Azhar Restaurant is a Halal certified food joint that cannot be classified into one type of food. Just to name a few, they also serve Mediterranean, Western, and Thai food! If you have a hard time deciding what to eat at dinner Kakis (friends), bring them here! They will be spoiled for choice.

Best Place To Get Lunch Near Me

126 Dim Sum Wen Dao Shi started serving dim sum at 126 Sims Avenue in 1985. With an extensive menu of over 150 items, it’s the perfect place to visit for Dim Sum fans! Some of their featured menu items include Crispy Cheese “Tarik”, Scallop Siew Mai and Crab Tang Hoon.

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Diandin Leluk, tucked inside the Golden Mile Park, serves all the Thai favorites (and more) like Tom Yum Soup, Pineapple Fried Rice and Basil Chicken Rice! All dishes are prepared by chefs from Thailand, so you will get a good experience and taste.

For just $4, you can get a bowl of water tossed in a delicious sauce, along with char siew, wanton and a spoonful of chilli at the Fei Fei Wanton Mee. Many people say that the taste of this dish brings back sweet memories of their childhood, so try it yourself and maybe it will lead to a trip to memory!

Yong He Eating House is famous for their Taiwanese dishes such as Shao Bing (grilled rice cakes), rice noodles and soy sauce. This is a great place to go if you want to grab a quick bite or have something simple for dinner. Another interesting thing you can try is their Mochi Youtiao!

Enak Enak Hong Kong Teahouse is another Halal restaurant (yay)! Chinese, Hong Kong, Indian and Western food is served here all day so grab a friend and head down to East Coast Pier to dine in front of the ocean!

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There is nothing quite like a hot and fragrant bowl of bak kut teh at ungodly hours. Besides their signature Bak Kut Teh, you can also order their salty vegetables and delicious pork ribs! Did I mention that the delicious peppery soup at 333 Bak Kut Teh is free?

Broadway Hotel hosts all of your local favorites and is the place to go when you’re looking for a night or dawn cruise. The best part is that there are Broadway routes all over Singapore, so there might be one near you!

If you’re looking for a kickball meal after a long night or early morning, Seng Huat is the place for you. The fish balls at Seng Huat are made by hand, so you can expect a delicious texture. Their mushroom sauce is also highly recommended as it packs a punch and deep umami flavor!

Do you really think this list will end without a place in Prata? Roti Prata is a popular dinner choice for Singaporeans, and it’s not hard to see why. Although Mr Prata serves good and honest Prata, they also have special flavors like Butter Banana and Cheese Hot Dog Prata that you won’t want to miss!

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These restaurants and eateries share more than one thing in common – it’s not the fact that they’re open 24/7, all of these places offer delicious and affordable food. There’s just something fun about eating at a time where you can enjoy your meal alone, away from seeing the music of the day. Remember to give one of these places a try the next time you’re hungry late at night or early in the morning! In the past, we shared 4 Japanese Cuisine Deals at Harbourfront where you can find 1-for-1 promotions and even better experiences. We love Japanese food, so we’ve compiled a list of popular Japanese restaurants that offer great food and unbeatable deals!

P.S. Have you ever wondered how to find great deals on the go? Check out our feature near to find the latest deals in your area!

Craving grilled meat, but don’t want to burn a hole in your wallet? Yakiniku-GO is one of the most affordable Yakiniku restaurants where you can enjoy grilled meat for less than $10! They have recently released 3 new promotions that are so good you don’t want to miss out!

For pork lovers, Yakiniku-GO has finally launched its pork selection and is offering 50g of Tontoro Pork FREE from now until 13 November 2022. To get this free pork, all you have to do is -make is to make the bacon funny and. say “I’m a Bacon Star!” to every employee there. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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If you are planning to hang out with your friends and family, you can choose to dine at Yakiniku-GO Plus in Suntec City and enjoy a 10% discount with a minimum spend of $60. Don’t forget to make your reservation to take advantage of this promotion from now until 31 March 2023!

Or if you’re going on a day trip by yourself, you can also choose to dine during the weekdays at Yakiniku-GO and enjoy the $9.90 lunch special! Note that they have a different menu from Monday to Friday!

Imagine that it’s a rainy afternoon, and you haven’t eaten your lunch yet. You want a nice hot soup and rice to warm your stomach, but your colleagues want to get Japanese food. Well, you can still satisfy your hunger at Ichiban Boshi with their special menu that is not too high! Ichiban Boshi is not only famous for its quality sushi and sashimi at affordable prices, but also for its unique set menu! This season, his special menu includes Japanese-style rice soup that comes with a variety of pork, beef, chicken karage and tempura! Each set comes with a cup of hot green tea. The best part about this meal is that it only costs $6.90! Note that it is only available on weekdays from 2:30 to 5pm.

For our Muslim friends, if you are looking for a good Japanese restaurant that is Halal friendly, Tokyo Shokudo is the place for you. Tokyo Shokudo offers ramen, noodles, gyudon and side dishes like chicken gyoza, mixed tempura and more. If you find the original ramen broth boring, try their Yuzu ramen! Their rich Yuzu soup base provides a warm flavor and stands out from other soup bases.

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First, they offer a special holiday for participating families during the fasting month! So you can check for more promotions at Tokyo Shokudo every time you crave a big bowl of ramen.

This is a Halal-friendly Japanese restaurant that serves quality ramen using the freshest ingredients, offering the true taste of Hokkaido. At Ichikokudo, you can expect to taste a rich and delicious soup made with fresh chicken, and a combination of bonito and mackerel that gives a real umami taste. They offer a variety of ramen from Hokkai Ramen, Jigoku Ramen (for those who like spicy ramen) and meatless ramen!

If you are a serious breakfast eater, you should try their breakfast menu where you can choose either chicken porridge or breakfast ramen, both made with their signature broth!

If you are looking for a nice place that offers “atas” but also a quiet place for birthdays or anniversaries, try Sun and Moon. Sun and Moon is a popular restaurant + cafe concept that serves authentic and high quality Japanese cuisine. A highly recommended dish is “Kamameshi” which is served with fragrant rice made with various ingredients in an iron pot. Traditional food brings you back to Nihon. You can choose from different types of Kamameshi like Tori & Unagi, Yakiniku, Mixed Seafood and more! If you’re a sashimi fan, they also offer a wide selection of fresh sashimi which is a great value!

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They also offer special deals from time to time and first, they have a 1-for-1 deal for Nitro Coffee and Nitro Koshun Tea. So be sure to try and catch any new deals that come in the future! Also, make a reservation if you plan to go there as they are always booked!

Here’s another affordable Yakiniku where you can enjoy quality meat without breaking the bank! At Bazuka Yakiniku Japanese BBQ, you can get a combo meal consisting of a combination of different meats for about $9.80 per piece! If you want to add more meat, we recommend the a la carte premium sirloin steak for only $13.80, promise to leave satisfied! They also have other supplements to complement your curriculum as such

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