Best Place To Get Oysters Near Me

Best Place To Get Oysters Near Me – . We’ve rounded up 14 places with affordable oysters, including happy hour promotions, so you don’t have to break the bank.

On Thursday nights, the oysters, which go for S$1 each, cost only S$2. A fancy French deli like this is definitely not the usual place you’d expect to find oysters this cheap.

Best Place To Get Oysters Near Me

This fresh, Juicy and well-balanced oysters are imported directly from the Atlantic coast of France—they’re worth every penny. So you need to get down early before the stock runs out.

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The bar at Chulia is a theme bar located in the heart of the CBD and is the perfect place to unwind after a busy day. It’s a great place to shuck some oysters while drinking the night breeze in hand.

Also, the oysters are super cheap at S$2 each (minimum drink).

Seafood connoisseur Angie’s Oyster Bar & Grill is the perfect date spot for seafood lovers. Ensconced in a grand warehouse with an alfresco area that oozes many chilly vibes.

What makes it even better is the incredible happy hour price of S$1.50 for their fresh seasonal oysters. Like all good items, these gems are limited, so get there early before stock runs out.

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The Other Roof is an eclectic rooftop bar known for its unique tapas and tea-infused cocktails. Beside the exotic cooking, It’s a place where you can slurp puffy oysters while enjoying dinner while enjoying the views of the Chinatown district.

Greenwood Fish Market is one of the places to go for fresh seafood in Singapore. in particular, They are Irish; Known for cooking French and other varieties of oysters.

Oyster lovers shouldn’t miss out on Oyster Tuesdays — a paltry S$2.50++/pc for the chef’s selection of fresh House Oysters. The best part? Every main course can be ordered unlimitedly per person.

Note that Oyster Tuesdays will be on hiatus until August 31, 2022, following the restaurant’s 10th annual World Oyster Festival.

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Oyster Co. is a unique place that offers some of the cheapest oysters in Singapore at S$1.99/pc every day. Top with interesting sauces like Cilantro Lime and Hainanese Chilli.

In other words, Take it up a notch with Premium Selection at S$4.99/pc and enjoy fresh oysters with a smooth and light texture.

It’s not hard to see why Tanuki Raw is so popular with young people. Their wallet-friendly rice bowls paired with cheap oysters during happy hour are dating; It makes a perfect place for gatherings and everything in between.

Supply & Demand is a popular cafe in town that offers Asian-Italian fusion fare. pizza In addition to the spread of noodles and donburi bowls. They offer fresh Pacific Oysters for S$2.50++. You just need to order a drink and you’re entitled to six.

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Note that oysters are not available at the time of writing due to shipment delays — the restaurant can be contacted via Whatsapp for enquiries.

Although Beurre is more popular for its modern French-Asian cuisine. You may be surprised to learn that some are paying S$3 for oysters. They’re only available during happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m., so get down early to avoid disappointment.

With an extensive wine list and free-flow drink promotions; You are guaranteed to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Fans of the popular watering hole Hopheads will find The Oyster Bank, run by the same group. You’ll feel right at home at the oyster bar.

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The bar also features an extensive drink menu, including some Kiki’s Reserves cocktails. Each alcoholic beverage purchase entitles customers to half a dozen S$2 Naked Oysters, up to a maximum of three dozen.

Live music; Enjoy delicious fusion dishes and refreshing drinks at Tipsy Penguin. Famous Tampines sports bar dishes

Most of them are from Hyogo. Japanese Oysters (S$24 for 6); The more affordable Canada (S$3) and New Zealand (S$3) pairs are about equal.

Humpback is one of the most popular places for oysters in Singapore. Not only because of the unfathomably affordable price, but also because of the quality of the seasonal oysters that run regularly.

Fresh Oysters Near Me Order Sales, Save 48%

S$3++ during happy hour is a steal as you get oysters sourced from specialist farms in Washington. Pair it with the restaurant’s creative small plates and soul-based toppings. You had a wonderful evening.

But lowkey doesn’t want to burn a hole in your pocket; Southbridge is your answer. Not many bars in Singapore can compare to the sweeping views of this cool rooftop gin bar.

Why not combine those breathtaking views with stunning happy hour deals of S$23 for half a dozen oysters? These aren’t your typical oysters as they come dressed with yuzu & ponzu (Umami), bulldog sauce (Nikkei) and more — this is where you want to take a date.

An La Ghien may not be the go-to place for oysters, but the authentic Vietnamese BBQ and hotpot joint has underrated oysters from Oysters Happy Hour daily from 9am to 7pm.

Premium Live Oysters • Harbor Fish Market

Get your lean Japanese oysters at S$1.90 each at a very affordable price, along with some of the most unique Vietnamese dishes you’ll find in Singapore (stir-fried snails and hot pickled fish).

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When it comes to freshly shucked oysters – whether it’s the pale color of the ocean or the delicately sweet meaty briny – we love them all. Some oyster bars have a ready selection of au naturale oysters from around the world, while others are true masters and upgraded with creative broths and sauces. Either the French Claire de Fine or the Australian Coffin Bay. To order a plate, head to one of the best oyster bars in Singapore.

Hidden in the middle of Orchard Plaza is another izakaya: Kakiin Oyster Bar that boasts the most delicious Japanese oysters. Here, They bring in oysters from all over the world – some of their trusted oyster suppliers are delicate; For a fresh taste, milk thistles from New Zealand and Canada.

The Seaside Town Of Whitstable

As an oyster bar; Without a doubt, it is the oysters we will be following. There are also interesting teppanyaki dishes such as Hokkaido beef tendon ($20) and chicken gizzard ($10). As with all izakayas, Drinks abound with the usual suspects like sake and sochu.

Try the assorted oyster platters ($24 for $6): grilled with sake or garlic butter; Drizzled with butter show or smoked in oil. For an extra luxurious meal, Choose to add ikura (50 grams) for $18.

Now Humpback has taken it to the big screen: this seafood restaurant along Bukit Pasoh Road is in the background of a scene from Crazy Rich Asians. especially the United States Chow down on blue oysters ($7) flown in here from Washington. You’ll want to make a reservation for Monday, as it’s an all-day happy hour with only $3 per oyster. Be sure to come with a group of friends: we’ve shared a menu designed specifically for tasting small dishes.

Besides oysters, Humpback is known for their seafood dishes. The purple-flavored clams ($31) cooked in herb broth and butter are a real delight.

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It’s a little surprising that there’s always a snaking line at the Oyster Bank when fresh oysters are as cheap as $2 a shell. Because of their happy wobbly hour, On weekdays from 5-8pm and 3-6pm. Much obliged, They now have a total of two branches – Funan and Great World City – to help spread the craze of $2 oysters.

But what sets Oyster Bank apart from other oyster shops is that they aren’t just the biggest and best. They have a variety of unique flavors, from raw yuzu foam oysters topped with ikura to oysters baked in leek sauce and bacon. Undressed oysters start at $3.95 apiece, while more flavorful oysters start at $4.75.

Try the Oysters ($9.90 each) – Try the oysters for fun, downing them with a shot. tomato juice Choose a Bloody Mary for a classic blend of vodka and worcestershire or Yuzu Foam for a yuzu and dill drizzle.

European cookhouses are known for their signature cuts of meat, and Luke’s Oyster Bar & Chop House is no different, with a twist on American things with fresh seafood from Boston. But the USDA prime ribeye ($118) is a must-try, though. It’s the oyster bar that’s the obvious resistance.

Thai Seafood Sauce. The Best Way To Eat Raw Oysters.

For those who like fresh but balanced

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