Best Place To Stay In Baltimore

Best Place To Stay In Baltimore – Welcome dear traveler! It’s time to explore beautiful Baltimore in Maryland, USA! A city rich in history and culture, full of attractions that will make you never want to leave this place! But first, you need to know the details!

Downtown & Inner Harbor is the best place to stay in Baltimore. These neighboring areas have many great resorts and hotels (some even come with a pool or two). But if a central location isn’t really what you want, I’ve added 3 other spots perfect for party people, foodies and culture lovers; Fells Point, Little Italy, and Midtown & Mount Vernon.

Best Place To Stay In Baltimore

Each area has a list of hotels listed from most to least expensive to help you make the best decision! Plus a small list of things to do will focus you on the main and top attractions in that area.

Where To Stay In Baltimore 2022: Best Hotels By Neighborhood

As I always like to say, better safe than sorry! And that goes for booking hotels too. Book in advance and you’ll get the best deals, plus avoid all the hassle of finding a great last minute hotel! (And I highly recommend it, especially for Baltimore!)

ContentsIf you are in a hurry1. Downtown & Inner Harbor – where to stay for the first time in Baltimore2. Fells Point – best place to stay in Baltimore for nightlife 3. Little Italy – where to stay for food in Baltimore4. Midtown & Mount Vernon – the trendiest places to stay in Baltimore Frequently asked questions about hotels in Baltimore

Want to book your hotel ASAP? Then look at the list below. The best hotels to stay in Baltimore are all located in Downtown or the Inner Harbor

Here is a map with all the places to stay in Baltimore that I will talk about in this post to help you visualize them better:

Best Hotels & Resorts In Baltimore Book @ ₹1

Are you planning your stay in Baltimore? Well, there is no better place to look for hotels than the Downtown area. As you may have noticed, I have included the Inner Harbor as the two areas are placed next to each other and together they make a wonderful destination for tourists!

First you will have a lot to do and see. Downtown Baltimore also serves as the city’s business center, and the architecture here is simply stunning.

Although the media sometimes portrays Baltimore as this scary city, I have to tell you, they don’t do justice to all the tourist attractions here like the National Aquarium in Baltimore Harbor or the Museum of American Visionary Art. Although Baltimore is not as dangerous a place as everyone says, it is better to stay safe and not walk the streets alone at night.

While Downtown Baltimore is super modern and perfect for business travelers, the Inner Harbor, which is within walking distance, is one of those historic neighborhoods you’ll never tire of exploring.

Vacation Apartments & Rentals In Baltimore From $29 / Night

The Inner Harbor is also one of the oldest seaports in the United States and is filled with many restaurants, music venues and museums.

I recommend booking your hotels in Downtown Baltimore and the Inner Harbor in advance. There are only a few really good ones (the ones listed below), and they will sell out very quickly!

Admire views of the Inner Harbor from the spacious rooms of this hotel with an on-site restaurant. The property has many modern amenities, including remote-screen TVs and a business center, and they offer many activities like bike tours and hiking!

This vibrant neighborhood is within walking distance of Downtown and the Inner Harbor and is one of the oldest residential areas in Baltimore, with homes dating back to the 1700s.

Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore Is The Best Hotel In Maryland

But Fell’s Point is not just another interesting and historic place that you can just walk for hours. There are many music venues, pubs and taverns that delight locals and tourists.

I recommend exploring the cobblestone streets of Fells Point, as you will come across several art galleries and museums. Plus, you’ll have a chance to admire all those unique houses that still look amazing. If you want to stay in one of these old houses, check out our post on the best Airbnbs in Baltimore!

At Fell’s Point, you’ll also find the ferry terminal where you feel like taking a nice short ride. Or you can take a short boat trip, as there are many boat charters around the area. There are even water taxis for anyone who wants to try it!

Yes, Fell’s Point sounds like a super fun place to stay in Baltimore, but I think now is the time to check out the hotels because I’ve compiled such a great list!

Best Hotels In Baltimore, Md For 2023 (top Rated Stays!)

Gotta love American style! The comfortable rooms at this hotel come with floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the garden or pool. Its waterfront location, spa facilities, and fitness center make this hotel a standout. I would love to chill in front of the fireplace outside after a day of exploring!

Enjoy your stay in Baltimore at this great location with a beautiful patio, balcony and free parking.

Little Italy is known for its strong Italian-American heritage and even that kind of feels like what you feel in Italy!

For anyone who likes Italian food (or any other type of food) like me, this place would be the perfect place to stay in Baltimore! There are so many restaurants here that you won’t know where to start.

Is It Safe To Travel To Baltimore?

However, the area is small, and there aren’t that many tourist attractions, but don’t worry you’ll be within easy walking distance of the Inner Harbor, Downtown Baltimore, and Fell’s Point. So you can always visit the attractions there like the National Aquarium or Camden Yards.

Or if you have some free time during your stay in Baltimore, take a car and visit Washington, DC! It is only a 1-hour drive away.

While you’re here, take a moment to explore Little Italy. There is even a lovely Catholic Church in the area which looks very impressive and is worth a visit! Then, of course, stop at one of the many restaurants and have a delicious Italian lunch. Angeli’s Pizzeria and La Tavola are some of the best around!

Step back in time during your stay in Baltimore at this super fancy B&B with spacious rooms decorated with antique furniture and plenty of on-site amenities, including room service and spa facilities. They even have a small garden and a beautiful terrace where you can get drunk!

The 10 Best Hotels In Inner Harbor, Baltimore, United States Of America

Spacious rooms with a spa bath and a single-screen TV. This hotel has a sun terrace and an outdoor fireplace

This place to stay in Baltimore is great for large groups because it has lots of space, a kitchen, and a balcony.

Four Seasons Baltimore – Little Italy may be small, but it sure has some great hotels. So I thought I’d add another one for you in case you want another amazingly beautiful option. You will want to spend more at this hotel! Why? First of all the views from the ceiling-to-floor windows are amazing! Rooms are modern, and some overlook the harbor or outdoor swimming pool. Order some room service, and relax in the sauna or hot tub!

Although all Baltimore neighborhoods are unique, this beautiful area just north of Downtown, which is also the cultural center of the city, has something special!

Baltimore Neighborhood Map

Midtown is just north of Mount Vernon, a smaller neighborhood with lots to do and see, so I’ve grouped the two together. Honestly, you won’t have time to get bored here. You’ll have plenty of attractions to visit, like the Walters Art Museum, the Washington Monument, and the George Peabody Library!

It’s not just the attractions that make Midtown and Mount Vernon such lively places to stay in Baltimore. There are many restaurants and bars where you can eat delicious food and enjoy after visiting all the attractions!

Midtown and Mount Vernon are pedestrian-friendly, so you can walk to attractions as well as admire the architecture of this historic area. Plus, Downtown Baltimore isn’t too far, and you can always visit some places there.

Comfort and style should be the motto of this boutique hotel! The house is not far from the Washington Monument and it has elegant rooms with a gas fireplace. Enjoy a cup of tea on the patio or spend some time in the fun games room before exploring the Mount Vernon neighborhood.

Best Hotels In Baltimore, Maryland

A historic hotel with a library, a fitness center, and rooms with a unique design and classic furniture

I love the vintage vibe of this apartment! It has paintings, old furniture and lots of space and a kitchen

You can stay in all the areas I mentioned above such as Downtown Baltimore, Inner Harbor, Fells Point, Little Italy & Midtown, but walk alone at night as much as you can.

The best parts to stay in Baltimore are the Inner Harbor and Mount Vernon. These 2 historic areas are full of historical and cultural attractions like the Washington Monument, in addition to some great hotels like the Renaissance Harborplace.

Safety In Baltimore: Is Baltimore Safe For Travellers?

Staybridge Suites and Hotel Indigo are the best hotels to stay in Downtown Baltimore with many on-site amenities, including a fitness center and a

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