Best Place To Stay Los Angeles

Best Place To Stay Los Angeles – Best hotels on the map: Hotel Bel-Air • Beverly Hills Hotel • Plaza La Reina • Waldorf Astoria • Beverly Wilshire • Viceroy L’Ermitage • Kimpton La Peer Hotel • Sunset Marquis Hotel • Andaz West Hollywood • Hollywood Roosevelt • Hollywood Roosevelt • Dimp Hotel • Ritz-Carlton Downtown • JW Marriott L.A. LIVE • Hotel Per La • Oceana • Fairmont Miramar Hotel • Loews Santa Monica Beach • Shutters on the Beach • Hotel Casa del Mar • Hotel Casa del Mar • Hotel Erwin • Mariton at Venice Ray • Hyatt Regency LAX

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Best Place To Stay Los Angeles

Best places to stay at Casa Del Mar, a hotel in Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles. Best Luxury Hotels in Los Angeles Beverly Wilshire • Hotel Bel-Air • Beverly Hills Hotel • Ritz-Carlton Downtown Best Beach Hotels in Los Angeles Beach Shutters (Santa Monica) • Hotel Casa del Mar (Santa Monica) • Hotel Erwin (Venice Beach) Best Boutique Hotels in Los Angeles Kimpton La Peer • Malibu Beach Inn • Plaza La Reina • Sunset Marquis Hotel Best Cheap/Midrange Hotels in Los Angeles Freehand • Holiday Inn Express Hollywood • Venice Beach House • BLVD Hotel & Suites Best Hostels Angeles HI Santa Monica Hostel • Orange Drive Hostel • Banana Bungalow Hollywood TripAdvisor Hotels (Best Value)

Staycation Guide: Vacation At The Best Hotels In Los Angeles

*Note: TripAdvisor’s top-rated hotels are selected by an algorithm based on location, price, cleanliness, service and amenities. This produces hotels that are good value, safe and reliable, but often not the most interesting or unique places to stay in Los Angeles.

TripAdvisor hotels on the map: Hollywood Roosevelt • Hilton Universal City • Hollywood Hotel • Hyatt Regency LAX • Sheraton Universal • Millennium Biltmore • Residence Inn LAX • Hoxton Downtown • Hilton LAX • Hilton LAX • Sho The Monica Hotel La Quinta LAX • Sheraton Gateway • Beverly Laurel Hotel • W Hollywood • The Godfrey Hollywood • The LINE Hotel • Casa Del MaHome > Road Trip Itineraries > West Coast > California Road Trip Itineraries > California Coast > Los Angeles Travel Guide > Where to Stay in Los Angeles: Downtown and Accommodation in the surrounding area

Where to stay in Los Angeles: Accommodation in and around the city March 7, 2022 / Lorenzo Puliti

Home of the US film industry, Los Angeles boasts many attractions, from the luxurious celebrity villas of Bel Air to the miles of beaches along the Pacific coast. However, in order to have a good experience during your trip, it is essential to choose the place to stay considering your needs and the characteristics of different areas.

Where To Stay In Los Angeles

The areas I recommend are on the coast or in some neighborhoods or inland areas that are easily accessible. At the end of the article, I will tell you what I think is the best area, but everything really depends on the attractions you want to visit (if you still have no idea, you can read my article on the best things to do in Los Angeles).

Although free parking is quite rare, remember that the best way to get around this city is by car (we already talked about it in this article). It may be useful to know that hotels often have parking facilities for their guests for an additional fee, but if your hotel does not have this service, you can still take advantage of the nearby paid parking lots (usually at a lower cost than the ones provided by the hotels). ). Having explained this aspect, we will now take a closer look at some recommendations for the best places and hotels to stay overnight in Los Angeles.

Pasadena is an interesting city where you can stay and feel safe and relaxed. It is not a neighborhood, but a real city in Los Angeles County, with beautiful, artistic and cultural areas, many spaces suitable for holding events, as well as shops for shopping and relaxation (especially in the historic area, near East Colorado Boulevard).

People often overlook Pasadena when looking for accommodation because they think it’s too far from LA’s main attractions, but in reality, the area is outside the city and LA’s attractions are easily accessible by metro. If you are traveling by car, Hollywood and Universal Studios are only a short drive away (about 20 minutes). I recommend:

Best Hotels In Hollywood

On your list of things to see in Los Angeles, you’ll already have Santa Monica, a major California beach destination, thanks to Santa Monica Bay, which laps the vast ocean, with beautiful white beaches and relatively calm waters. the waves

Again, we’re talking about another city adjacent to Los Angeles, not an inland area. Of course, Santa Monica’s neighborhood is full of nightclubs and hotels, especially on the waterfront, and can be a great place to stay overnight. You can also drop by the iconic amusement park on the pier, Santa Monica’s landmark. I suggest:

Long Beach is one of the best Los Angeles beaches for young people because it combines the attractions of a major city with the vitality brought by the students of the nearby university, not to mention Long Beach, which is an ideal place. Practicing any type of beach or water sport.

The central area around Pine Avenue is a pleasant place to stay with many shops and renovated houses and is well connected to downtown Los Angeles via the Blue Line. Long Beach’s 2 main attractions are the Queen Mary, a 1930s dock on the bay and converted into a charming Art Deco hotel, and the Aquarium of the Pacific, which has a stunning display of marine life from around the world.

The Best Hotels In Los Angeles For Families

Another major advantage of Long Beach is its proximity to Disneyland Park, which is 40 minutes away. If you’re interested in staying near Disneyland Park, keep reading and you’ll find a paragraph about this. Here are some tips on where to find accommodation in the area:

Finally, you can look to the West Hollywood area, a charming and exciting neighborhood close to Beverly Hills and Bel Air with great shopping, art and of course movie attractions. Also ideal if you are looking for an area with lots of nightlife.

For a special night’s stay, you might want to consider the Chateau Marmont at 8221 W. Sunset Blvd., a charming castle fit for an unforgettable honeymoon, for example, with art deco furniture, a large garden and modern decor.

If you’re traveling by car, which we strongly recommend in our article on how to get around Los Angeles, you’ll be within walking distance of the main attractions: 25 minutes from Downtown and Santa Monica, and minutes from Universal Studios and Beverly Hills. 10.

Best Los Angeles (ca) Hotels: Hd Photos + Reviews Of Hotels In Los Angeles (ca), United States

Downtown is the financial center of Los Angeles, but surprisingly, it’s also a center for arts and culture and has great restaurants. From a purely aesthetic point of view, the city of Los Angeles is characterized by many tall skyscrapers and bold modernist buildings such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall or the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels. It is also one of the most accessible areas of the city by public transport. For more information, please read my recommended route to downtown Los Angeles.

It’s not a particularly lively area at night, offices tend to empty and people move to other neighborhoods, but it’s also very close to other points of interest so you can easily travel by car: 25 minutes from Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Universal Studios. About 20 minutes from The distance from Disneyland is also quite convenient: about 30 minutes without traffic and 50 minutes during rush hour.

After visiting LA, will you visit the Grand Canyon? It is a long journey and you will have to plan it well and choose intermediate stops. You will find some useful tips in our article where you can stay between Los Angeles and the Grand Canyon.

Another cultural area of ​​the city is definitely one with the highest concentration of VIPs and expensive villas. I’m talking about Beverly Hills in Los Angeles and nearby (less than 20 minutes by car) Bel Air Hill. These are interesting neighborhoods because they allow you to closely observe a way of life that is far from normal standards, and this is an opportunity to discover a part of America that is difficult to experience (there is a high chance of seeing famous people 🙂 ).

Review: The Glitzy Sls Beverly Hills || Los Angeles, California

Obviously, there’s no shortage of luxury hotels in the area (starting with the ones frequented by Hollywood stars). However, in the surrounding area (10-15 minutes by car), you can also find more affordable solutions, such as the interesting bed and breakfasts and hostels mentioned in these articles:

First of all, Disneyland is not

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