Best Place To Stay Near Cancun

Best Place To Stay Near Cancun – Cancun in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo offers many beautiful beaches. That’s why this sunny coastal resort is one of Mexico’s most popular vacation destinations.

The Cancun area has so much to offer, including world-class shopping, dining and nightclubs, as well as the famous Mayan ruins, found only in this part of Mexico.

Best Place To Stay Near Cancun

But let’s talk about the beaches. They are the main reason why so many people flock to this area, and they range from long stretches of sand where you can enjoy a casual day at the beach to luxury resorts with their private beaches.

Best Hotels & Beach Resorts In Cancun

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With its soft sand and crystal clear, turquoise water, it’s no wonder that Playa Gaviota Azul is considered one of the best public beaches in all of Cancun.

It is set in the northern tip of Hotel Zone, yet it can be a challenge to find it. When you go to Playa Gaviota Azul, look for the nightclub called Coco Bongo. Then access the beach from the north side of it.

If you want to rent a lounger, you can do so directly at Coco Bongo. Another facility to rent sunbeds and umbrellas is the nearby Mandala Beach Club.

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Set right next to Playa Forum, Playa Chacmool is simply one of the best public beaches in the Hotel Zone.

It has white, almost dusty sand and clean water that is perfect for swimming due to its calmness. Water sports lovers, don’t worry! Jet skis and other water equipment can also be rented there.

Do you just want to relax and enjoy the sun? You can also borrow a sunbed and a parasol for a small fee. If you get hungry, there are many bars and restaurants nearby. While backpackers and those traveling on their own will certainly appreciate the amazing Maya Monkey hostel which is just across the road.

Playa Chacmool tends to be quieter during the week and is therefore perfect for family or friendly gatherings. On the other hand, it gets quite crowded on weekends and we recommend that you plan your visit ahead according to your requirements.

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Tucked between Playa Ballenas and Playa Marlin, Playa San Miguelito is one of the very few public beaches in Cancun. But don’t let that fact fool you – it’s mostly frequented by locals and it’s never too crowded.

If you arrive early enough in the morning, you pretty much have the beach to yourself. You will also have a chance to see a beautiful sunrise.

There are often big waves at this beach, so be extra careful if you want to swim. You can also just play in the waves or dip in to refresh.

As it is a fairly low-key beach, there are no facilities. Make sure to bring your own food and drinks if you plan to spend some time there.

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Located just west of downtown Cancun, this is a small but often very busy beach lined with many palapas and restaurants (some even offer free beach chairs and towels). There is also a popular beach club known for its foam parties.

The main advantage of Playa Tortugas is that it has something for everyone. There are activities like volleyball, basketball and soccer. There is also a lot of shops nearby if you want to buy some souvenirs or other local crafts that are typical in this area of ​​Mexico.

But what makes Playa Tortugas especially popular is that it is not very crowded until the weekend. And then it gets full, thanks to the residents who come here en masse from Thursday to Sunday for a day at the beach.

The downside is that there is sometimes quite a bit of seaweed, especially after a storm. But overall this is a very nice and clean beach with beautiful sand and almost perfect water conditions if you don’t mind the occasional seaweed.

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It is one of the best beaches in Cancun, located just west of downtown near the Hotel Zone. It has a great coral reef with lots of fish, so it is popular with snorkelers. There are also kayaks for rent.

There are plenty of palapas here, plus plenty of beach chairs and towels available (for a small fee) at the many beach clubs, including bars and other facilities such as food, stands. There is even volleyball if you want to play with other people who happen to be on this stretch of sand.

Some parts of the beach are a bit rocky, but generally the sand is soft, white and very clean. The water conditions can’t be beat as this beach offers some of the calmest waters in Cancun.

It is another very nice beach within the Hotel Zone area, located just over a kilometer west of the previous beach.

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The water is very calm and crystal clear, making it a favorite for families with children. There is also a popular seafood restaurant right on the beach if you want to grab some lunch.

There are palapas and chairs and towels at one of the many beach clubs along this stretch of sand.

If you want a luxury experience, the Playacar Palace also has its private beach club a short distance from the actual beach. The only problem with this area is that it can get very busy during holiday weekends or when special events happen in Cancun.

It is a great place for snorkeling with white sand and calm water. There are also boat tours available to take you out into the big blue.

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There is plenty of beach access here, plus plenty of palapas and beach chairs (for a fee) at various beach clubs known for their food quality. The area gets busy on weekends and holidays, but it’s not as busy here as in other areas.

Located just east of downtown Cancun, this stretch of pristine white sand is great for walking and relaxing among charming beach resorts. There are restaurants and palapas nearby, plus activities like volleyball for those who want to play on the sand.

There are also parasailing routes available here where you can float over Cancun’s famous blue waters and great views from the hotels on this side of town.

It is located about halfway between the Hotel Zone and downtown Cancun. There are many kayaks available here if you want to take a tour around Cancun’s famous coastal area.

Where To Stay In Cancun

Beach chairs, towels, parasols, food stands, restaurants, bars and other facilities are available at various beach clubs. The water is calm, so this is a nice place to spend the day. It gets busy on weekends, but not on weekdays or holidays.

Well, not all of them are. There are places where the water is too rough to swim. But generally, Cancun has some of the best beaches in Mexico, and you can easily spend a whole day by the sea relaxing or swimming.

It’s definitely worth stopping by one or more of these amazing beaches on your next visit to Cancun.

Cancun is one of the places to go if you are an avid beach lover. Almost all the beaches, but one have clear turquoise water, white sand, and many hotels with bars, restaurants and other facilities.

Where To Stay In Cancun

Over time, there have been many developments on these beaches, which means that certain areas can be overcrowded, especially during holidays and special events. However, some areas remain relatively untouched by development, so you can still enjoy the natural beauty of these beaches.

Located south of Tulum is the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka’an, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with 23 archaeological sites, and some of the most stunning unspoiled beaches worldwide.

Visitors usually gain access to the beaches by walking -with a guide- through the jungle to an opening. They can also drive down the Quintana Roo coastline from Tulum down to Punta Allen to discover some exhibits.

Beachgoers can also engage in tailor-made nature excursions away from the busy mass group tours. These types of customized experiences are highly recommended as they allow unique access to the region’s wildlife, coastal wetlands, lagoons and hidden beaches.

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So, Sian Ka’an is not only the place to tan on the beach and explore ancient Mayan routes, but also to spot endemic birds, dolphins, sea turtles and more than 500 species of fish.

First and foremost, Isla Contoy is one of the few beaches in Cancun not affected by the dreaded Sargassum algae growth.

This incredible natural treasure is located just a few miles off the coast of Cancun, near Isla Mujeres.

Located on the second longest coral reef in the world, Isla Contoy has beautiful blue Caribbean waters and white sand beaches. The location is ideal for world-class diving and snorkeling.

Best Beaches In Cancun Hotel Zone To Visit In 2023

More than 150 species of tropical birds and four endangered species of sea turtles call the island home. On this strictly protected island, these animals and a few scientists are the only permanent residents.

Costa Mujeres is something of a hidden gem, close enough to Cancun to enjoy all it has to offer, yet providing a quiet and peaceful retreat for your vacation.

It is a world of shallow, azure seas and white sandy beaches

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