Best Place To Stay On Oahu

Best Place To Stay On Oahu – Aloha, traveler! If you are reading this post, then you are preparing for a trip to magical Hawaii. I’m sure you can imagine yourself lying under palm trees, on a white sand beach, watching the surfers while sipping on an amazing Hawaiian cocktail.

Being the third largest island in the 50th state of the United States, and also the most populous of the Hawaiian Islands, it’s understandable that finding the perfect spot can be difficult.

Best Place To Stay On Oahu

Waikiki is the most popular place to stay on Oahu, and 95% of the hotels are located here, but there are also 4 other areas that I will recommend in this post, including the North Shore, West Oahu, Ko Olina, Kaneohe, and Ala Moana.

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To answer the question of where to stay in Oahu, I’ll give you 5 tips to help you find the perfect tropical getaway. Each area offers different charms and unique experiences, but once you’ve found your dream hotel, stick around because I’ve added bonuses with the best beaches on Oahu, as well as some tips for the perfect getaway!

Note: Since Oahu is such a popular vacation destination, be sure to book your accommodations at your favorite destination as soon as possible!

Contents If you are in a hurry1. Waikiki and Diamond Head – Where to Stay on Oahu for the First Time2. The North Shore is best for surfers and adventurers3. West Oahu and Ko Olina are great for luxury resorts4. Kaneohe and Kailua (East Oahu) are 5 for beaches. Ala Moana – Where to Stay on Oahu for Families BONUS 1: Top 10 Beaches on OahuBONUS: Things to Know Before Going to Oahu Frequently Asked Questions About Oahu

This map will help you visualize the 5 convenient areas I’ve covered in this blog post that are great places to stay in Oahu.

Where To Stay On Oahu: Best Places To Stay In Hawaii

Waiikiki, the Honolulu area, is the most popular destination on Oahu, and of course surfing is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Waikiki! There are great surf breaks for beginners and advanced surfers alike, but there’s plenty more to do on this side of the island. One of the most famous sights in the area is an old volcano called Diamond Head. Here you can go for a hike and see the amazing views of the island along the way.

Honolulu Waikiki is also very lively at night, as most of the hotels, restaurants and bars are located here. From Hawaiian tunes to hula performances, there’s a great alternative for everyone, so try some delicious Hawaiian cocktails and enjoy the island vibe!

Honolulu Waiikiki is your first time on Oahu to be close to all the attractions and experience the lively atmosphere of Waiikiki.

Just a 5-minute walk from Waikiki Beach, this resort is the perfect choice for its Waikiki location and great facilities. Including ocean-view rooms, a spa, golf courses, tennis courts, restaurants, a fine bar, an outdoor pool, private parking, and a dedicated fitness center, this is one of the best places to stay in Waikiki.

Best Places To Stay Overview & By Region

Great place to stay in central Waikiki. Modern rooms, fine dining options, fitness center, outdoor pool

Centrally located, this place is an ideal base for discovering Waikiki. Free WiFi and private parking are available

In the heart of Waikiki, with a rooftop pool, hot tub, and a spectacular view, this place is a great option.

The North Shore has a more relaxed atmosphere than Waikiki, and is a great place to get away from the crowds. A half-hour drive from Honolulu Airport, the North Shore is a must-see on your Oahu itinerary. I suggest you split up your Oahu vacation and stay at least a few days on the North Shore for some super fun adventures!

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The popular North Shore is also one of the best spots for pro surfers on Oahu, as it has some of the best quality waves in the world! There are surfing competitions here every year, so if you happen to be there during the event, you should check it out! Apart from surfing, there are many activities such as snorkeling, camping, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking and skydiving.

The North Shore is a foodie’s paradise. So even if you’re not into outdoor crafting, you can still enjoy fine restaurants, cafes, or head to famous food trucks that take street food to the next level!

Another must-see on the island is Turtle Bay. Not surprisingly, Turtle Bay is home to a large population of green sea turtles. You can book a snorkeling tour for a day, or if you want to spend more time here, stay at the luxury turtle resort.

One of the best and most exclusive resorts on the North Shore. The staff is very friendly and the food is amazing! Offering a great pool, spa, and amazing room views, these resorts will make your vacation unforgettable!

Best Places To Stay In Hawaii Oahu

If you want a more chilled out vibe, beautiful beaches and a luxury hotel, the West side of the island is a good choice for you. West Oahu is only 30 minutes from Honolulu and the airport, and there are plenty of beaches to be found on the West Coast.

Although there are accommodation options scattered along the coast, the main town where you’ll find luxury hotels on the west side is Ko Olina. Here you will find famous chain resorts such as Aulani Disney Resort, Four Seasons Resort, and Marriott. These resorts will keep you busy all day with golfing, fitness centers, plunge pools, and sunset cruises, making it the perfect destination for couples.

What makes Ko Olina special are four magical lagoons framed by white sandy beaches. Even if you don’t stay at the beachside resorts here, you can visit the public areas to enjoy the stunning white sand beaches, or if you want something more active, you can join a snorkeling or boat tour. If you want to stay here, book now because these resorts and hotels are sure to book up fast (plus you’ll get the best deals before you even book in advance!)

Located on Ko Olina, the resort features spacious rooms with ocean and mountain views, 3 outdoor pools and a spa. A large luxury resort to enjoy the Ko Olina lagoon. You can enjoy a round of golf or a Polynesian dinner show at the resort

Best 5 Star Hotels In Waikiki On Oahu, Hawaii

Great location, nice and clean rooms, easy access to major attractions and golf course

The boutique remains in the heart of Kapolei. Very close to the beaches and a good choice for privacy in Ko Olina

The East Coast, also known as the Windward Coast, is 20 minutes from Honolulu Airport. East Oahu is famous for its amazing beaches like Lanikai Beach, the best on the island with clear water and soft sand. The lush green mountains that cascade down to white, palm-fringed beaches create a picture-postcard scene that you won’t even think is real!

One of the best cities to stay in this area is Kailua. This beautiful, laid-back town is a great base for exploring the surrounding area. Enjoy the spectacular scenery and relax on the beautiful hidden beaches around Kailua.

Oahu Travel Guide: Where To Stay & Things To Do In Ko Olina

Or, if you’re looking for days full of adventure, another town in the area is Kaneohe. Kaneohe offers many activities that are especially appealing to large families, such as adventure parks, theme parks, off-road experiences and great restaurants, as well as great lodging options. Kailua and Makapu Beach are other beautiful beaches you should visit.

Paradise Bay Resort is one of the best hotels on the East Coast, located right on the beach. Including a fine dining area, bar, pool, and rooms with stunning views, this resort is one of my favorites. There are plenty of activities like kayaking, snorkeling tours, and boat tours, and the resort offers free yoga classes!

Located on the west end of Waikiki, Ala Moana is a 10-minute drive from Honolulu Airport. This is an ideal place to stay in Oahu to be centrally located away from the hustle and bustle of central Waikiki.

Ala Moana is home to the largest outdoor mall in America. That is why many tourists allow themselves to spend at least one day here. Ala Moana Mall is home to a variety of shops, so if you’re looking for something to do while on vacation, you’ll find it here!

Oahu Hotels & Accommodations

Ala Moana also has many beautiful and relaxing beaches for children to enjoy. Thanks to the sea reefs, the water is always calm, making these beaches some of the safest places to swim on the island. Ala Moana has great accommodation options where you can have a wonderful time

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