Best Place To Tandem Skydive

Best Place To Tandem Skydive – Skydiving is on the bucket lists of thrill-seekers, travelers, soccer moms, seniors, kids, well, just about everyone who wants an extreme adventure. While some don’t care where to skydive, others may want to skip the most beautiful skydiving destination possible.

Remember, tandem skydiving is a fantastic way to see a region in all its glory. Being 14,000 feet (or more!) above the ground allows for a completely different perspective, not to mention some amazing photos to share on social media.

Best Place To Tandem Skydive

So, if you want to take a mind-blowing, visually-stunning jump, here are the world’s 10 best skydiving spots. Ready, calm, go.

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“This is probably the most beautiful jump you’ll ever make.” That’s what Skydive Franz Josef had to say about Skydiving Lonely Planet with his team on the Franz Josef Glacier. Lay claim to New Zealand’s highest skydive – 19,000 feet in an incredible 75 second free fall, not only will you get the rush of your life, but you’ll also get amazing views of the Southern Alps.

Viewing the Perth Island playground from above will give you an idea of ​​how beautiful this little gem of the Indian Ocean really is. Skydive Geronimo is the only company that offers Skydiving on Rottnest Island, Western Australia’s only island. Choose between altitudes of 8,000-15,000 feet; From a plane or a luxury helicopter. After landing on the perfect white sand beach, be sure to say hello to those selfie-loving cougars. Eat cheese.

It’s where celebrities do their skydiving and it’s no surprise. The views at The Palm are amazing. For $750 AUD (exchange rates vary) to drop from 13,000 feet on a tandem skydive, enter a place where you can share a plane ride with the rich and beautiful of Hollywood and beyond.

When the snow is gone and the skis are put away, the next best way to experience Whistler is to jump out of a plane. Whistler Skydiving’s seasonal drop zone is located in Pemberton Valley, 33 kilometers northeast of Whistler Village. On your jump you’ll see views of the Canadian Rockies that stretch for days. If you are traveling to Canada between May and September, this is a top choice for a beautiful Canadian sky dive.

Where To Go Skydiving In Spain

Whether hiking around the perimeter or snapping selfies out of sight, here’s your chance to take Tommy’s tourist adventures to new heights. For tourists (and locals) visiting the Grand Canyon, skydiving over one of America’s most famous landscapes should be a top choice. Paragon Skydive operates out of Grand Canyon National Park Airport with shuttles from Las Vegas and Phoenix.

In the middle of Australia’s red dirt sits majestic Uluru, a land mass also known as Ayers Rock. Seeing Uluru from the air is an amazing experience, especially if you see it during free fall at sunrise or sunset. Jumping over Australia’s most iconic icon with Skydive Uluru will be a magical memory to last a lifetime (and the envy of your friends).

If you were asked to name Europe’s most beautiful place to skydive, chances are Switzerland would come to mind. The Lauterbrunnen Valley is the playground of choice for many extreme sports enthusiasts, so not only will you get a beautiful skydive between the snow-capped mountain peaks, but you’ll also have the chance to brush shoulders with skydiving and skydiving experts. The ‘valley’ is a popular stop for travelers looking for plenty of Swiss scenery and vibes. Skydive Lauterbrunnen definitely gets the double tick as one of the most beautiful skydiving destinations in the world.

Sitting quietly in the Pacific Ocean between the Philippines and Papa New Guinea is the Micronesian island of Palau. A tandem jump with Skydive Palau means spectacular views of the country’s rock islands, of which there are hundreds. The famous islands are lush and completely covered with trees, they look like carpets. Light blue and green reef-filled waters provide a uniquely beautiful backdrop to your tandem skydive.

Why Starting Out Tandem Skydiving Is A Good Idea

Enhance your tropical island vacation by skydiving with Skydive Fiji. From high altitudes, hundreds of islands sit beautifully in the South Pacific Ocean. You can even choose to land on one of the outer islands. It’s always shorts and t-shirt weather in Nadi, even at 14,000 feet above the ground. Jump. Keep smiling. Scream. Say Bula to them.

Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, attracts people who want to push themselves to their limits and beyond. The Himalayas are arguably the most spectacular and beautiful regions in the world, so it makes perfect sense for Mount Everest to be a skydiving destination. Jumping with Everest Skydive can be booked for October or November every year by solo sky divers and adventurers. This breathtaking view comes with a hefty price tag: Tandem skydive packages start at $25,000.

Wow, we live in an amazing world. A world where we can travel in a sky dive and experience the beauty of space. For you, skydiving may be something you do once in a while. For others, it changes their lives and encourages them to live more. And they set out to find their own version of perhaps the world’s most beautiful skydiving destinations.

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1 Cheese Rolling 2023 2 Oktoberfest 2023 3 Tomorrowland 2023 4 San Sebastian Street Festival 2023 5 Calcio Storico Fiorentino 2023 For those new to skydiving, you may have many questions about your first jump. You’ve probably heard the term “tandem skydiving,” but you’re not sure what it actually means. Or, maybe that word is completely foreign and you’re simply excited about your first big jump: Can you jump solo on your first jump? How can you prepare? And how safe is skydiving? Let’s learn a little about tandem jumping, and why it’s always the best way for beginners to learn how to skydive. What is Tandem Skydiving? A tandem skydive is a skydiving experience where two people jump out of a plane together, strapped to each other during the entire descent. Connecting straps allow one person to float on top of the other during freeflow, with one back against the other’s front. But there is one more important feature… you can’t jump with anyone! You may have daydreamed about how fun it would be to skydive with your best bud attached to you, but that’s not how tandem skydiving works. Tandem skydiving involves a certified instructor and student – never two newbies! Your tandem partner will be a licensed skydiver, who has undergone some pretty intense training, such as doing at least 500 jumps to earn their instructor title or spending at least three hours in free fall. Learn more about the qualifications of your tandem jump instructor here. How much training do you need to jump? Since you jump with a certified tandem instructor who does most of the work during the landing, you only need to attend “Skydiving School” before jumping. Here at CSC, we call this Freefall University! Before you get ready, you’ll watch an orientation video and go through a briefing with your instructor. Here you will learn a little about the equipment and how to help your partner during free fall and landing for the best experience. All of this can be done right before you skydive, so no training is required! Is tandem skydiving safer than solo skydiving? For first-time skydivers, tandem skydiving is the perfect way to go. No skydiving center will allow you to jump alone on the first flight, and after a few tandem jumps! You can’t skydive until you have an A-license from the United States Parachute Association (USPA). You’ll need to take regular lessons until you’re qualified to jump solo, where you’ll eventually jump with instructors by your side (with your gear, but not attached to you). This requires a minimum of 25 jumps, passing a written test and more. Can my friends jump at the same time? You can share your sky diving experience with your friends. You and your friends can all ride in the plane together, but when it comes to the actual jump, you’ll be tied to your certified instructor. We also do not allow tandem partners to jump at the same time for safety reasons. But if I jump first, look at people, people, people, people, people, people, people, people, people, people.

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