Best Seafood In Boston Area

Best Seafood In Boston Area – In Texas, Georgia, California and beyond, Vietnamese immigrants are opening Cajun-inspired seafood joints, serving up spicy, sauce-seared boiled shrimp and other seafood, allowing diners to eat with their hands.

It’s been a few decades, but Vietnamese-Cajun seafood is finally on the boil train. The first location of the ever-expanding local chain debuted in Newton in early 2016, quickly followed by Holly’s Crab in Allston, Louie Louie Louisiana in Stoneham (and later Allston), and more.

Best Seafood In Boston Area

Here’s where to find Vietnamese-Cajun seafood stews and similar dishes. Grab your Bible, put on your gloves and get ready to get messy.

Best Food In Boston: A Brief Guide For A First Time Visitor

Map points are ordered geographically from north to south (except for the “quick” bonus point at the end), not ranked.

The Southern-inspired restaurant on Somerville’s Assembly Row dishes out dishes like chicken and waffles, fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, but fried okra, but a seafood mélange of fried frogs is what South King has on this map. It’s not a Vietnamese-Cajun seafood boil, and it doesn’t require bibs, but its mix of flavors—not to mention andouille sausage, corn, and one seafood—hit a similar note that will satisfy seafood lovers.

Louie Louie puts Louisiana seafood front and center, optimizing the shake bag route to incorporate all the flavors. Guests choose a combination of seafood, select sides, and choose seasoning from three options: garlic, lemon pepper, or Louisiana-style butter, all with varying degrees of flavor. There’s also an assortment of sides like soups, fried seafood, chicken tenders, and French fries. Louie Louie has locations in Stoneham and Lowell, as well as in New Jersey, New York and Georgia.

One of the first entries to the Holly Crab scene was the work of owners Ryan Kim and Rick Kim, who wanted to emulate the Vietnamese-Cajun seafood they had tasted in California. With seafood ranging from crab, prawns to fish and oysters, all sizzling in a bag full of spices. The restaurant first opened in February 2016 and now has a second location in Lowell.

The Best Seafood Restaurant In Every State — Eat This Not That

The newest addition to the Cajun seafood scene offers po’ boys and creamy fish poutine, not to mention desserts like beignets and sweet potato fries, and a full bar. When it comes to the seafood boil, diners can choose from a variety of seafood, three sauces (including Bojleg sauce, which has a spicy Cajun flavor), and toppings such as corn and Andalucia sausage.

Like the Southern Keen dish above, it’s a slight departure from the Vietnamese-Cajun style, but it’s just as satisfying. Frogmore specializes in Southern cuisine, particularly inspired by the Carolina coast. His low country stew infuses the flavors of Old Bay with shellfish, corn, potatoes, and house-made andouille sausage. The fixings are all baked in Old Bay batter, and are served either for one table or the whole table.

Brother’s Crawfish is the first of two similar restaurants, and it serves everything from Cajun-style seafood to teriyaki chicken and rice. Its counterpart is My Sister’s Crawfish II in Worcester, and both have delicious seafood on the menu. Order by the pound and choose your seasoning. (My sister’s Crawfish II also serves pho and other Vietnamese staples.)

Quincy’s Shaking Crab is one of several restaurants in the area, including Newton, Cambridge and Common. Newton was the first to open in November 2015. Chilled Crab originally used the bag method to mix the spices with the seafood, but now it chooses to mix the ingredients in a large bowl. Restaurants also offer shrimp, catfish, and calamari po’ boys, as well as mac and cheese sides, fried rice, and French fries.

Restaurant Review: The Banks Fish House Might Need A Stronger Hook

Put this on your to-do list for spring: A seafood shaker could open in Roslindale in May. The menu will be similar to other seafood joints, with customers able to choose from several mains — crab, lobster, shrimp — and an assortment of sauces to serve and dip. Like Shaking Crab (although the restaurants are unrelated), Shaking Seafood will also offer fried seafood such as calamari and oysters. Few things satisfy the soul like seafood from these Back Bay establishments. We’ve analyzed millions of restaurant and critical reviews from the best sites for the freshest seafood in Arch Bay. Head to these fantastic eateries for the best freshly caught prawns, tuna and salmon.

We know how hard it is to find the best seafood in the Back Bay. We used our magic to analyze 823,905 local restaurant reviews, 15,185 Google and Yelp ratings for restaurants, and 1,052 listings and articles from top sources like Eater and TimeOut. Cut spots are unique

Eater – Where to Eat Mussels in Boston, TimeOut – Boston’s Best Attractions and Shows and TimeOut – Boston’s Best Valentine’s Day Restaurants

. Our engine uses real-time data to show you open restaurants and their updated service so you can enjoy the food they serve. Since there is no fee to list these restaurants, you can trust the restaurants on this list. Seafood connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike should enjoy this list of Boston’s best seafood restaurants.

The Best Seafood Restaurants In Boston

Bistro du Midi, Mistral, and Buttermilk & Bourbon are top-rated seafood restaurants that are good for groups in Arch Bay.

Salty Girl, Lobsta on a Roll and Krasi are some of the top-rated seafood spots for a quick lunch in Arch Bay.

Salty Girl, Lobsta on a Roll and Krasi are some of the top-rated seafood options for lunch in Arch Bay.

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With restaurants ranging from high-end to small joints, you’ll have no problem eating well in Boston, and if you don’t like fish, you should keep this to yourself.

If you’re going to eat one piece of seafood while in Boston, make sure it’s a bowl of oyster chowder. The Boston version is always milk or cream based, with lots

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