Best Way To Catch Blue Crabs

Best Way To Catch Blue Crabs – Blue crabs are found throughout the Gulf of Mexico and along much of the Atlantic coast of the United States. Bays, beaches and inlets are where you’ll find them, and Pensacola Bay has a good portion of them. Blue crab fishing can be a great family activity and literally anyone can catch a few with no experience required.

The three basic methods people use to catch crabs in our area are using a crab trap, baited lines, and walking the beach with a crab net.

Best Way To Catch Blue Crabs

Crab traps are very effective and easy to use. They come in a variety of styles and shapes, but traditional box wire traps seem to work best. Crab traps have a central area that is designed to hold the bait and have holes to allow smaller crabs to escape. Simply place the trap in the water near the shore or from the pier and attach it to the buoy with a rope. You can leave the trap set overnight or check it in a few hours.

There’s More Than One Way To Catch Crabs

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A crab line is also an easy way to catch blue crabs. It’s simply a weighted line that you attach a bait to and drop it into the water, then just wait for the crab to grab the bait. Once you get the crab interested, just slowly pull the line and net the crab when it is close enough.

Walking the beach with a crab net may be the easiest of the two. Late summer seems to be the best time of year and you can find blue crabs both on the bay side and inshore. Late afternoon or night seems to be the best time for this method. This is usually the child’s favorite way to catch them as well.

Any type of fish will work as bait, mullet and menhaden are favorites for most, and some people even use chicken as bait. Chicken necks or backs are inexpensive and work well.

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You will need a fishing license to catch blue crabs in the state of Florida. There is no size limit for blue crabs, but it is best to release smaller ones. The only crabs that must be returned to the water are the female crabs that lay eggs. The blue crab bag limit is 10 gallons (two five-gallon buckets) of crab per person.

Blue crabs are great dishes and are enjoyed by many locals. Cooking in a spicy seasoning for cooking crabs is the most popular cooking method. They can be eaten dipped in butter or plain, and once cooked, the meat can be added or used in a number of delicious dishes. Fishing for blue crabs is one of the most fun you can have on the water and also one of the easiest. master. Almost every kid who grew up on the water knows how to do it, but for some reason they forget how much fun it is as they get older and turn to fishing for bass, flounder, bluefish and many other game species. Let us help you remember why it was so much fun and learn how to do it again.

If you grew up near coastal waters, chances are you or your friends spent at least one summer with a bait bucket, a long-handled net, and your favorite tackle chasing blue crabs in the shallows. It probably didn’t take long to fill up your bucket or fridge and then it was time to head home and cook a feast for the whole family. But as much fun as those days were, more and more adults are forgetting how much fun it was and now pay their crabs at the local shack. It’s time to relive your childhood or introduce your own kids to the excitement and start restocking your fridge.

There are 4 main methods used to target blue crabs. Which one you use depends on personal preference and the equipment you have. Let’s look at each in more detail.

How To Catch And Boil Blue Crabs

Regardless of which method you choose, your goal is to get as many crabs into the refrigerator as quickly as possible. Here are some tips to help you do that.

Check out this great video of our crab fishing using trotlines this year, we had fun and ate like kings and queens: After spending the weekend finding more campsites in WA (around Mandurah) it seemed appropriate to write a post on Blue Swimmer Crab and how you can catch and cook them.

For those of you who don’t know, Mandurah is probably the most popular place to catch blue swimmer crabs (sometimes called blue mana crabs) near Perth.

They are a delicacy enjoyed by many locals every year and can be caught in a number of places in Western Australia. You’ll find them in estuaries and shallow parts of the ocean, and you can have a lot of fun hunting them.

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These crabs are decent sized fast seafood that you’ll find between Port Hedland and Dunsborough (and occasionally beyond).

They live in estuaries, saltwater rivers and the open ocean, and can be found in water from 10 cm to 50 meters deep. In winter, crabs take shelter in the open ocean.

Blue Manx crabs will burrow into the sand so that they are difficult to see and will fly out when startled.

Before you go hunting for these tasty critters, you need to get yourself a measuring device (most fishing shops have them) with which you can check the size of the crabs you catch.

How To Catch Blue Crabs In Your Own Backyard

As a minimum, they must be 127 mm wide across the two spikes in the center of the body, or as the armor is called. This is for WA but in South Australia they are measured differently and have a different size limit.

Sarah rates Blue Swimmer crabs above lobsters and prawns in terms of taste, and I quite enjoy them too. Real meat is delicious and can be eaten in many ways.

The biggest downside for me is the amount of time and effort it takes to get the meat out. With decent sized prawns or crabs it’s a quick exercise. Over the years we have been spoiled with spearfishing and crab fishing that we have become a bit lazy!

All waters (including the Swan and Canning rivers and the ocean to Bunbury are off limits between 1 September and 30 November).

How To Catch Blue Crabs Several Unique Methods

Outside of that, you can take 10 per person per day (in Geographe Bay no more than 5 can be female) except for the South, Gascoyne and North Coast bioregions where you are allowed to take 20 per person per day.

The limit is 20 boats (in Geographe Bay only 10 can be females), except for the South, Gascoyne and North Coast where it is 40 per boat per day.

If you fish them from the shore, then you do not need a permit. However, if you plan to go by boat, at least one person must have a recreational fishing license, and in both cases baggage limits apply.

The most common way to catch blue seine crabs is to walk in the shallows dragging a tub in a tube, and when you see them through the water, pick them up. They are quite fast and can be difficult to catch, but you soon get the hang of it.

The Easy Way To Clean A Blue Crab

You must wear old shoes or boots because you can seriously injure yourself if you step on them and they bite you. After you catch it, measure it with a meter and if it’s legal and you’re happy with it, just put it in the tub.

If you head towards Mandurah you will see hundreds of people around the place looking for crabs; it is quite a popular fishing activity.

One of the more fun ways to catch blue swimmer crabs is to put on your scuba gear (a snorkel is fine) and get a decent set of gloves and go in search of them.

We have a place just outside of Perth under 3 meters of water where you’ll find loads of them and you just dive in and grab them, then check their size and put them in your catch bag.

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Of course, as you will find out, crabs don’t just sit there waiting to be picked up; they will jump around and try to bite you and catching them can be quite a challenge. I usually use old welding gloves because the bites hurt a lot and you just try to react as quickly as possible

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