Best Zone To Stay In Guatemala City

Best Zone To Stay In Guatemala City – Guatemala has a lot to offer tourists, from its culture, Mayan history, active volcanoes, and outdoor adventures.

However, Guatemala suffers from high levels of crime, both petty and violent, which raises questions about its safety. Violent crime involves gangs and bad neighborhoods but sometimes takes place in tourist areas.

Best Zone To Stay In Guatemala City

Be careful, avoid bad neighborhoods, and take all possible precautions to enjoy your stay here. Below are top travel tips to consider to ensure you stay safe in Guatemala.

Things To Know Before Visiting Guatemala City

Guatemala is generally safe to visit. Although the country has a bad reputation for its high level of violent crime, tourists are less likely to become victims. The only common crime against tourists is petty theft/fraud in the city and crowded areas.

If you’re not careful enough, you could be a victim of pickpocketing, extortion, car theft, and ATM/credit card scams. Consider doing the following to avoid becoming a victim:

Crime is not the only safety issue for visitors to Guatemala. The country is vulnerable to natural disasters, including earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, floods, and landslides.

Many natural disasters occur during the rainy season, but your biggest concern should be earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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Political stability in Guatemala is another security concern to consider. You may encounter demonstrations and protests in cities, especially because of corruption.

Guatemala is a country full of crime. According to Numbeo, Guatemala has a high crime rate of 62.46 out of 100.

Common crimes in the country include murder, armed robbery, violence against women, street gangs and mob violence. These crimes often take place in other regions of Guatemala, which are considered crime-ridden areas.

Petty theft is more common in tourist and congested areas such as Guatemala City and public transport. As a tourist, you may be a victim of petty crime.

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Be aware of your surroundings as petty thieves and scammers are waiting to take advantage of any available opportunity. Here are some helpful safety tips to help you avoid crime in Guatemala:

As a tourist to Guatemala, you may be tempted to explore all the regions. However, that may not be the best decision.

Some parts of Guatemala are just not safe, whether you are traveling alone or in groups, as very high crime rates are registered. Below are the entry points.

Guatemala City is perhaps the worst district in the country. Zones 1, 3, 6, 18, and 21 are full of criminals of all kinds, from petty thieves like pickpockets and pickpockets to murderers and armed robbers. In these areas, there are many chances of being robbed at gunpoint.

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Zone 1, for example, has a historic city with attractions that can attract tourists. However, staying here is not a very good idea because of the many robberies reported every day. Most of the robberies in this area take place near the central market and the bus stop.

You do not want to set your feet in zone 3 or, known as Basurero, which means the dumping ground. The landfill is controlled by a notorious international gang, the Mara Salvatrucha, who make money from murder, robbery, and burglary.

You must not avoid border areas when crossing. However, don’t walk around because you will get robbed. Money laundering and scams are common in border areas, so be extra careful.

This department is notorious for drug trafficking, especially drugs. You may not know it, but drug traffickers may tell you that you have brought illegal drugs into the country.

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Volcanoes are the main reason why climbers visit Guatemala. Although there may be security guards and tourist police in the area, not all volcanoes are crime-free.

Tourists in the past have reported incidents of robbery while climbing the Agua volcano. Instead of avoiding it completely, you only need to be careful here and, if possible, get a guide.

Most crimes in Guatemala happen at night, and since you don’t want to be a victim of any of them, don’t go anywhere at night.

You can visit the beautiful parts of the country, either in the city or in the countryside, during the day, and return to your hotel before nightfall.

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According to the World Risk Report 2017, Guatemala is the fourth country in the world at risk of natural disasters. Common natural disasters in this country include earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, landslides, and landslides.

Streams and rivers overflow, causing floods. Floods destroy roads/bridges and cause landslides in some parts of Guatemala.

If possible, avoid traveling to Guatemala during the rainy season. Monitoring local weather updates will greatly help you make your decision.

Another major concern in the country is volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Guatemala is home to 37 volcanoes, and three of them are active, including Santiaguito, Fuego and Pacaya.

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The worst volcanic eruption occurred at Fuego Volcano on June 3, 2018. The eruption affected more than 1.7 million people, with 165 dead and several others missing.

Due to the tectonic nature of the country, earthquakes and earthquakes are common. Earthquakes can sometimes lead to tsunamis, leaving several people dead and property destroyed.

Make sure you know what to do if a volcanic eruption or earthquake occurs to stay safe. Seek advice from your tour guide and local authorities.

There are various scams in Guatemala that you can only avoid if you are aware of them. These are clever tricks that petty thieves use to steal from tourists and locals. Most of these scams took place in Guatemala City.

Barceló Guatemala City

A local may give you a camera and ask you to take their picture. After you return the camera, they will throw it away on purpose and say you broke it. These scammers then demand that you pay for the damage to the camera.

Beware of the distraction scam. Most fraudsters work as a team or group. Someone might spill something like a fountain on you, and another scammer volunteers to remove it.

The volunteer will be reprimanding the suspect with disdain and indifference in order to make you believe him. All this happens to cause distraction, and while you are distracted, they will reach into your pockets and purses to rob you.

Ignore people who come to you asking for donations and help for a specific school or organization. The best thing is to walk.

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You may encounter fake police in Guatemala City. Scammers in police uniforms abound in the city’s tourist areas. They steal from tourists and commit other crimes such as sexual harassment and extortion.

Many tourists are overcharged after taking an illegal taxi, only to find out later. In areas where you can’t access Uber or radio taxis, and you have to hail an illegal taxi, ask the driver how long the trip will take. You can also ask them to turn on their meter so you can estimate how much the trip will cost.

Carjacking and carjacking scams are also common in Guatemala. A local person dressed as a priest may stop you on the highway saying that there is an emergency somewhere and you should help him get there. Please do not allow a stranger in your car.

Fake police officers can sometimes cover a police roadblock. These scammers will then ask you to leave your car so they can search it and rob you.

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The safest places in Guatemala to visit include Antigua, Xela (Quetzaltenango), and Lake Atitlán. While in Guatemala City, the safest areas are 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, and 16. But there is still a need to be aware of the voters as they can be anywhere in the country.

Not all taxis in Guatemala are safe. Some do not use meters, which means you may be charged more. To avoid overcharging scams on ferries, make sure you agree on the price before boarding.

The best way to get from one destination to another is to use Uber or radio taxis. But in places where you can’t reach both, use hotel taxis or ask the hotel to call you a cab.

Public transportation in Guatemala is not very safe. Chicken buses used for public transportation are where most crimes in Guatemala occur.

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There have been reports of sexual harassment, property theft, armed robbery and kidnapping of tourists. If you must use them, you must be careful and keep your valuables close at hand.

Tap water in Guatemala is not safe to drink and can lead to diarrhea. Locals boil tap water before drinking, making ice, or brushing their teeth. For your health, stick to clean water, which is available in most hotels.

Guatemala is not safe at night, whether in the city or the countryside. Tourists should not walk around or even at night for their safety.

Guatemala is not one of the safest countries with a high crime rate. However, the country can be safe for tourists if they avoid crime-ridden and bad areas and take safety precautions seriously.

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Remember to stay alert, use common sense, and always be aware of your surroundings. That way, your stay in Guatemala will be fun and rewarding. Especially every tourist in Guatemala asks the question “is Guatemala City safe or not?” Local resident Nestor Quixtan says it’s not as bad as you think, depending on where you are in the city… This article contains some affiliate links, where we make a small commission if you buy anything after clicking, otherwise.

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