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Buy Crawfish Near Me – Some restaurants, including LA Crawfish, Kasian Boil, Louisiana Crab Shack and Crawfish Shack and Oyster Bar, serve crawfish boils year-round. For many others, like Shoal Creek Saloon and Cover 2, it’s a seasonal menu item that’s finally available thanks to Louisiana’s booming crawfish industry, which stalled for two weeks due to the recent freeze.

Now that crawfish are once again pouring into Texas, crawfish boils are taking place this spring at countless food trucks, wineries, breweries, bars and patios. Many places are still maintaining safety measures related to COVID-19.

Buy Crawfish Near Me

If you avoid gatherings altogether and want to try cooking crawfish for the first time, it’s not as difficult as you might think, but you have to start with live crawfish. Stuffed Cajun Meat Market, H-E-B, Fiesta and Quality Seafood Market are just a few of the places you can buy live crawfish in the next few months.

Crawfish Prices Rose In Texas During The Pandemic And Last Year’s Winter Storm

Here are some other restaurants that sell boiled crawfish this time of year: Deckhand Oyster Bar, Down South Cajjun Eats in Pflugerville, and Pops Crawfish, a food truck RM 620. The season usually runs from March to June.

The Austin Crawfish Festival, which was canceled last year, is scheduled to be held in early April at Carson Creek Ranch, but the event is already sold out. There are several other great events taking place at area wineries, breweries and event centers.

Bombshells Restaurant & Bar on Interstate 35 North is hosting a crawfish boil on March 21st. Thursday at 2700 West Anderson Laneis a big boil on March 27th. There is an event on April 10th at the Alexander At Creek Road Event Center in Dripping Springs. The “Tail Me Somethin’ Good” crawfish boil benefits the Hays County Food Bank. says Josh Smith, co-owner of Lazy J Crawfish in New Braunfels. “Try the fifty bucks.” Lazy J, which Smith runs with his brother Adam, supplies live crawfish to both restaurants and the public, and will soon serve boiled crawfish at a new food truck. The Smiths are currently pricing bags of spinning, freshwater crustaceans $1.50 per pound higher than last year. Full, thirty-pound bags, which feed about ten people each (depending on your family’s appetite for mud), cost $3.75 per pound, and half bags are slightly more expensive at $4 per pound.

Similarly, Austin’s Quality Seafood Market has raised live crawfish prices to $4.50 a pound, which owner Carol Huntsberger says is “hands down the highest I’ve ever charged for crawfish.” Last year, Quality Seafood charged an average of about $3.79, and while Huntsberger says the price fluctuates throughout the season, he still estimates his average price in 2021 will be about 20 to 25 cents higher than normal Heading east, things aren’t much better; live crawfish prices in the Houston area, which tracks crawfish prices, range from $3.77/pound at H-E-B to $5/pound at some independent markets. So what’s going on?

Louisiana Seafood Company

First, a primer on how the season typically unfolds. In a typical year, crawfish season begins around the time of the Super Bowl in February, with the smallest, softest shell and most expensive clams on the market. Prices are highest at Easter, when large holiday gatherings increase demand. During this time, the crabs grow, and when they acquire shells that are thick enough to protect them during transport, prices begin to drop. Typically, Huntsberger says, peak season is the third or fourth weekend in April, when the crawfish are big and tasty but still not difficult to clean. From there, the season lasts as long as supplies last, often before the Fourth of July. In recent years, however, crawfish boils have grown in popularity, shortening the season. Last year, Quality Seafood was out of stock on Memorial Day.

This year the prices have increased significantly. Like everything else, crab prices have been affected by the pandemic. Among the many celebrations canceled in 2020 were the crawfish boil. The world shut down at the height of crawfish season, and with little information at the time about how the virus had spread, even these outdoor social gatherings suddenly went beyond the newspaper-lined table. But this year, starved of opportunities to socialize and having earned their spring fever after a brutal winter, Texans are looking for ways to get together outdoors. Crab cakes are high on that list. “The gatherings can be smaller. instead of twenty to thirty people, they can have ten to fifteen people,” says Huntsberger. Judging by his orders so far this year, he says it’s “quite obvious” that people are ready to get back on the boil this year. That increased demand, of course, drives up prices.

The Easter Bunny is coming early this year, bringing even higher crab prices in his basket. the holiday is celebrated this year on Sunday, April 4. (Easter fell on April 21 in 2019.) Texas markets typically see a spike in crawfish prices just before the holiday due to large holiday orders, and indeed Easter weekend prices for quality seafood soar from $.25 to $4.75 : pounds respectively. But it is more than that. because Easter is so early in the season, the crabs currently available are smaller and softer-shelled than the ones people usually go to the boil for at Mass. When these prettier crabs are moved, “they just can’t handle another thirty pounds on top of them. They just shrivel to death, that’s what happens,” Huntsberger says. That built-in loss, which he estimates at 30 to 40 percent this time of year, pushes prices up even more around the start of Easter.

The deep freeze in February contributes to the increase in prices. Russell Smith of Louisiana Wild, a crawfish supplier serving Central Texas markets and restaurants, including quality seafood, doesn’t think the freeze took many crawfish lives. Most of the crawfish sold and served in Texas come from Louisiana, and while our neighbors to the east were also affected by the historic winter weather, Lazy J’s Josh Smith believes the storms are probably more devastating to the crawfish population than the freeze. A record five hurricanes made landfall in Louisiana in 2020, causing high tides that disrupted crayfish ponds and introduced predators like crayfish. This is also reflected in high prices.

How To Eat Crawfish Like A Pro

Huntsberger and Smith agree that the freeze could benefit the 2021 crawfish season. In February, Texas operations were halted for more than a week, a brief drop in demand that allowed crabs burrowing deep in the mud to grow larger and thicken their shells, making them less prone to fatal cracking during the journey. According to Smith, the freeze simply halted the typical late-season drop in prices while leaving crabs unscathed; Yes. But did it hurt the number of crab catches? No.” And Huntsberger notes that the lull in demand could even extend the season.

While mudslides may be a bit more expensive than in years past, there is hope for the 2021 season. Huntsberger expects prices to fall as supply increases, possibly as soon as next week. As Easter demand wanes, prices could drop from $0.50 to $75 per pound. Fill up your propane tanks and get your giant boiling pots out of the top shelf of the garage, Texas. Peak crawfish season is on its way. Whether you like them boiled Cajun or Vietnamese-style, Smith says good things await those who wait; “In probably two or three weeks, the crab will be phenomenal.”

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Emily McCullar Emily McCullar Emily McCullar is a senior editor covering pop culture, news and Texas history. Once he wrote about sports. View Articles Email Twitter RSS The arrival of spring means many things: blooming flowers, weird weather, allergies, but really, only one feature of the season really matters: crayfish. Available from February to May, this seasonal Cajun staple is best enjoyed on the breezy patio with plenty of beer.

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Sure, crawfish can’t even compete with the clams served in New Orleans, but when the craving hits, these restaurants are sure to satisfy. Without further ado, check out these 8 establishments that serve the best crayfish and beyond.

The owners of Tasty Tails hail from New Orleans, so you know they know what’s up. The bugs here are cooked to perfection, then tossed with the perfect tangy blend of flavors. Order online through the restaurant’s website.

Located in Carrollton’s busy shopping center, the Crab Station serves up excellent boiled seafood, and the crab is no exception. For a serious seafood feast, order the Sack #5, a decadent combo that includes six pounds of crab, three pounds of shrimp and four snow crab clusters, plus corn, potatoes and sausage. Order online through the restaurant’s website.

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