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Buy Raw Crawfish Near Me – There are two crayfish seasons each year. The Louisiana crawfish season runs from January through July and the California crawfish season runs from July through October. The seafood restaurant industry relies on fresh Louisiana crawfish during the first half of the year, but California crawfish is a recent product that can help restaurants increase the availability of fresh crawfish to their customers. We deliver live crawfish in the months of July through October from our state-of-the-art processing plant in California. Our company works with local farmers to ensure that the highest quality live crawfish is shipped directly to you. 2016 was one of our best years and we had zero dead loss claims. California Crawfish is committed to bringing the best Crawfish to our loyal customers at the most competitive prices.

We are originally from Louisiana and have a deep knowledge of and connections to the seafood industry. During the Louisiana season, we ship crawfish direct from select Louisiana farms to ensure the highest quality crawfish at the best prices. Our exclusive connections to both Louisiana and California Crawfish guarantee fresh crawfish for our customers from January through October.

Buy Raw Crawfish Near Me

When you pick up at the airport, most of the competition makes you pay for shipping charges separately.

Crayfish As Food

An average restaurant uses 800 bags of crawfish each year. They are saving over $4000 a year by ordering through us because we do not pay you the shipping fees associated with boxes and gel ice packs. #1 US Shipper of Live Crawfish in the U.S.

1. Please note that for orders try to give us 2-3 days notice in advance (more notice is needed around holidays). However, the sooner you place your order, the better. We ship orders a day in advance to ensure that you receive them on time for your party or event. 2. Any questions before ordering, call Kyle at 985-226-6444. 3. Some orders can be filled the same day if received early in the morning; However, those orders need to be called in or placed on the order form through the website the night before. 4. Also note that we fill our orders on a first come first served basis. The earlier you order, the better. Thank you! We deal only high quality crawfish since 1990, unlimited resources in the wild (spillway) and best service available all year round. Note: Pricing is not the only variable that goes into shipping live crawfish. Other variables include quality crawfish that arrive live, crawfish shipped via New Orleans International (more flights than metro airports) or FedEx Priority Overnight, seven days a week by the most experienced live crawfish company in Louisiana. and is shipped in unlimited quantities; Other companies also cannot supply throughout the year as we can. Please remember that we have been in the U.S. since 1990. #1 shipper of Live Crawfish in the US. Please see our comments from previous customers!! Note: Please remember that the average person does not want to eat small, dead crawfish. The cheap price doesn’t seem so cheap when you count on annoying guests and dead crawlers.

Don’t let your party turn into a disaster. Go with a proven company that specializes in the shipment of Live Crawfish since 1990!


How To Tell If Crawfish Is Bad: A Guide For Storage, Freezing & More

Customer Comments Sign up here to receive price updates throughout the year Airport and door to door shipping available

Kyle LeBlanc Crawfish Farms has been a family owned business since 1990 and has been in business selling quality crawfish and other fine Louisiana seafood and food products. we and our ancestors lived around crayfish

And other great Louisiana food products for people around America After all, crawfish have been called a delicacy here since the early 20th century. Crawfish were once considered poor man’s food because they were plentiful and easy to catch. They soon became more and more popular and people started getting “crawfish boils”. The crayfish boil is very popular in southern Louisiana – people call friends and family together to boil and serve crawfish, usually in the spring and early summer months when crawfish are more plentiful and cheaper. When having a crawfish boil, you can usually plan to order about 1-2 lbs. per person (3-4 lbs. for a heavy crayfish eater) as long as you have other items to serve like sausage, potatoes, corn, etc. Crawfish boil is a delicious excuse to call over some family and friends. And we at Kyle LeBlanc Crawfish Farms want to spread this Cajun tradition across the country. Leftover crawfish are great for making crawfish dishes like etouffee, bisque, stews, stir-fries, and more (see our recipe). We also include crayfish recipes with your order. Any crayfish you didn’t eat in the 2-3 days after your party, you can peel these leftover crawfish and store them in your freezer until ready to cook. Our Live Crawfish come in 2 sizes: Jumbo and Extra Large. We primarily sell Procambarus clarkii (Red Swamp Crawfish) and Procambarus Actus Actus (White River Crawfish – Spillway Crawfish – Belle River Crawfish). We sell live and boiled crawfish year-round, however, they are more plentiful and cheaper in the spring and early summer. Crawfish and our other Cajun products can turn any regular holiday into Mardi Gras! We have other Louisiana seafood and food products such as shrimp, crab, turtle and alligator as well as prepared foods that include these products and crawfish such as sausages, boudins, pies, patties and more. We also have Turkdeken, which is a boneless duck. Wrapped with a boneless chicken wrapped by a boneless turkey filled with either crawfish or shrimp dressing or rice dressing. We supply the recipes with your order; However, we do provide recipes on our web site.

We only ship in the highest quality Crawfish overnight, wild (spillway) and farm raised with unlimited resources and the best service available all year round.

How To Catch Live Crawfish

Note: Pricing is not the only variable that goes into shipping live crawfish. Other variables include quality crawfish that comes with a survival guarantee, crawfish shipped from New Orleans International (more flights than metro airports), crawfish shipped from the most experienced seafood company in Louisiana seven days a week, and unlimited quantity; Other companies may not supply throughout the year. Please remember that we have been in the U.S. since 1990. #1 shipper of Live Crawfish in the US. Please see our comments from previous customers!!

Note: Please remember that the average person does not want to eat small, dead crawfish. After calculating upset customers and dead crayfish, the cheap price doesn’t seem so cheap.


Crawfish are freshwater crustaceans closely related to lobsters. They are also known by other names such as crawfish, crawdads, red claws and mudbugs (they don’t eat soil, they live in it sometimes and they are not bugs). Crayfish are crustaceans – they have a shell and five pairs of legs. As they grow, they molt their shells and grow new ones. Crayfish are sold for consumption, as feed, and as pets.

Bucket O’ Crawfish

The two main species of crayfish in Louisiana are the Red Swamp Crawfish and the White River Crawfish. Red swamp crawfish have red pigment in their bodies and a blue blood vessel under their tail. White river crawfish have no red pigment and no blue blood vessels. When they are boiled, both species turn red; However, the Red Swamp Crawfish will be a deep red.

You can find crawfish mostly in lowland wetlands in moist areas such as Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi. They can be found in other states, but not as abundantly.

In areas where water dries up, creepers build mounds of soil that look like little towers. If you live in southern Louisiana, you usually see small mounds close to trenches. This is where the crayfish stay until the water recedes. This is also where female crayfish go to spawn until they hatch.

Crawfish have gill chambers that take in oxygen from the air. If crayfish are in a moist environment, they can live out of water for about 6–7 months as long as their gill chambers remain moist.

Crawfish Boil Prep: How To Buy And Store Live Crawfish

It’s simple – the male crayfish always holds the TV remote control. However, if there’s no television around, just flip the crater over a bit and look for the two little thick “feet” between the head and tail. These are actually organs that are used to move sperm. A mature male also has small “hooks” at the base of the last two pairs of legs.

Where are the crayfish babies? The female crayfish lays eggs which become fertilized and attach to swimmerets under her tail. The average crawfish produces about 300–400 eggs which take about 2–4 weeks for hatching (depending on the type of crayfish). After 2 weeks, the young crayfish leave their mother to fend for themselves.

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