Closest Day Spa

Closest Day Spa – In January only, get 10% off any nail or waxing service when you book a massage, facial, scrub or wrap!!! Get ready for the holiday season with our Holiday Special!

Known as the King of the Alps, the Swiss pine tree can grow and thrive at high altitudes despite extremely harsh weather conditions. This wood-themed facial is infused with Pinolumin™ (from the Swiss pine tree) to soothe sensitive and irritated skin, while visibly reducing redness.

Closest Day Spa

Keep warm on these chilly days with a nice hot stone massage to warm the body and a scalp treatment to soothe dry winter scalp.

About Vita Day Spa

First thaw out with a 20-minute sauna service followed by a 90-minute hot stone massage with a scalp treatment and add some aromatherapy to ease and relax those aching muscles.

With COVID-19 still a part of our daily lives, we are working hard to create a safe environment for customers to enjoy our services in a responsible manner. As such, we have adopted several precautions as well as some restrictions to ensure safety. of our customers and our employees.

Prior to your appointment, you will be updated about our new policies and procedures via phone. Here are some of the changes we’re going to implement:

Once again, this is just a sampling of the precautions we will be taking to keep everyone safe. A complete list of policies and procedures can be downloaded by clicking on the link on the right. To avoid waiting times, you may wish to print, fill out, and bring these forms with you.

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This drive is hosted by Lilith Lit Club. If you would like to donate, please feel free to come by. We have a drop box at the front of the store. The drive will run till March 7. To further enhance the lakeside experience at Lakhouse, take time for some down-time at Barry’s pamper-perfect day spa, all within easy reach. The city’s top spas will soon be your new go-to to help energize and rejuvenate mind, body and soul.

This popular, award-winning, full-service day spa is just eight minutes down the road from The Lakehouse, which is renowned for its complete, one-stop spa services, which include aesthetics, facials and massages, as well as microblading and Lash extensions included. , Spray tanning is a big hit here too, as are permanent makeup services, with eye, lip and brow micropigmentation by the spa owner.

“Making Barrie beautiful since 1982,” this family-run spot is just a 10-minute walk to The Lockhouse, the city’s premier spot for all things hair-related, offering a full list of styling services . But the spa on the second floor wins fans over for its wide variety of aesthetics, including waxing (even for her), mani-pedis, lash extensions, and microblading. Aveda facials and body wraps are also on the menu, as well as therapeutic and relaxation massages, including hot-stone therapy.

Warm hospitality rules in this fun and friendly atmosphere about five minutes down the road from Dunlop East. This relatively small team is big on the detail, providing advanced medical aesthetics that stimulate and energize the skin, including laser and IPL facials, HydraFacialMD treatments and LED light therapy, plus Botox and fillers administered by a registered nurse. Designated lash artists take care of hybrid and volume last extensions and more.

Bozena Day Spa

Lotus Organic Spa & Wellness Center Twelve minutes south of Lakhaus, Lotus Organic offers facials that focus on healing, tailored to your skin, including a signature facial that features a unique algae peel-off mask. Treats may also include clay, honey, berries, citrus, kale and other greens. Body-sugaring hair removal is another specialty, as are natural body wraps to refresh and recharge. The menu includes a full list for teens and men as well.

Amba Spa at Horseshoe Resort 20 minutes north will take you to this activity-packed ski and golf retreat, with a spa that’s perfect for a day out on the town with the girls. Custom-design your perfect afternoon of tranquility from a vast list of body treatments, massages, facials, holistic aesthetics and more, including signature scrubs, reflexology and hair removal. The seasonal specials are both luxurious and inventive. Express services are available for those who can’t stay much longer, but there’s nothing like a nice five-hour spa package to heal the world.

While you’re looking to pamper yourself in the neighborhood, why not visit the Lakhaus Presentation Center and take the first step toward your new home?

Visit to learn more about Luxury Living in Barrie and to sign up for our newsletter. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates. Hosting guests can be a huge undertaking, so do anything you can to make the process easier on yourself. Lobello recommends building the dining space close to the barbecue or the entrance to the house to save time walking between the table and the kitchen.

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Decades ago, a trip to a spa was like a mini-vacation. Spas were more like resorts in that you would stay for a few days, and their expense meant that they were luxury items often reserved for the rich and famous. These types of spas, called destination spas or resort spas, still exist (and you don’t necessarily have to be a millionaire to go to one), but there is another type of spa available now – the day spa.

A day spa may have most of the treatments and amenities available at a large resort spa, but you’re only there for as long as the treatments take an hour or two. Since you’re not spending the night, a day spa is much cheaper than a resort spa.

How do you know if a particular day spa is the right place for you? Here are five tips to make sure your day at the spa is safe, clean, and totally relaxing.

If you’re a spa first-timer, the spa staff will help guide you through the various services and procedures, letting you know what’s expected of both you and your esthetician. Still, it’s a good idea to learn about spa etiquette ahead of time. These are general rules that most spas follow, but if you have questions, you should call the spa to find out how the staff works.

Renew Day Spa

Keep in mind that spa staff have other appointments, so it’s important to arrive on time. That way, you can enjoy maximum relaxation and be on your way before the next appointment starts.

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