Closest Haircut Place To Me

Closest Haircut Place To Me – For a haircut, Zaynah Qutubuddin and her stylist huddle in the salon’s break room, beside waste bins, microwaves and bathroom doors. This is a private room. If it’s dim, replace the studio with a large mirror.

Sometimes her mother who is a psychiatrist not a stylist cut her hair. Kyutu Buddin once tried a hair salon that agreed to only book other female customers. while she was there but neglect to mention their male employees

Closest Haircut Place To Me

Muslim women like Kutu Buddin, who wear a headscarf known as the hijab. Facing a tough challenge when it comes to cutting hair. male stylist absent Because Muslim women only take off their hijab if there is a woman or man in their immediate family. and even in beauty salons run by women. Male customers can come in at any time.

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“Islam is also about cleanliness and humility while being concealed,” said Qatubuddin. “When you have no place to go That is an obstacle.”

As the number of Muslims in the area slowly grew, things began to change. Massachusetts Avenue, near Porter Square, advertised the studio as Faron Salon, with a private room for women to cover their hair.

Muslim women like Zaynah Qutubuddin wear headscarves called hijabs. facing a difficult challenge when it comes time to cut hair, Agent Suzanne Kreiter/Globe

Here, 28-year-old Kutubuddin has been accommodated in a room with all the same amenities as the rest of the shop: red chairs with hydraulic lifts, shampoo, dryer, mirror and magazine rack The doors are marked “private”, she opens them without worrying about her hair being glanced at by a male employee or customer.

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Although Faron, which opened last year May be the first person to advertise a room at But Muslim women have found ways over the years to create a personal space for themselves. The name of a sympathetic stylist is passed down from woman to woman.

At Ojee’s in the Back Bay, owner Ojee Hosein has been styling Muslim women’s hair for decades in the basement. She had two bowls of shampoo and two cutting boards. Her staff knew to ask before coming downstairs.

“When I have a sister I don’t let anyone down until I’m done,” said Hosin, who grew up Muslim in Trinidad and Tobago. and often covers my hair on the street but not at work

Other women like to cut their hair at home. Born in Brazil, Jill Alban is known among the hijabs for going from her home in Quincy to get their hair cut at their house. About 85 percent of her clients are Muslims.

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Alban is opening his very own hair salon in Braintree in a few weeks. And she also built private rooms for her Muslim clients. “Only women are allowed in this place,” she said.

When Suzan El-Rayess decided to wear a hijab as a graduate student at Columbia University. She had to lay off a male hairstylist. He was “an absolute artist and I love that he cuts my hair,” says El-Rayess, who grew up in Winchester. “But I guess priorities have changed.”

Why she decided to start wearing a headscarf: She felt she was too often determined by her appearance. Not from what you think or what you do.

El-Rayess, director of development for the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, said: “I am here. in world-class educational institutions where you have the best ideas.” “What I found was Many times my classmates recognized me. And they will recognize me because of my appearance. because of my hairstyle.”

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Faron Fares, owner of the Faron Salon in Cambridge, was intrigued a few years ago to learn about the difficulties Muslim women wear when trying to get their hair cut. Fares’ Egyptian husband is also a Muslim.

At her former salon in Harvard Square, Fares began offering special appointments on Sundays when the salon is closed. For women who want privacy When she moved the business closer to Porter Square, she built a separate room.

“I’m very proud of this room,” said Fares, who was born in Cambodia. “I’m a woman and we should all be able to feel awesome all the time.”

She posted flyers at local mosques advertising her services, recently, in the weeks leading up to Eid, an important Muslim holiday. She has two Muslim clients a day. That’s more than twice the normal amount, she said.

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Non-Muslim customers have requested to have their hair done in the room. This includes women undergoing chemotherapy for cancers that cause hair loss.

Not everyone supports her work. After she opened the room, she said, “I have a reaction against it” from other customers. a few of her Asked why she values ​​Muslims. “I educate them,” Fares said, explaining why some Muslim women cover their heads. And why is privacy important to them? This has satisfied most of her angry customers, she said.

About 36 percent of Muslim women in the United States Muslims say they always wear a hijab when out in public, according to the Pew Research Center (another 24 percent said they wear hijab most or all of the time). The center estimates that about 45 percent of Muslims 1.8 The country’s people are women.

Homa, a Muslim woman who lives in Boston and speaks on the condition that her last name be not used. Also a veteran of finding women-only barbershops in other beauty salons.

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“I’ll go earlier or later and ask if the salon has a room in the back,” she says. “It doesn’t always work out. Someone will walk in.”

The hooded Gutu Buddin only left her Cambridge apartment. I have been wearing hijab for ten years now. Her mother doesn’t wear a hijab. Her sister started covering her hair in the seventh grade.

As a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University, Qutubuddin decided this felt like the next step in following the religious mandate of dressing and behaving modestly. when she started She noted that she had fewer contacts than her non-Muslim peers.

Qtubuddin writes about her experience at Faron Salon on her blog. It was a relief to end my search for a salon that could accommodate her.

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“And how awkward is it to call and say, ‘Hey, if I dated you? Can’t you book men together?’” she wrote.

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