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Closest Nail Shop To Me – After the perfect hairstyle, eyelashes and eyebrows, only a little attention is left to the nails. Manicures come in a variety of designs, from creative, simple to specialized nail art. Do you need your nails to be flawlessly done, cute and divine all the time? Of course, this is every woman’s dream. In order to fulfill this fantasy, you will have to choose among the best manicure salons the one that suits your needs.

Several nail salons in Singapore offer a variety of personalized services. Most outstanding salons offer a variety of manicures such as acrylic, nail art, gel, and even pedicures.

Closest Nail Shop To Me

Nail arty is a huge nail salon with a big TV showing the latest movies while you get your nails done. Manicures are affordable from $15, while spa treatments and pedicures start at $30.

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Nail art offers you innovative and trendy designs. With a team of professional and flexible manicurists, you can enjoy every manicure. It allows hand-picked characters like pikachi and Tororo to be printed on your nails.

Address: Multiple locations including Serangoon Gardens Estate, 2 Maju Avenue, Singapore 556680 and 27 East Coast Road, Singapore 428749

Nail status offers you a variety of nail manicures. It is available in ombre glitter, holographic and chrome colors. They have the latest beauty trends in nail art. With a team of highly trained manicurists, you get decorations like gellyfit, Korean and Chinese glazes using OPI. For those who like simplicity, there is a French manicure for you.

Founded in 2004 as an independent nail salon, Nail status has grown into a chain of nail salons offering great nail work. The nail salon has won numerous awards for its outstanding work.

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Nailgasm offers the best nail treatments. The staff is professional and very kind to clients. Tools are thoroughly sterilized; you get quality service. Nailgasm is known for its hygiene standards in the clinic. You will enjoy safe products and highly fixed equipment and tools used in the salon.

The nail salon has a selection of 300 colors for you to choose from. You can enjoy a sugar bar that contains nail accessories that leave your nails sparkling and elegant

Address: 1 Tanglin Rd, Orchard Rendezvous Hotel, Singapore 247905 | 138 Robinson Road, Suite 08-04, Singapore, SG, 068906

Nail County is one of the leading nail salons in Singapore. It offers Korean nail art, nail repair and provides a range of pedicure and manicure services. At Nail County, you enjoy the best nail treatment in comfort.

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With a vision of providing a fulfilling experience to all clients visiting the salon, Nail county offers quality nail service with outstanding results. The team of nail artists is well-known and has extensive experience in the nail service. With numerous awards such as Best Nail Treatment and Best Nail Art, you can be sure that you will receive exemplary service from the experts in the field.

At Trimmings Salon and Spa, you get a full package of foot and hand treatments. You will enjoy sports care as well as a medical pedicure for your heels.

With over ten years of experience in the beauty industry, decorations are highly skilled in the manicure industry. She has a passion to make a difference in the beauty industry by ensuring that beauty is honest and straightforward. Located in a beautiful and peaceful setting, Trimmings is the perfect place for your manicure.

Working hours: Mon, Fri and Sat 9am-6pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00 – 20:30 (closed on Sundays and public holidays)

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Manikurius is an award-winning manicure salon. It boasts great manicure designs like glossy, matte, elegant to simple. For those who love pictorial design, nail art is the perfect place.

With vintage-inspired chairs, you can sink comfortably into a cozy environment while getting your nails done. His attentive staff will take care of a quality manicure.

With high-quality products, your gel nails last longer. It has a team of patients and professional staff. You enjoy free tea while you get the perfect manicure.

Urban house offers a unique business model for manicure. Unlike other manicure salons, the Urbane company does your nails in your home. It provides quality pedicures and manicures at your doorstep. With eight years of experience in the industry, they offer quality manicure art.

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To book an appointment, select a service on their website or app, choose the nail colors you like, and then schedule a manicure date. Two-hour early bird reservations are available. Skilled and professional nail artists use disinfected tools and sterilize products for your manicure.

With four years of experience in the manicure market, Home Nails offers you the perfect solution for your manicure needs. Home nails is located in the center of Singapore; in addition, it offers affordable prices. Their well trained and friendly team of nail artists who do a perfect job on nails.

The manicure salon offers you various gel extensions such as 3D nail art, gel extensions and bridal gels. The designs are as perfect as you would want them to be.

Nail M’pir is the perfect nail salon for Singapore’s working population. Strategically located in Tangs, you can have a quick nail treatment during your work breaks. At an affordable price of $15, your nails are done well.

Lily’s Nail Spa & Hair Salon (honolulu)

The nail manicure is perfectly adapted to the client’s needs. You can look for a top coat that dries quickly if you have limited time. Those who are short on time can also have a full manicure and angel gel.

With the above list of best nail salons in Singapore, you can choose the one that suits your budget. Most of the listed prices are non-discounted and regular prices. When booking online, you can find significant discounts when purchasing vouchers. Some vouchers can cover you and your friend.

Make sure that nail salons are available and that you use the right products that do not cause allergic reactions. If you have a busy schedule or work from home, you can opt for nail salons that offer home visits.

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