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Closest Physical Therapy – You are unique, so a pain relief or rehabilitation solution must be tailored to YOU. Our physiotherapists create a personalized treatment plan that fits your needs and goals, rather than using the same standardized treatment plans.

We value experience and focus on your journey to better health. Beyond just answering your questions, our physiotherapists actively participate in your journey through encouragement, support and quality care.

Closest Physical Therapy

We are leaders in research, technology and innovative ways to help you achieve your goals. Our sole focus is to provide the highest quality service you expect to receive.

Blue Springs, Mo Clinic

View our Cleburne & Burleson Physical Therapy ClinicsWith two convenient locations for delivering award-winning physical therapy in Johnson County, find a location closer to youLocations

What We TreatFrom aquatic therapy to sports injuries and everything in between, find out more about what our experienced physiotherapists treatLearn more

Texas Physical Therapist JobsCome work for the best physical therapy in Texas. View our open positionsApply today

Community EngagementSERVING THE COMMUNITY STARTS WITH GIVING BACK. THAT’S WHY OUR PHYSICAL THERAPY TEAMS AT Burleson & Cleburne ARE COMMITTED TO MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN THE COMMUNITIES WE SERVE. WHETHER PARTICIPATING IN LOCAL EVENTS OR ORGANIZING OUR OWN. Learn More Clinical excellence is the foundation of our successful patient outcomes. Many of our therapists hold advanced certification in orthopedic physical therapy, as well as other specialist areas.

Kansas City, Mo Midtown Clinic

Many of our patients are referred to us by their primary care physician or a specialist physician, including an orthopedic surgeon, neurosurgeon, neurologist, rheumatologist, physical physician, obstetrician/gynecologist, oral surgeon or dentist.

Ask your doctor if physical therapy can help you. Patients can also contact their PT directly without the need for a referral.

Clinical excellence is the foundation of our successful patient outcomes. Many of our therapists have advanced certification in orthopedics

“If you’re coming to Therapy South, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Every clinic I’ve been to has the same sign hanging in the clinic with their core values ​​listed, and faith is at the center. That tells me a lot about the company: they are not just good people, they are good physical therapists!”

Physical Therapy For Hip Pain: Causes And Treatments — Lattimore Physical Therapy

“We’ve been working on my shoulder and back, and my therapists have got me up and running again! They’ve helped improve my range of motion and strengthen my core so I can stand and move better. Everyone is so kind. They are laid back and never feel rushed. As I met everyone, they are my friends now!”

“I learned a lot in – my back pain was really due to needing to strengthen my core. My experience was wonderful. It’s close to my home and the team really wants to see you get better – we laugh and enjoy our time together!”

“It’s the first place I would recommend – they treat you like one of their own and are very interactive. They talk to me during my workouts and they all really want to help. My therapist Jason shared with me about his own experience with shoulder pain. Because of working at , I was able to regain enough functionality in my shoulder to play during my senior golf season!”

“A doctor recommended a shoulder replacement, but wanted to try physical therapy before having surgery. My doctor recommended it, and my therapist, Tyler, knew exactly what to do to help me regain range of motion in my arm and shoulder. He is very easy to work with, and the atmosphere at Therapy South is very pleasant. Everyone seems to enjoy working together, and it shows! I’ve been dancing for years and I’m glad to be back – it’s good physical and mental exercise!”

Coury & Buehler Physical Therapy

“ worked in my hip band and TI and as I followed their lead they helped me get back to the things I love! My therapists were more than a band-aid; we were working on a solution. They are a team and it feels like a real brotherhood. Training is a huge stress reliever for me – I’m grateful to be back training and playing basketball!”

“In January of last year, I had an accident at work that left me unable to move my right hand. At first I didn’t have any movement or sensation in my hand and it was like that when I first felt my fingers – it was like waking up from a dream. For months I thought I would never be able to use my hand again, but now I feel so much more positive about my movement and mobility! It is extremely personal and I always felt at home.”

“When I first came to see Corey in , I couldn’t even close the car door with my left arm. Originally, my goal was just to have more normal function in my arm, but Corey has helped me get my range of motion back, and now I’m gaining strength! The clinic is very close to my house, which is very important to me. The therapists are very experienced and kind. They are involved with each patient and work creatively to make you better.”

“I think everyone should get physical therapy regularly! After injuring my neck, Susan helped me correct my posture to prevent future injuries. she has helped my daughters in the past and the therapists are so kind. Many therapists live close to me and we see each other in our community! Therapy South helped eliminate much of my need for pain medication and provided me with long-term solutions to my chronic problems. They helped provide me with the information I needed to take care of my body!

Exercises For Plantar Fasciitis

The 25 closest locations will be populated. Scroll through the list or click the map pin for contact details.

We will work effectively for you to recover, focusing on your well-being during and after therapy.

Our clinics are located throughout the Northeast, with locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Below you will find clinics organized by City, State and Region.

Navigate to the nearest or most convenient physical therapy clinic for you. Select the clinic to view detailed information, hours of operation, contact information, physical therapy staff and photo galleries of the facility. You can also make an appointment request directly to the clinic on their dedicated pages.

Learn How To Perform A Squat Correctly

Complete this short form and our patient care coordinators will contact you to schedule an appointment at your convenience. We will work effectively for you to recover, focusing on your well-being before, during and after therapy.

Professional PT will deliver relevant and timely information about the benefits and impact of Physical Therapy, straight to your inbox. Sign up today to stay informed about everything Professional Physical Therapy! Finding a physiotherapist near you can seem tricky depending on where you live – you may have many options in busy cities, or very few if you live in a more rural area. How can you find the right PT clinic nearby that also fits your needs and schedule? Fortunately, it takes the guesswork out of finding a physical therapist that’s perfect for you, no matter where you are. No need to search endlessly for “physical therapy near me!”

You may be wondering, “how am I going to find physical therapy near me?” Technology has brought us closer together than ever before, and healthcare is no exception. Now you can receive excellent physical therapy at home on your own schedule. Going to a nearby physiotherapy clinic is not that straightforward for everyone, which limits the number of times they can actually attend face-to-face visits. It can be difficult to find time to commute to and from the PT clinic, arrange transportation, hire a babysitter, or take time off work for appointments. Not to mention that you can’t control bad weather or unforeseen life circumstances that make PT in the clinic nearly impossible at times.

There is no reason to hesitate to receive physiotherapy at home remotely. Studies have shown that people who do their exercises and touch base with their physical therapist at home using remote tools still achieve excellent results and reach their therapy goals. Your physiotherapist will first meet with you virtually to carry out an initial assessment that assesses your mobility, needs and goals, just as if you were in a physiotherapy clinic. Your physiotherapist will also ensure that you are a suitable candidate for remote physiotherapy at home and assign you a safe and effective home program. Remote home physiotherapy can be used to:

Physical Therapy Manchester, Nh

Looking to get in with a physical therapist near you soon? You can download the app today to connect with a licensed physical therapist in your state and begin your

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