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Closest Place For Breakfast Near Me – Restaurant Reviews Western Jozi’s Diner Review: Retro American Diner in Serangoon for Chicken Waffles and Burgers under $12.90 25 Jun 2021

Joji’s Diner, an American-style diner in Serangoon, has been popping up on social media ever since the dining-in restrictions were lifted. Being an iconic symbol of American culture, the diner is a place of comfort, where people go for no-frills, greasy American grub that’s quick, cheap and filling. At Joji’s Diner, they try to replicate this charm with their affordable all-day breakfast.

Closest Place For Breakfast Near Me

Joji Diner’s All-Star Platter ($12.90), the most expensive item on the menu, was served as an all-star line-up of breakfast hits like bacon, scrambled eggs, sausage and hashbrowns. It immediately reminded me of a better version of McDonald’s Big Breakfast set.

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Despite flooding the French toast with maple syrup for my overzealous hands, it still shines with a light cinnamon flavor. Cutting cinnamon also removes fat.

This German Sausage Sausage, another breakfast essential, had a crisp crunch and was bursting with delicious flavor. These flavors were further enhanced by the salty cheese.

Their buttery scrambled eggs were smooth and melt in the mouth. That being said, the oiliness got to me after a while and I found the buttery flavors a bit cloying in Half on the Yellow Cloud.

As a fan of crispy, seared smashed burger patties, I wanted to find out how diners execute this American staple. Their Smash Burger ($11.90) features a fluffy burger bun cushioned by two beef patties lined with cheese and pickles.

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A common problem with fast food burgers is a mushy build-up and I’m happy to announce that this was no problem with Joji’s Burgers. This allowed me to enjoy the fluffy buns in their full glory. However, the slightly oversalted beef patties didn’t carry the smoky charred flavor characteristic of battered burgers and were somewhat underwhelming.

My favorite dish at Joji’s dinner would be their chicken and waffles ($12.90). Arriving like a small pyramid, the waffle base tapers to a generous slice of fried chicken, followed by a sunny-side-up egg.

The waffles had strong dairy undertones, which seemed to point to the generous ratio of butter and milk in the batter. These milky flavors contrast well with the delicious fried chicken. I would have liked the chicken to be a little crispier, but the generous portion makes up for it.

Unfortunately, the sunny-side-up was the weakest link, as it was slightly burnt on the bottom and had a bitter aftertaste.

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The Big Bang ($8.90) chocolate milkshake is so delightfully sinful it could serve as a meal on its own. A thick malt drink is topped with a generous amount of whipped cream, mini-pretzels, a strawberry and a mini donut.

I’d recommend sharing one of these with a dining companion as the sweetness overload got zingy after a few sips. They also have some coffee and tea items on the menu, to wash down the breakfast sets for those who want something lighter.

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The entire shop decor carries a vintage look with its contrasting colors, jukebox and gumball machine, making the diner a great #ootd spot. You can get photobombed by their endless stream of customers, so I’d recommend visiting after the hype wears off.

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A six-minute walk from Serangoon MRT station, Joji’s Diner is right next to famous dinner spot Song Kee Fishball Noodles.

Joji’s Diner excels in serving American diner-style food at very affordable prices. This breath of fresh air in the Serangoon neighborhood is such a draw for residents that you’ll see queues forming before their opening hours. The popularity, however, seemed to take its toll on customer service and it was a roller coaster of warm greetings and cold, hard expressions for customers who took a little longer to finish their meals.

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Address: 534 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534549 Opening hours: Tue 11am to 5:30pm, Wed-Fri 1pm to 5:30pm, Sat-Sun 11am to 5:30pm Website

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Bacon lovers rejoice! Its menu is built around six different bacon flavor profiles: habanero, garlic, candied, applewood, paleo, and a chef’s selection (a unique flavor like French toast!) that you can order a flight of (highly recommended). Located on a large lot in Cobbler’s Corner in the Sunnyside neighborhood, this restaurant makes a great location for going out with a group of friends, especially during the summer when one can sit on their spacious patio. Sunshine, take a sweet route with their lemon ricotta pancakes or boozy French toast- challah bread.

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