Closest Place To Buy Fish

Closest Place To Buy Fish – Everyone has their “guy” on what they consider the best place to buy seafood in Seattle. That’s because Seattle has a huge seafood scene thanks to its prime location near the large commercial fishing scene of Alaska and the Pacific.

But the other reason we’re the best city for seafood is because we care. Seattlelites care about how their food is treated, so only the freshest sustainably caught seafood will do.

Closest Place To Buy Fish

I have many favorite places to buy fish in Seattle, but there is one that stands out above the rest. I’m sharing the best place to get seafood in Seattle and all my insider tips on what to buy at each of my other favorites around town.

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Website | district: Interbay | Fishermen’s Terminal, 1900 W Nickerson St | best for: a wide variety of locally caught fish

Wild Salmon Seafood Market is tucked away in Fisherman’s Terminal in Interbay, an unassuming area between Ballard and Magnolia. They have a wide variety of fish available including Copper River Salmon, Black Cod, Dungeness Crab Legs, Lobster Tails, Mussels, Mussels, Spot Shrimp and more. You will even find less common fish like opah.

Given their prime location on the harbor where fishermen moor their vessels (including the Deadliest Catch TV show boats!), they are positioned to source from small fish that catch shellfish locally in the Pacific Northwest. But they also import goods from abroad to balance out their inventory. Given their variety-quality-price ratio, this is my favorite place to buy fresh fish in Seattle.

Pro tip: Little Chinook’s is right next door. They are one of the best fish and chip joints in Seattle, so grab some after you shop!

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It was really hard to choose the best place to buy seafood in Seattle because we have so many great fish markets that provide our access to the ocean. Here are my other favorite places to find the best seafood in Seattle.

Note that none of these are available at Pike Place Market. There is a reason! Pike Place is a tourist attraction and therefore the fish are marked up higher than they should be, so buy from these local fish shops instead.

This is my favorite fishmonger considering its convenient location near my house. It’s a little place in a neighborhood area between Ballard and Crown Hill that feels like such a hidden gem. You’ll find all kinds of really fresh fish here, with a case on the left as you walk in and a grocery store on the right. Among the grocery section, you’ll find some produce, but you’ll want the b-line for coolers and freezers where you can find frozen fish packages and pre-made dips, soups and more.

While their fish is good, I find the pre-made items where they really shine. One of our absolute favorite things to get is their crab cakes. They are more than an inch thick and so damn flavorful. It’s a simple evening meal that we look forward to because it tastes like we spent hours in the kitchen.

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Seattle Fish Company is located on California Ave in West Seattle just before the main street becomes residential. They have a pretty extensive case where you’ll find many fresh fish and seafood options. They have some of the most beautiful scallops I have ever seen! You can visit the store or order online for delivery.

In addition to a fish market, they also have a grill where they serve up seriously addictive seafood snacks that you might find at a fish shack tossing tacos in San Diego or clam strips in New England. I’m obsessed with many of their fried seafood snacks like oysters, clam strips and calamari, but the real stunner here is their smoked salmon chowder. It has both tomato and cream, so there’s a really interesting depth of flavor that you don’t get with typical clam chowder. If they have any of these while you’re there, pick some up to take home!

Seattle Fish Guys reminds me of my favorite poke shops in Maui. You walk in and there’s a relaxed, aloha feel and a long case filled with everything you can think of. There is plenty of fresh seafood here including salmon, cod, scallops, lobster, clams, squid…you name it.

You’ll also find prepared items like their famous smoked salmon candy and poke. In true Hawaiian style, the poke is pre-mixed and served in large portions. It’s the perfect quick meal to eat, or you can get sushi-grade fish to make yourself.

An Overview Of Fish Bowls

This oyster farm is located along Chuckanut Drive, one of my favorite things to do in Skagit County and the area about an hour north of Seattle where I host my small group food tours.

Fortunately, you don’t have to trek to visit Skagit County restaurants to get Taylor Shellfish Farm’s oysters. They have a few oyster bars in Seattle, but their Capitol Hill location also sells fresh oysters. You’ll walk into their little oyster bar and see bubbling tanks of oysters begging you to take home a dozen or three.

One of the absolute best places to buy seafood in Seattle is just outside of Seattle in the town of Shoreline north of the city. Formerly called Central Market, this place is part of the local grocery chain Town & Country and it’s the place we go every year to pick up fish for our annual Feast of the Seven Fishes Christmas Eve meal.

We drive here because it’s the best place in North Seattle to find great value seafood and lots of variety. They have quite a large fish counter with lots of fishmongers behind it ready to make buying seafood easy with their expert tips. They will also clean your fish for you, remove the skin and bones or fillet it to your desired size. It’s also convenient because you can pick up other items on your shopping list since this is a traditional grocery store.

John Long’s Fish & Chips

Uwajimaya is the place to go when you have many Asian ingredients and delicacies on your shopping list, including fish. You’ll find every type of fish you can think of, including those that aren’t as common in regular grocery stores. There are also seafood staples like dried shrimp that are common in popular Asian dishes. This is usually the place I refer people to for the best quality sushi fish in Seattle, especially if they live in South Seattle.

If you want to buy straight from the source, Loki is the best place to buy seafood in Seattle. It is a cooperative owned and operated by fishermen who catch fish in Seattle and Alaska. They sell their catch at farmers markets, but you can also pick up your order directly from their boat docked in the Fisherman’s Terminal if you want to expand beyond the city’s fish markets.

You’ll want to cook their fish with a recipe that doesn’t do too much to hide the quality of the fish, like this salmon with pistachio and cocoa gremolata.

St. Jude is another seafood option straight from the fisherman in Seattle. They fish year-round in both the North and South Pacific using the sustainable trolling method. This is where fishermen pull bait lines from their boat near the surface while continuing to drive the boat near schools of fish. The tuna is caught and pulled through the water for a bit before being pulled up, quickly killed and frozen for optimum freshness.

What Is Pacific Rockfish?

I haven’t had a chance to try their fresh albacore tuna yet, but I’ve picked up their canned tuna at the Ballard Farmers Market and I can tell you, it’s on another level. It’s so juicy and flavorful, nothing like that watered-down, dry junk you get at the grocery store. That’s how clean food should taste!

Drifter’s Fish is owned by a sweet-as-a-button husband and wife who catch their own salmon in Alaska and sell directly to consumers once a year through their CSF (Community Supported Fisheries) program. I bought this as a gift for my dad one year and he absolutely loved it. They deliver their salmon in individually portioned vacuum sealed bags that make it super easy to use. If you want one of the best gifts from Seattle, this is definitely a contender!

They also sell their smoked and canned salmon directly to the consumer or through their friends at Ebb & Company, a cafe and natural wine store in Seattle.

Hama Hama Oysters is one of my favorite oyster farms in Washington. I usually go to their oyster farm on the Olympic Peninsula to feed oysters and clams during their “Farm Days” event. But they started delivering nationwide during the pandemic and haven’t looked back since!

Everything You Need To Know About … Monkfish

They are some of the best oysters I’ve had and more affordable than others I’ve seen, especially if you get them straight from their farm. This is definitely a Seattle for foodies bucket list item that you have to check off at least once!

The Market Fishmonger and Eatery is on my list of the best restaurants in Edmonds, WA for its lobster roll, but this little fishmonger also sells raw seafood

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