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Red hunters from Will’s Worms, a home business owned by siblings Will and Alyssa Hatanaka, ages 7 and 8.

Closest Place To Buy Worms

Red, glutinous Eisenia fetida could be the new cattle prod for Southern California gardeners… if only they were easier to find.

Where To Buy Red Wigglers Worms? Top 8 Places For A Proven & Secure Purchase

During the pandemic, as people discovered (or rediscovered) the joys of gardening while stuck at home, the demand for compost worms skyrocketed. In addition, a new state law requiring food waste to stay out of landfills has created more interest in worm compost.

Most local farmers aren’t big self-promoters, but we found 13 in Southern California that currently have red worms at prices ranging from $25 to $75 per pound.

A challenge to the supply chain: After a worm farmer runs out of supplies, it can take a while to restock because it takes 90 days for baby worms to reproduce.

“When I started closing, my business quadrupled,” said Stan McCall, who has been selling worms with McCrawls Red Worms for about 10 years. He grows red sparks in his backyard and sells them from his shop in Cypress, where his other business, Custom Creative, deals in polishing stones. Demand has slowed but is still strong, he said, with sales of 5,000 to 10,000 worms a week.

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One kilogram of these hungry compost worms can eat half their body weight in a day under optimal conditions — aided by beneficial microbes that break down food into microscopic worm bites, according to worm breeders. But even better, worm droppings—known as casts—are pure gold for plants and are therefore highly coveted by organic gardeners, especially cannabis farmers who require organic cultivation of many medicinal crops.

As a soil amendment, worm castings act as fertilizer and help plants grow stronger with higher yields. Chris Jung, known as Worm Warrior, who grows and sells worms from his home in Glendale, said that when the castings are made into a “tea,” they also help protect plants from a variety of pests.

Mike Matosian of Oaktree Worm Farm & Soils stopped selling worms in 2017 after the Creek fire destroyed his Sylmar nursery. Since then, he has been raising worms only for casting, but he has received so many requests to buy compost worms that he has decided to continue selling. worms in early April.

“Cannabis growers love to use it,” Matosian said. “I mean, they don’t tell me they’re cannabis growers, but I can usually tell. They always say something like, “I grow a bunch of tomatoes,” but casting isn’t cheap. I sell regular compost for about $25 a yard, but I get $450 a yard for pours, so you have to be motivated. The only farmers who can use it on this scale are cannabis growers.

Jumping Worms Are Taking Over North American Forests

Castings are a natural byproduct of worm farming, but they also require labor to collect, so according to worm farmers, they cost more than compost. By raising their own worms, plant lovers can avoid high landfill prices while keeping their gardens productive and methane-producing food waste out of our landfills.

Worm composting, or vermicomposting, turns food waste into worm castings that are great for garden soil. How to start worm compost at home.

It’s a double win for the environment, and another bonus according to LA’s youngest worm farmers. You can use the worms for competitions – and save for college.

Will Hatanaka, 7, and his sister, Alissa, 8, own Will’s Worms in Studio City. Their father, Kevin, explained that they chose the name “because it’s shorter.” With the help of their father and their guinea pigs Phyllis, Patches and Tuxie, they raise and sell a variety of compost worms.

How To Get Rid Of Worms In Potted Plants: A Quick Guide

How do guinea pigs help breed worms? “They poop a lot,” the siblings exclaim in unison, and then Alyssa explains with a laugh. “Wolves love to eat the feces of vegetarian animals.”

These mini-entrepreneurs share the types and benefits of the worms they raise, the amount of time they spend caring for them each day (about 1½ hours), and their other “favorite” weekly activities – children’s choir, Chinese lessons, karate (both green belts, aiming to become brown belts this summer ), hula hoop, basketball and of course playing with guinea pigs.

Will and Alyssa started raising worms in 2020 at the start of the pandemic when they discovered their father’s neglected worm composting bin in the backyard. They found worms that were still alive and used them for races, placing them in the middle of the trash can lid and cheering for the first to reach the edge, Will said.

After a while they asked for more worms, Kevin said, “But I said you can’t keep getting more and more worms as toys or pets; you have to do something productive with them. I’ll buy worms for you, but you need to take the time to learn some business skills.”

Ask Gardenerd: Where Do I Get Worms?

The siblings now have trays and stacks of red hunters, the dominant compost worm, plus purple African nightcrawlers, which they say work well for composting, and a few trays of European nightcrawlers for fishers. They have since repaid their father’s initial investment and are now “owners”, although they still rely on him to manage their advertising and surveys. Almost all of their earnings go to college savings funds.

Here’s a list of things you can safely add to any compost pile, whether it’s home or communal.

After a whirlwind tour of their operation, with quick stops to climb trees, swing on a rope, and ride a trampoline, Alyssa and Will tie up the guinea pigs to bring them back inside. As she collects the disturbed animals, several small black pellets appear beneath them and Alyssa screams in triumph.

Seven-year-old Will Hatanaka keeps a European night crawler, one of several types of worms he raises with his sister, Alyssa, 8, in Studio City.

Buy Composting Worms Portugal

Below is a list of where to find compost worms and related products in Southern California. Most of these farmers also sell worm castings and/or tea. Worms are usually sold by weight, ranging from 600 to 1,000 pounds of worms depending on their size. Unless otherwise noted, all of these farmers offer worms for pickup, but they ask customers to call ahead or order online to ensure worms are available when they arrive. Did we miss someone? Email Jeanette.marantos@ and we can add them to our list.

Some items will only decompose in a warm compost pile. It is better to leave them to the professionals.

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Best Tips For Catching Nightcrawlers • Fishing Duo

If you don’t mind when your order arrives… (for this reason, of course) choose Standard Shipping and we’ll ship your order with the best option for us. This could be APC Overnight, DPD or Royal Mail. Please allow 2 – 5 days for delivery and we can ship anywhere in the UK. If you are in the Mountains and Islands, look below.

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IF your order ONLY contains live worms and weighs less than 2 kilos – be it compost worms, wax worms or meal worms, you will have the option to choose standard delivery at checkout for £3.95. Because we can use Royal Mail for this service. Otherwise, you will see additional cost options for the courier to deliver your package – please note that there are no guarantees after this.

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