Closest Place To Get A Oil Change

Closest Place To Get A Oil Change – Engine oil lubricates the mechanical parts that move inside your engine and also helps clean, cool and protect your engine. Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation, where applicable, for oil changes based on your individual driving habits and conditions.

This is not your standard oil change. Whether it’s conventional, high mileage, synthetic blend or full synthetic oil, the Jiffy Lube Signature Service

Closest Place To Get A Oil Change

Oil Change is a comprehensive preventive maintenance service to check, change, inspect and fill vital systems and components of your vehicle. And we vacuum the interior of your vehicle and clean exterior windows.

Premier Oil Change

Oil Change, we provide a free fluid premium service on essential fluids including engine oil (same type of oil purchased originally), transmission, power steering, differential/transfer case and washer fluids. Just stop within 3,000 miles of your service mileage, and we’ll fill up to two quarts with fluid, as needed.

Jiffy Lube® helps you choose the perfect motor oil for your ride. See which is best for your ride using the oil comparison chart below:

Between service visits up to 3,000 miles, customers can receive free top-ups* of engine oil with the same type of oil originally purchased and any or all of the five essential fluids listed above. (*up to a maximum of 2 quarts per fluid)

You know that motor oil is affordable and available. You’ve seen it on the shelves at auto parts stores, gas stations, hardware stores, and big box stores. But do you know “what does an oil change do?” …

Common Signs You Need An Oil Change

Many drivers are unsure about checking the oil level. If you want to learn how, you’ve come to the right place. After all, Jiffy Lube® serves thousands of vehicles every day with the Jiffy Lube Signature …

Have a question about engine oil? You have come to the right place! Jiffy Lube® pioneered the fast lube industry. Our experts are happy to share their knowledge and experience. How Long Can You Go Without … Contact About Us Contact Us Fleet Services Real Estate Franchise Development Sponsors Our Guarantees Michelin Promise Service Guarantee Tire Guarantee

Do you really need to change your oil every 3,000 miles? In a word, yes. Here’s the deal: Your car is an important part of your life. It gets you – and your family – where you need to go every day. And, aside from your home, it’s probably one of your biggest investments.

That being said, it just makes sense to make sure your car is in the best possible condition. You need to be sure that it is reliable, safe and protected. Changing your oil every 3,000 miles is a cheap, quick and easy way to extend the life of your vehicle.

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We do much more than oil changes. In fact, we’re your one-stop shop for auto maintenance, tune-ups, diagnostics and repair. Just come in anytime and we can work to find out what your problem is and provide a quick, affordable solution.

Think you need to take your high-tech car to the dealership to get it fixed? You don’t. We can also take care of even the most advanced computer car issues. Again, we are your one-stop shop. Period.

The phrase “where the rubber meets the road” basically means “where things get serious.” There’s a reason for that: Your tires are absolutely essential to the safety and performance of your vehicle. They are where things get very serious. That’s why you should never neglect to maintain, repair or replace your tires.

At Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers, we can help you with all your tire needs including wheel alignment, tire repair, rotation and balancing and finding new tires.

At Home Oil Change Tutorial

When you stop by, make sure you ask about any special offers, savings opportunities or financing. Because we’re here to help you take care of your car, and your wallet, too! Engine oil is the lifeblood of any motor vehicle. It’s the key ingredient to a healthy engine that keeps your car running smoothly for thousands of miles. In fact, oil changes are such an important and routine part of car care that Firestone Complete Auto Care performs over six million oil changes a year! But why do cars need oil changes in the first place? Keep reading to learn why cars need oil to run and the many benefits of motor oil.

The main role of engine oil is to lubricate the moving parts of your engine. Because there are so many complicated and fast-moving parts in an engine, engine oil is necessary to keep components running smoothly while reducing friction and wear. Sometimes, the only thing keeping engine parts from grinding together is a thin layer of engine lubricant!

However, even a well-lubricated engine generates a lot of heat. Therefore, another critical function of engine oil is to draw heat away from the various components, helping to keep the engine running at optimal temperatures. Without engine oil, your engine would quickly seize and potentially overheat.

Along with understanding what engine oil does, it’s important to know how to check your oil so you know if your vehicle is low on oil. Regular oil changes are crucial to obtaining reliability and maximum performance from your vehicle. Skipping routine oil changes can have serious consequences for the health of your car and can even lead to complete engine failure if it runs without oil.

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The standard recommendation used to be to change your oil every 3,000-5,000 miles, but you may need to change it more or less often depending on your Manufacturer’s Suggested Maintenance Schedule. Always refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended oil grade, type and maintenance schedule for your vehicle. If you see a red oil light appear on your dashboard, have your vehicle tested immediately as you may be dealing with low to no oil pressure or a major oil leak.

When you’re ready for an oil change, visit your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care for an expert and courtesy check.

Motor oil technology has come a long way since its first use in the late 1800s. While the main function of engine oil was – and still is – to lubricate and cool engine parts, most modern engine oils offer many additional benefits that improve engine performance.

Another important function of engine oil is that it helps keep your engine clean by processing dirt and other contaminants through an oil filter. Additionally, motor oil can include a variety of beneficial chemical compounds – known as additives – that can enhance oil performance. Some additives commonly found in motor oil include:

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Engine oil does a lot to keep your engine running smoothly. The exact benefits for your vehicle will largely depend on the type of oil it uses – from conventional to high mileage to synthetic blend and full synthetic motor oil. While full synthetic motor oil usually costs a little more, it tends to be the best for most vehicles.

No matter what kind of oil your car uses, it is a vital component that keeps the engine running efficiently. Plus, changing your oil regularly is a great way to save gas while helping to keep engine parts well coated and protected from wear.

Now that you know how important oil is to your reliable ride, are you ready for an oil change? Head to your local Firestone Complete Auto Care for your next oil change, and learn why millions of drivers trust our automotive professionals to service their vehicles. Find service offers and coupons to use for your next Firestone Complete Auto Care oil change, then call your local location or schedule your next oil change appointment online.

Do you know the difference between synthetic, high mileage and full synthetic motor oil? Read on to learn about different types of oil and how they make your car move.

What Is Included In An Oil Change? — The Oil Change App

Have you ever wondered what color your engine oil should be, or what effect it can have on it? Learn the answers to these frequently asked questions and more, here.

Find out exactly what to expect when you bring your car or truck to Firestone Complete Auto Care for an oil change service. Visit your nearest location!

Proper disposal of engine oil is essential for environmental and legal reasons. Make sure you do it right by following the steps in this guide.

As the seasons change, so does your engine’s engine oil. Learn what happens to engine oil in the winter and what types of oil to choose to prevent engine oil.

The Lube Center

Has your oil filter ever come loose? It happens more than you might think. Learn why it happens, what can go wrong if it does, and what you can do about it.

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To protect your vehicle’s engine and ensure you get maximum performance and service life, it is imperative to change the oil and filter at

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