Closest Recycling Place To My Location

Closest Recycling Place To My Location – If you’re one of those people who likes to buy new clothes even if it’s not Chinese New Year, chances are your closet is full of togs you don’t wear anymore.

The answer to that puzzle could be these fabric bins that are readily available in all 60 locations in Singapore.

Closest Recycling Place To My Location

The textile recycling bins were installed by Cloop, a Singaporean startup that collects reusable clothing for resale.

Trash & Recycling

According to their website, their mission is to “reduce fashion overuse and waste by keeping clothes in circulation”.

They work in partnership with Life Line Clothing, a Malaysian textile collector who aims to reduce textile waste pollution and divert textiles away from landfill.

Besides clothing, items such as bags, shoes, accessories, belts, caps and household items such as soft toys, pillows, towels and linens are accepted.

Packed items are also fine, as long as they are between 50 to 55cm long and 40 to 50cm wide, and weigh 7kg.

The Intellibins App Maps Out Locations Where People In New York City Can Recycle Any Material

If members of the public notice that bins are full or packages are left outside, they should call 3159 5141 for assistance.

In a Facebook video, Tanjong Pagar GRC Member of Parliament Eric Chua explained what happens to items after they are thrown into the recycling bins.

While those in good condition can be sold and exported as used clothes, those with metal or damage cannot be reused.

However, their fibers can still be stripped and turned into items such as tapes, gloves and industrial cleaning cloths.

Central Recycling Facility

For convenience, textile recycling bins can be found at 60 locations across Singapore – seven of which are in Mr Chua’s Tanjong Pagar GRC.

Although four of them are in private areas such as condos and offices, most of them are in publicly accessible areas such as empty houses, schools, parking lots and shopping malls.

To find the location of a bin near you, check out this map or this Google Docs list.

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