Crabs In Baltimore Inner Harbor

Crabs In Baltimore Inner Harbor – A recent family reunion brought my expatriate family together in what we call home, Baltimore. Local food is definitely the focal point of the reunion, and summer in Baltimore means slightly hard shell crab.

So I take a week off to write about our great Southwest Ohio produce to describe a real crab party at home. Warning, this description is not for the faint of heart.

Crabs In Baltimore Inner Harbor

The crabs were taken from a sailor who caught them in the Chesapeake Bay and shipped them to a nondescript suburban shack, where they were steamed in a tang of pepper and Old Bay.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Responds To Peta With Their Own Crab Billboard In Baltimore

The steamed crabs are placed on a table covered with newspaper, usually The Baltimore Sun. Instead of knives and forks, favorite utensils are mallets, nutcrackers, and fingers.

Lobsters, like seafood, are also finger-eaten, but less palatable because they’re steamed in “clean” water, while Maryland crabs are steamed in pepper and Old Bay.

Old Bay Seasoning is a blend of herbs and spices including some pepper, named for the Old Bay Line, a steamboat company that used to ferry passengers across the Chesapeake Bay between Baltimore and Norfolk. Old Bay was originally produced by the Baltimore Spice Company, founded in 1939 by refugees from Nazi Germany. Ironically, a Jewish man escaping the Holocaust invented a condiment used to cook seafood that was not kosher food.

Old Bay was sold in 1990 to McCormick, a company with headquarters in the Baltimore area. McCormick’s original factory in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor sends spice aromas throughout the region, but McCormick’s headquarters are now in suburban Baltimore.

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Steamed crabs are also much harder to eat than lobsters because some of the internal parts are inedible. The gills, lungs and other internals must be removed (by hand) as they are filtering waste while the crabs are swimming in the Chesapeake Bay.

People grabbed a crab and started dismantling it. First, claws and spindly legs are removed. Most people put them aside for later.

The next step is to remove the large back shell. To do so, one must know how to lift a Y-shaped knot on the underside of the crab’s claws. Under the knuckle was a hole where a few fingers were inserted to pull out the bright orange back.

Some of the pieces now revealed, including the gills and lungs, were scraped away and thrown in a pile in the newspaper along with the seashells. After removing the viscera, the thin inner shell of the crab easily splits in half along a line.

Best Places To Eat Steamed Crabs In Baltimore

The dorsal fin crab meat is fingered from all the nooks and crannies inside the thin bivalves. Unlike lobster, crab meat is served directly in the mouth, not dipped in sauce or melted butter.

A group of Baltimore-born and raised diners eating steamed crab is a remarkably eerie anthropological sight. Baltimore natives kindly prepare crabs for demanding family members who grew up elsewhere.

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1 Drugs, guns, $105,000 in cash seized in second drug seizure this week in…2. Teen driver released from hospital after Lakota3 school bus crash Butler County Republicans Select Nancy Nix as New Auditor 4. Accuse of Threatening Joe Mixon of Cincinnati Bengals. In late July, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to attack the city of Baltimore, calling it “a disgusting mess, full of rats and rodents. ” His ignorant comments have been met with much criticism — especially from city dwellers, who have defended much of what Charm City has to offer.

Chesapeake Crab, Beer & Wine Festival

Baltimore is a historic Maryland city, a bustling hub with charming neighborhoods, creative citizens, signature drinks, and fresh seafood—including Oprah’s favorite crab cake. After all, it

The very place where she and Gayle became close friends as young journalists in the 1970s. So to prove the President wrong, we’ve rounded up just a few reasons why you should visit the city. Baltimore Street as soon as possible.

Oprah herself is a former Baltimore resident who co-wrote WJZ-TV in the ’70s. So when we asked O’s

“Come for the best crab cakes in the world. My favorite is from Pappas!” she told us, “Also, go eat the amazing crabs at the Costas Inn. love love

A Neighborhood Spotlight: Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Located just north of downtown Baltimore, this historic area is not only home to the original Washington Monument, but also a cultural hub with numerous museums, the George Peabody Library, and numerous restaurants and bars. Bar variety of styles.

Founded in 1782 and dubbed “the oldest market in America,” Lexington Market is home to 66 different food vendors representing Baltimore’s diverse culinary tastes. It features American classics, from BBQ and Cajun to seafood, all under the roof.

Open to the public Thursday through Sunday, this historic site is the former home of the famous 1800s writer, Edgar Allan Poe. The museum features artifacts and stories about his life as well as poems and short stories written in the city. (Did you know the Baltimore Ravens football team is named after his poem “The Crow”?)

This is the first museum of its kind devoted to African-American historical figures, featuring over 150 lifelike statues and their stories.

Bringing It Back To Inner Harbor, Baltimore

The idyllic Fells Point neighborhood is a riverside area with cobblestone streets and charming brick storefronts filled with live music bars, seafood restaurants and boutiques.

Pictured is Letta Moore, owner of Knit, Soy & Metal, a handmade candle business. She’s also the creator of Homegrown Baltimore, a collection of women-owned businesses that represent only a small part of the city’s growing entrepreneurial endeavor.

Located in the city’s Inner Harbor, the National Aquarium is a great place to spend the day with the family, with dozens of exhibits and habitats home to over 20,000 species of animals. Last year,

Exclusively for their local sports teams. So even if you’re not a fan, the experience is well worth the time to watch an Orioles game at the impressive Camden Yards or watch the Baltimore Ravens play in a sea of ​​purple at the Court. mobilizing M&T Bank.

Maryland Crabs: Where & How To Eat Them

The city of Maryland is the unofficial birthplace of the drink “Arnold Palmer”, better known to locals as “Half and Half”. The famous golfer is said to have created a mixture of half lemonade and half iced tea.

While food stalls like the one at the aforementioned Lexington Market are great places, fine dining has a place in this city as well. Pictured here is an impressive spread from the Magdalena fine dining pub. (If you stay at the adjoining Ivy Hotel, you can also be treated to Magdalena’s famous lemon soufflé pancakes for breakfast.) Other hot spots include Loch Bar, Charleston and The Capital Grille.

Baltimore is home to hundreds of creatives, many of which display their work year-round at festivals and cultural events. Among the most popular are the annual HonFest—honoring working women—and Artscape, one of the nation’s largest liberal arts festivals.

The university is America’s first research university and one of the best in the country, while its teaching hospital is equally elite—and one of the largest in the world.

Video: Baltimore Inner Harbor Gets Cutting Edge New Park

The 745-acre urban park features miles of greenery, a public swimming pool, the Maryland Zoo, a golf course, the Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory and Botanical Garden. And fun fact: That’s what inspired the name of the ’90s R&B group Dru Hill, led by lead singer Sisqo.

The city’s historic neighborhoods blend together to create a blend of diverse cultures. There’s Little Italy, Pigtown, Greenmout and Sandtown, just to name a few. And we are sure that all visitors will be welcome in

McKenzie Jean-Philippe Assistant Editor McKenzie Jean-Philippe is an editorial assistant at on pop culture, TV, movies, celebrities and lifestyle. Phillips Seafood Restaurant is open daily from 12pm to 8pm. offers indoor and outdoor dining, takeout, pickup and curbside delivery.

Phillips’ menu features fan favorites like the famous crab cakes, signature sandwiches, kids meals and takeout cocktails (alcohol will only be available for pick-up). The full menu can be found at

Million’s Crab Seafood Chain Coming To West Chester, Springdale

Phillips Seafood Restaurant is located at 601 E. Pratt Street, , MD 21202. For more information, call 410.685.6600 or visit

Red Shoe Shuffle 5k Running and Walking April 16, 2023 8:30am – 11:00am Ronald McDonald House Charities of Maryland

Thomas Rhett w/ Cole Swindell & Nate Smith – Home Team Tour July 21, 2023 7:25pm CFG Bank Arena

Critical Approaches to Science and Religion: Editorial Board February 13, 2023 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm Bird in Hand Coffee & Books

What Is Maryland Most Famous For?

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