Crawfish King New Orleans

Crawfish King New Orleans – NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – A virus has threatened life across the country, but a seafood lover is about to wipe it out.

Chris “Shaggy” Davis calls himself the “Nola Crawfish King,” but he doesn’t have royal roots, in fact, he’s found a home in New Orleans after the Dead.

Crawfish King New Orleans

“I came to New Orleans in 1991,” Davis said. “I broke down here, after the Grateful Dead. I lived in my car at Conti and Decatur, which is on the river.”

Crawfish Season In New Orleans 2023

Davis lived in his car down by the river for a few months before finding a small Uptown shotgun.

“Some of my friends and I would buy seafood at King Rogers Seafood,” Davis said. “It started with drinking beer and eating crawfish, then it got smaller and smaller and I asked the owner to teach me how to boil it.”

It’s the same thing, group of men, case of beer, then three cases of beer, four bags of crawfish, then case of beer, then the community, then someone asked me to go to their house to boil, and that’s it. how it started,” said Davis.

“Everywhere Southwest has flown, we’ve shipped pots to this day in New York City, California, Chicagoland is a big place for us. We bring Louisiana to you, ours,” Davis said.

Nola Crawfish King Brings Barbecue And Seafood Boils To Gentilly

His specialty is festivals filled with hungry people who want something different. “Bonnaroo, Lockn’ Music Festival, Okeechobee in South Florida, Bayou Boogaloo in Norfolk, Virginia, New Orleans is a big festival, and crawfish is a big part of it. We do ten thousand pounds of crawfish a weekend, that’s the size of the crawfish,” Davis said.

A gig fit for a king. Davis spends six months of the year boiling fish, the other six months he travels the world.

“The day we did the Houston festival, they had their first two cases and unfortunately they couldn’t go to 15,000 pounds as usual because the people,” Davis said.

“We played two gigs here. I was talking to my friend Kat, ‘We have to prepare for this, hopefully, this will come and go,’ and then I started looking at the budget that was just going down. As a result, we lost 80 gigs, which is my income,” Davis said.

Nola Crawfish King Seafood & Barbecue Set To Open On Franklin Avenue

So the man who started from the bottom has returned to his roots, driving his food truck between a tavern and an old bakery in Gentilly.

“We brought the boiler and just went to town, it got off to a slow start, and in the end we had 50 live yards for four or five months of crawfish season,” Davis said. .

He went back, but even though he knew a food truck wouldn’t cut it, he didn’t think the old house was next to his home.

“I was walking through the door of an abandoned house and I just cut it, and it opened, and I went in, it was strange, because! I went in and it was raining. When I stopped I was in a puddle of water and I just looked and I was like, ‘Wow!’ I went outside and looked at the line on the food truck, and told my friend Kat, ‘we’re going to buy that house,’” Davis said.

Our 7 Favorite Vietnamese Cajun Restaurants In New Orleans

Within months, he transformed the old building on Franklin Street into a red one, calling it Nola’s Crawfish King Seafood and Barbeque while calling out to the hungry with a shrill voice, the hot fish. “We’re going to be the place we thought we’d be. We’re doing all kinds of great BBQ, smoked meats, and bacon, and cracklins, all kinds of fish, shellfish, shrimp, turkey necks, crabs, everything we love in New Orleans,” Davis said.

Now he is using a handful of people and sharing the flavors he brings far and wide in his backyard.

“I want to be loud, I want people to know we’re here, and you see Gentilly up and coming,” Davis said.

Although he doesn’t have as much reach these days, with a legion of red crustaceans at his fingertips fighting that silent threat, the proclaimed king is hoping to reign again.

Crawfish And Goat Cheese King Cake

“I thought last year was like this, it’s gone, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the spring and summer are tight and we can go back to living by like we need in New Orleans,” Davis said.

See a spelling or grammar mistake in our story? Click here to report. Please enter the title of the story. Chris “Shaggy” Davis opened a steakhouse and takeout restaurant on Franklin Avenue

A meat shop and restaurant was established that added smoked meats, sandwiches, and platters to its fish boils repertoire. Chris “Shaggy” Davis and his team opened Crawfish King Seafood & Barbecue on Franklin Street last week, and the fish are boiling hot.

Davis, a former Port of Call chef and one-time Mid City restaurant owner, made a name for himself by introducing great fish boils through his business. feed, Crawfish King. He got the attention of the country, which boils every year at the Tennessee music festival Bonnarroo. He created another brand for his barbecue, Cochon King, and last year, he set up a food truck for two on Franklin Avenue, not far from his new location. Along with the events, Davis also sells boiled crawfish for pick-up and delivery, a must for those looking to take advantage of crawfish season during the season. staying at the command home last spring. In August, Davis packed up that mobile kitchen to travel to Lake Charles, Louisiana, where she helped feed victims of Hurricane Laura in partnership with Gulf Coast Disaster Relief.

Louisiana Crawfish: A Succulent History Of The Cajun Crustacean

In addition to boiling crawfish at the restaurant, Davis makes his own andouille, boudin, and hogs head cheese for the deli bar, which also offers pastrami and ham, turkey, and the pig. On the barbecue side, there are ribs, brisket, and pulled pork platters as well as sandwiches, wings, cracklins’, and egg rolls filled with meat and cheese. The shop sells some local products such as honey, spices, and jams.

Crawfish King Seafood & Barbecue, located at 5321 Franklin Avenue, is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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King Cajun Crawfish In Orlando, Fl

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When Chris “Shaggy” Davis is busy, he brings together two favorite food groups. The man is the “King” of barbecue and boiled fish, and in January, he is ruling the new stone quarries.

Davis opened Crawfish King Seafood & Barbecue at 5321 Franklin Ave., behind Fiorella’s Cafe. The idea for the twin businesses came when he was running his food truck at the gas station next door, trying to find income during the pandemic. Before COVID-19, Davis was a road warrior, hosting major events and festivals, feeding crawfish to thousands of diners at events like the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee.

His M.O. He and his partner Kat Brennan work night shifts for six months and then take the rest of the year off to pursue their passion for diving in places like Thailand and Mexico. Crawfish King Southern Crayfish New Orleans Louisiana Cajun T Shirt

When Covid shut down everything last year, he was in Houston, about to boil 10,000 pounds of crawfish at a festival.

“By mid-March, it was clear we were in trouble,” he recalled. “The money started flying out of the bank when we gave everyone their savings.”

Desperate times call for desperate measures. He asked friends if he could set up one of his trucks in their Gentilly parking lot and finish cooking up to 2,000 pounds of crawfish a day during the pandemic. , he said. One day, he goes to Fiorella’s for lunch and sees the abandoned house next door. “I tried the door and it was open, so I went in,” he said. “The place is really bad. It was raining inside – bad. “

After several negotiations, the long-standing building was closed, and Davis oversaw renovations for six months. The available space is clean, spacious and functional, with deli boxes for his house-made andouille, boudin and pork head. There is plenty of room for storing boiled and live fish, as well as boiling water

King Cajun Crawfish

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