Crawfish Price Per Pound

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Crawfish Price Per Pound

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Sam’s Choice One Step Cooking 2 Pound Crawfish Boil, 32 Oz

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🔒 Crawfish season is here: Here are the prices per pound we’re tracking in the Houston area. As my mother always found the best prices

A crayfish feast from this producer’s past. (Erica Young, Copyright 2022 by KPRC – All rights reserved.)

I remember it clear as day. My mom would pull out the phone book, look in the yellow pages, and call all the restaurants that served crayfish.

Crawfish Season Off To A Booming Beginning With Strong Supply, Low Prices

If the answer was anything higher than $4.99 a pound, we’d stay home and eat something else.

If a restaurant had crawfish for $3.99 a pound, there’s a good chance we ate crawfish that day.

If it was $2.99 ​​a pound, we’d leave tire marks on the driveway to get to that delicious crawfish as fast as possible.

That was three or four decades ago, so you probably won’t find prices that low these days. If you do, RUN!

This App Will Help You Find Crawfish In Houston

Prices will vary from week to week (sometimes day to day). These were the prices as of Thursday (January 20) afternoon.

When you find a price you like, you should call before going to the restaurant. Sometimes they run out of crabs later in the day. And sometimes they only offer crayfish every few days. To improve our site, you can let us know that someone else has an incorrect link to our site or that one of our links is broken. We will do our best to fix the problem.

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Crawfish Prices Expected To Drop Soon As Season Escalates

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Resources like these are made possible by the generosity of our community of donors, foundations and corporate partners. Join others and make your gift to Houston Public Media today. DONATEBATON ROUGE, La. () – Springtime crawfish boils are going to put a noticeably bigger hit on your pocketbook than in years past, a study says.

The Crawfish app, which compares cooked and raw crawfish prices across Louisiana, reports that prices for the delicious bugs are higher than they’ve been in years.

Crawfish Season Expected To Be Better Than Last Year’s

“Crawfish prices are HIGH right now,” said Laney King, co-founder of the Crawfish app. “Average crawfish prices per pound in Louisiana this weekend are $7.55/lb. boiled and $5.67/lb. live. To put this into perspective, this same weekend in 2022, the average price of live crawfish was $3.88/lb. Add almost an additional $2/lb. to that this year and you’re looking at $200 for a bag of crawfish to boil this weekend.”

King said the Crawfish app averages price data from more than 1,600 crawfish companies to get average prices each weekend. While higher prices in January are not atypical, a look back at recent years is telling. In 2020, the average live shrimp price this weekend was $4.39/lb., in 2021 it was $5.12/lb. and in 2022 it was $3.88/lb.

“The good news is that there are already hundreds of crawfish businesses across Louisiana selling crawfish this weekend,” he said.

December’s freezing temperatures, the current cold snap and low supply are some of the reasons cited by crawfish farmers, but King said crawfish traders want their customers to know that high prices are out of their control.

Crawfish Boil Basics

“They’re simply paying what the docks and farmers charge them with a slight markup to stay in business,” King said.

The Crawfish app, which compares prices for cooked and live crawfish, can be downloaded from app stores and

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The argan oil used for beauty is different than the one used for cooking, so make sure you know whether you are buying cosmetic or culinary argan oil. High? says Josh Smith, co-owner of Lazy J Crawfish in New Braunfels. “Try a tall fifty dollar.” Lazy J, which Smith runs with his brother Adam, supplies both restaurants and the public with live crab and will soon serve boiled crab in a new food truck. The Smiths are currently pricing sacks of the twisted freshwater crustaceans at $1.50 a pound more than last year. Full thirty pound bags that feed about ten people each (depending on your family’s appetite for mud bugs) cost $3.75 per pound, and half bags are a little more expensive at $4 per pound.

Crawfish (u10) 5 Lb Bag

Similarly, Austin’s Quality Seafood Market has raised prices for live crawfish to $4.50 a pound, which owner Carol Huntsberger says is “hands down the highest I’ve ever charged for crawfish.” Last year, Quality Seafood averaged about $3.79, and while Huntsberger notes that the price varies throughout the season, he still estimates his 2021 average price will be 20 to 25 cents more than normal. Head east, things aren’t much better: Houston-area prices for live crawfish on The Crawfish App, which tracks crawfish prices, range from $3.77 a pound at H-E-B to 5 dollars per pound in some independent markets. So what’s going on?

First, an introduction to how the season typically progresses. In a normal year, crawfish season begins sometime around the Super Bowl in February, with the smallest, softest-shelled, highest-priced mud bugs on the market. Prices are highest around Easter, when large holiday gatherings increase demand. All this time, the crayfish get bigger and bigger, and when they acquire shells thick enough to protect them during transport, prices start to drop. Typically, Huntsberger says, peak season is the third or fourth weekend in April, when the crawfish are big and flavorful, but not yet hard to peel. From there, the season lasts as long as the supply has, in the past, often until the Fourth of July. In recent years, however, the popularity of crawfish boils has increased, shortening the season. Last year, the supply of crawfish at Quality Seafood disappeared on Memorial Day.

This year, the prices are noticeably higher. Like everything else, crayfish prices have been affected by the pandemic. Of the many canceled parties in 2020, crayfish boils were among the first. The world shut down during the height of crawfish season, and with little information available at the time about how the virus was spreading, even these outdoor social gatherings were suddenly off the newspaper-lined table. But this year, hungry for opportunities to socialize and having earned spring fever after a brutal winter, Texans are looking for ways to gather outside. Crawfish boils are high on that list. “Meetings can be smaller, instead of twenty to thirty people, they can be doing ten to fifteen,” says Huntsberger. Judging by his orders so far this year, he says it’s “pretty obvious” that people are ready to boil again this year. That increased demand, of course, drives up prices.

The Easter Bunny arrives early this year, bringing even more crayfish prices in his basket – the holiday falls on Sunday, April 4 this year. (In 2019, Easter fell on April 21.) Texas markets often see a spike in crawfish prices just before the holiday, thanks to large orders for celebrations and, indeed, Easter prices at Quality Seafood they go up $25 to $4.75 each. pounds accordingly. But it’s more than that: with Easter happening so early in the season, the crayfish currently available are smaller and softer-shelled than the ones people usually go to mass to boil. When these more delicate crayfish are transported, “they can’t support the weight of another thirty pounds on top of them. They really get crushed to death, that’s what happens,” says Huntsberger. That built-in loss, which she puts at 30 to 40 percent this time of year, pushes prices up even more during the Easter rush.

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Contributing to the increase in prices is the February freeze. Russell Smith of Louisiana Wild, a crawfish

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