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Dinner Carry Out Near Me – I started delivering meals because there were families in my life through my prenatal yoga classes and baby and me yoga classes who needed support with food options for their busy lives after the birth of their babies or during their pregnancy. Meal delivery is really for anyone who needs an extra hand in the kitchen and wants to get some good options into their bodies in an easy and quick way. Meals prepared for me and Brandon also make it a lot easier for us after our busy days at work, because even for a chef sometimes you just don’t want to cook.

Meal distribution is not a feeding program. It gives you food options. I’m not a dietitian and never will be, but I know how to pack a lot of flavor into a box and send it with love, if you have dietary restrictions I can accommodate them, if additional dietary changes outweigh the price options then extra costs for delivery can be added. Invoices will be sent prior to delivery for your verification and approval. Please be local within 15 miles of Pasadena, CA or delivery charges will apply.

Dinner Carry Out Near Me

Check out the google form below if you are interested. All options are individual, small-batch, locally sourced, organic whenever possible.

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If you are a bit short on time then this might be the best option for you or your family. Invest in your health and well-being and it will pay you back many times over.

Email me or subscribe to the blog to be added to the meal delivery email list and I’ll post a new menu every week so you’ll be notified by email from there as well. I also offer in-home private dining, catering and in-home meal preparation/cooking classes. Email for more information. The festive season is approaching and that calls for gatherings and catch-up sessions with family and friends. Be it a cup of aromatic coffee at a cafe or savoring mouth-watering dishes at restaurants and small eateries, company is paramount. With the recent increase in the number of cafes dotted along Upper Thomson, and the presence of already well-established food joints, I’m sure you’ll enjoy a hearty meal at any of the eateries we’ve checked out. Here is the Upper Thomson Food Guide for your reference. Enjoy!

At Habitat, it all started with coffee. It wasn’t just coffee, of course. It was a cup of coffee made with passion. Singaporean owner Ryan was so inspired by Melbourne cafes that he took his passion for coffee back to Singapore and started his own Cafe Habitat in the cafe-goers’ neighborhood of Upper Thomson. From salads, sandwiches, pasta to the most essential, brunch, Habitat Coffee does it all. Some of the new items on the menu include BBQ Pulled Pork ($13), Chili Crab Linguine ($17), Truffle Salmon Scrambled Egg ($15), Stuffed Berry Hotcake ($15). A quick finish is Pick a Date ($12), a warm sticky date pudding with a creamy butterscotch sauce. Diners are unanimously praised for this humble dessert.

Chicken rice is one of the most common dishes in Singapore, and most people have heard of kampong chicken, which is different from your usual chicken found in most places. While normal chickens are injected with hormones for commercial purposes to make them fast and fat, kampong chickens are free range chickens that roam the wild and are not fed corn meal to fatten them up, making them a healthier version. The wet rice that accompanied the kampong chicken was fragrant and not too oily. Their menu also offers other dishes such as chicken offal, vegetables and Thai-style chicken legs. Honestly, we thought the chili and garlic sauce was the best we tried. While big eaters may find it tedious to dissect each slab of boney chicken to save the leftover meat, diet-watchers and the health-conscious are satisfied with the significantly lower fat content.

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Badok (Malay slang for eat) has developed a loyal following among the local Malay community thanks to the cafe’s relaxed atmosphere and great food. The cafe has an internationally inspired menu – Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian fusion. The bestseller is the Baddock Ribs ($36), which was 5cm thick and almost as long as my arm. The accompanying brown sauce had a nice silky consistency that helped complement the beef drippings and juices. The meat is well grilled and served hot at your table with potatoes and greens. We suggest you share your food with your loved ones — the portions are very generous. Yes, it is Halal-certified!

Just around the corner is this amazing, vibrant cafe! Its simple interior has an Australian-feel, using white walls and wooden furniture. Starting the day with a Truffle Benedict ($18) or Salmon Royale ($18) is a strong motivating factor for me to get out of bed. Free range poached eggs on brioche atop a spread of smoked ham and topped with a delicious truffle hollandaise sauce. Another brunch favorite of mine is the Salmon Royale, with asparagus, wilted spinach and smoked salmon served with an Ibiko anchovy hollandaise sauce. Looking to start your day on a sweeter note instead, try their Salted Caramel Banana French Toast ($16), where caramelized bananas are drizzled with salted caramel sauce and topped with whipped cream. The baristas at Pacamara make really good coffee!

Les Pâtisseries means “Pastry” in French. Recently moved from Toa Payo to Upper Thomson, they specialize in French pastries and confectionery. Practicing modern French baking techniques to create the finest products, most of our ingredients are sourced from France, resulting in authentic products of the highest quality. They recently introduced a Thai Milk Tea Earl Gray Waffle and also sell classic brunch items.

At Ngee Fou, a portion of Yong Tau Foo ($4) consists of standard ingredients such as kangkong, fried bean sticks, fishballs, tau kwa, tau pok, fried quail eggs, fried wonton, tofu, eggplant, chili and ladies’ fingers. Ingredients are made fresh daily. Only the dried version is available and the braising sauce is surprisingly irresistible! Yong Tau Foo is served with rice. The medley of saltiness and aroma is simply heavenly. Apart from their signature Yong Tau Foo, they also sell chicken and duck rice. Its location can be a bit of a stretch and inconvenient unless you have a car but definitely worth a trip to their Hakka Yong Tau Phu. Lunch and dinner hours can get crowded so come early!

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Opened by the same people back on November 8, Five by Five Cafe uses minimalist wooden furniture that complements its all-white interior. This cafe has a cozy and homely feel that takes away your troubles and worries. Brunch-goers can indulge in the 5 by 5 Breakfast ($15.50) or Salmon Florentine ($16.50) while the dinner crowd can settle for Chicken Bleu ($15.50), Japanese Beef Stew ($18.50) or Miso Roasted Pork ($16.50). If you’re just looking for a place to chill and have a couple of beers, why not order some bar snacks? Their Spicy Lemon Topshell ($7) and Nachos with Cheese Sauce and Tomato Chorizo ​​($9) are very popular. This cafe offers free Wi-Fi and opens till midnight so it’s a perfect hangout with your best friends. Although November 8 was short-lived, Five by Five looks like it’s here to stay!

At the mention of ice cream rolls, ‘Thailand’ will pop up in everyone’s mind. You don’t have to travel far because the famous Ice Cream Rolls shop! You can choose a flavor per cup ($4.20) or mix two flavors ($0.80 add). They offer Vanilla, Ferrero Rocher, Chocolate, Oreo, Kinder Bueno, Milo, Ovomaltine and Nutella. Each cup is served with chocolate Hershey’s sauce and rainbow rice. They also offer Fruits Delight – one fruit ($4.90) or a combination of two fruits (add $0.80). You can choose between strawberry, lychee and mango. Each fruit cup is served with strawberry or caramel sauce and rainbow rice. Here’s a simple frozen dessert to help you beat the heat!

Cafe-goers miss out on One Man Coffee as the area is better known for Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar. They share the same shophouse unit – One Man Coffee uses the premises from 9am to 5pm while Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar only opens after 5pm. At One Man Coffee, coffee lovers will be treated to a brew made from Axil Coffee roaster beans from one of Melbourne’s popular coffee joints. Espresso starts at $3 nett. My cappuccino ($4.50) is excellent with a balanced body and rich aroma. I enjoyed the nutty brioche French toast served with homemade berry compote and fresh cream ($10). The brioche soaked in the egg mixture was so soft and moist. The walnuts were full of nutty goodness and a dollop of blueberry jam and fresh cream

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