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Discount Tire Nearest To Me – Discount Tire is an automotive tire supply, parts and repair business located along McKnight Rd. in the town of Ros.

The other day I took my wife’s car in to have all four tires replaced at Discount Tire in Ross. Of course I got the price and I wasn’t sure if it was high or not. North Hills Toyota used to. Plus, it was one of those weird deals where you buy three tires and get the 4th with no tires, and it always feels like I’m being waited on somehow. Knowing that the Toyota Rav 4 could do with some decent mid-road tires, no pun intended, I figured I might as well go to Discount Tire and save a bundle.

Discount Tire Nearest To Me

Well, I quickly realized when I entered the gorgeous, spacious and extremely clean Discount Tire garage and showroom on McKnight Road in Ross Township that I had mistaken this Discount Tire for a Discount Tire.

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In Bellevue over there on Ohio River Boulevard. The nice young mechanic at the counter explained that it was a completely different place and they were a Discount Tire Center and they were just a Discount Tire.

I had to suspect something was different because this place in Bellevue was like a monkey pit on the banks of the Ohio River. However, as I recall you could go in and out and get great deals on tires.

The tires here were about the same as what I would have bought at the Toyota North Hills dealership. However, now that I’m here, how many trips am I going to devote to getting new tires to save about 100 bucks? Maybe nowadays, maybe it’s time. But geez, just the gas it would take to make a few more trips might make it worth it to just pay whatever it takes to get out of the garage with new tires ASAP.

The speed with which they were able to put new tires on the car, look at them and quote a price on several different tire levels was impressive. I really liked the showroom or waiting room because it was spacious and clean. You can sit there and even watch them work on your car by rolling down the window. I felt that everything from customer service to saving tires had a well defined process that they followed.

Big Discount Tire Pros

The support staff were pleasant enough. My only complaint would be that they try to add some kind of $20 policy or something where you can, I don’t know, you can come back in a year or so if your tires fail and they’ll take care of it. It just seemed like I didn’t want to pay so I told them to take it off my price. Like any other business, they will start with high-end tires. Which can make quite a lot of money.

They started me off with tires that cost over 200 bucks a tire for a Toyota Rav 4 and I thought that was pretty high. So, I kept saying do you have anything a little lower and the guy kept showing me on the monitor the tires that had gone down.

I finally felt that after seeing tires that cost over 200 a tire, well maybe tires around 150 a piece are what I’m looking at. When he got to those tires, I said, OK, now we’re on the field. However, I asked him if he had anything cheaper and he said, “Oh yes, we have the laughers. I certainly don’t want to make fun of my car.

I was too embarrassed to ask to even see the laughers, but something tells me those tires might not have been so bad either.

Thank You Discount Tire

This pricing experience has nothing to do with Discount Tire at all, but I’m wondering if a good tire tip is to just pick something that will get you about 40,000 miles on the tire. After all, any tire that claims to get you 70,000 or 80,000 miles is going to mean you have to spend a lot of money to get them. To date, I have never spoken to anyone who got the advertised mileage on a tire that was sold to them with that mileage. Hell, it’s always your fault when the tires don’t last? Did you not put enough air in them or did you rotate them? Hell, don’t they change every day I drive the damn car? Okay, I’m just being silly. Why not laugh at the typical tire sales tactic. It seems better than buying so-called laughs.

Specifically, my wife’s Toyota Rav 4 has 37,000 miles on it and needs brand new tires. And that’s in a car barely out of the North Hills. So, I don’t know if I’ll go another 40,000 miles with a set of tires, I think I’m happy with it. I wonder if they would drive 37,000 miles laughing. If so, perhaps the title is ironic, as I would have the last laugh if my laughter lasted that long.

I still wonder how much I would have paid at the Discount Tire Center in Bellevue, but oh well. I’m not about to drive across the northern hills to find out. I am going to save the next 40,000 miles on the tires on this Toyota Rav 4 for where it will be needed, McKnight Road.

All in all, I recommend Discount Tire if you’re looking to get a decent pair of quality tires at a decent price and get in and out quickly. I think Discount Tire has done a very good job in this regard and the showroom/waiting area is nice, spacious and well lit; not a bad place to kill time on your iPhone while your car gets new tires. Discount Tire, the world’s largest tire and wheel retailer, has opened its first location in Prairieville – the first in the state – to meet the demand for tires and wheels south of Baton Rouge. The new store is conveniently located at 37361 Market Place Dr., near Dr. Mall. and Oak Grove Community Park.

Tire Shop, Oil Change, & Auto Repair Shop

Discount Tire employees guarantee the lowest prices and provide personalized service to make buying tires easy and worry-free, while striving to be your trusted and convenient neighborhood tire retailer. Since 2013, DISCOUNT TIRE has opened stores in nine more states, making Louisiana the tenth state for new business and the thirty-third state served. As a service to Louisiana, DISCOUNT TIRE is offering customers a free tire pressure check at its new Prairieville store and is reminding drivers in the Louisiana area of ​​tire safety tips, including the importance of proper tire inflation.

Hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. Discount Tire is closed on Sundays.

Discount Tire carries a wide selection of leading tire brands including Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, BFGoodrich, Pirelli, Falken, Continental and Cooper, as well as exclusive DISCOUNT TIRE brands such as Arizonian, Road Hugger, Pathfinder and MB Wheels. DISCOUNT TIRE also offers many custom rim brands including TSW, Konig, Method and Vision Wheel.

The phone number for the new Discount Tire store in Prairieville is 225-744-8302. To find a store, schedule a tire fitting appointment, or search for tires and rims by size, make and style – or by year, make and model – visit DISCOUNT TIRE also offers tire safety and driving tips at

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Discount Tire Opens First Location In Louisiana

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Hey Smyrna, TN neighbors – did you know that only Tire Discounters offers a free custom 4 tire setup? Not only is our tire store near you in Nashville, but a discount tire store that offers the best tire prices and deals in

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