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Exotic Vet Hospital – Does your dog have feathers, scales or gills? Does he spend his time squealing and squeaking instead of barking or meowing? If so, we welcome him to our practice! All Veterinary Hospital provides comprehensive veterinary services for birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. Our veterinarians are trained and experienced in meeting the unique needs of exotic animals, taking into account anatomy, diet, health risks and other factors. With bird and exotic pet care in Nashua, we can help your companion live a healthy and happy life.

Cats are known to hide their illnesses, and exotic birds and animals alike can make it difficult to detect health problems in these species. That’s why annual exams and other forms of preventive care are so important. Getting your pet examined every year will help his health and longevity because it allows us to detect and treat diseases earlier. During these visits, we may also create an initial health record to use for future visits.

Exotic Vet Hospital

If you have any questions or concerns about a bird, reptile, frog, or other avian/exotic animal, please let us know during this visit. We will be happy to discuss diet and nutrition, tanks/cages and other topics related to your dog. Part of our goal is to make sure you’re well-informed about how to care for your companion at home, especially if you’re a first-time exotic pet owner. The following leaflets will answer many of your questions about your exotic bird or pet:

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Below is a list of our bird and exotic animal care services in Nashua that we offer for our bird and exotic animal patients:

If you would like to learn more about our bird and exotic pet grooming services in Nashua, please call our office at 603-882-0494.

We brought the rescued rabbit to All Pets because the rabbit had a horrible welt on its bottom. He is extremely timid and the people at All Pets let us bring his rabbit mate with him and they treated him very well and with great care. Our little bunny feels like a new girl! We have taken great care of all pets, our guinea pigs have been patients for a long time. This is a special veterinary clinic. Thanks to all the pets!!

We could be seen the same day even without an appointment. The doctor was amazing in taking care of WunWun and treating him. We definitely recommend this place, they take care of your fur babies like their own.

Exotic Pet Services

All the staff were friendly and caring. I was very nervous about sending my rabbit in for a spay because rabbits obviously don’t work under anesthesia, but it’s clear that the staff and vets know what they’re doing with all types of animals, which lessened the stress of bringing my pet in for treatment. gives .

This was our first visit to All Pets. Everyone was very nice. We were able to get an appointment quickly and Dr. Starble was great! Definitely recommend this course.

What a great group of people. Last week I had to put my 12 year old dog down. The vet tech was wonderful with me and my dog ​​Whoopi. The vet we have never met was more thorough, kind, compassionate and patient. Everyone was supportive. This office is highly recommended.

My cat “Baby” had similar reactions and is getting old. I delayed his appointment and to my surprise all the pets were ready to see him on short notice. Since she was being cared for at All Pets, she was as normal as ever. There may not have been an emergency, but I’m glad all the pets treated the baby as if there was a more serious issue.

Avian & Exotic Vet In Windham, Nh

I had an emergency just a few minutes before closing and they put my puppy in and provided reasonable and kind care. I greatly appreciate all the professionals I have worked with. You are great!!

Great staff, very friendly and caring about my pet. He told me exactly what to do and how to do it after the surgery. All Pet Veterinary Hospital is the best in the business, Thank you so much for your care of Chloe.

Thank you very much!!!! Everyone I spoke to was so kind and caring and I felt like my cat was in the best hands!!!! Everything was explained so there was a clear understanding of what was going on!!!

The doctors and staff at All Pets always treat my dogs like their own. Thank you for taking such care of them.

Exotic Pet Clinic Of Santa Cruz

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. I felt like my kitten was very well taken care of and given extra love. Dr. Grasso was very helpful in answering any questions I had and I had many. She made me feel like she really cared about Piper and even my cat at home, which she had never met before. Thanks everyone for loving Piper as much as we do!

After our old vet was bought by Banfield, we took our dogs to All Pets and one of my friends recommended we go to All Pets. I love them! He was so patient with us and took the time to explain everything and listen to us. Thanks!

The vet and his assistant were very patient with my scaredy cat Mr. Cricket. They were gentle with him and let me hold him on my lap during the examination. Thank you so much for being so kind to my best friend.

All the staff were friendly to me and showed that they love animals and care for Mom and Pet.

Parkland Veterinary Hospital

The care here was amazing!! Love knowing Morgana and Lilith are in good hands. Best vet!

All the pets saw my dog ​​quickly and did everything they could for him. I am extremely grateful to them, especially since they took care of him while I was out of the country. Knowing he was in their hands made it all the more terrifying.

This was my first time visiting All Pets Veterinary Hospital. Let me first start by saying that the office is spotlessly clean and very well decorated which makes you feel comfortable when you enter. You are greeted by friendly people at the counter and I have to say that I was impressed by how well my little rabbit was taken care of from start to finish. The doctor and assistant were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and very patient when explaining everything. After my visit, I got two calls to check on my little Louie, who is fabulous by the way!!! It was a bit touch and go for him, but with all his care, Louie did it! Many thanks to all who helped and cared!

You are the best! No matter how busy the office is, you make time for each animal, follow up with a phone call the next day, and I always answer my questions. We all love pets!

Maple Exotic Veterinary Hospital

Dr. M is the best! Not only did she answer all of our questions about our new baby girl, but she also gave us helpful tips and advice on how to improve her learning. The staff is top notch as always.

They are amazing and kind, keep up the good work, you are all the best. I will refer them to anyone.

I love that everyone here is so caring, I’m also very impressed because they ask if it’s an emergency before you take care of you, the staff is very professional, my way to exotic medicine Pets were a bit unusual. In high school I was coming home late from work at a veterinary hospital and on the way I ran into a dead mother opossum – and her 8 live young. I took them and called the wildlife rehabilitator – he insisted that I become his assistant and learn to raise them myself! Over the next few years my father built shelters for birds, squirrels and all kinds of injured wildlife and orphanages as I learned from him and got my own rehab license. In vet school I was taught by a woman who ran what we believe was the first avian clinic – after a year in the dog/bird practice, I worked for her. It was an amazing journey from a 3-person clinic in an 800-square-foot storefront to the current business. After over 25 years I can’t believe I get to work and do this!

I didn’t have any exotic pets (except hermit crabs) growing up, but I was always first in line to get classroom pets for the holidays. When I raised and eventually adopted a pair of rabbits, I decided to go to vet school to become an exotic vet. As is always the case with veterinary student animals, they have had many medical problems over the years and I learned firsthand how difficult it is to care for non-veterinary animals. After graduation, I worked for a year at a large cat and dog store

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