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Exotic Vet Near Me – Prior to joining Central Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Shakeri completed 5 years of intensive postdoctoral training, confidently providing exceptional veterinary care to the birds and exotic animals of our region. After graduating with a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the University of Illinois, Dr. Shakeri completed a 1-year residency in general canine and feline medicine and surgery in Connecticut, followed by a 1-year residency in avian and exotic animal medicine in Maryland, and finally in A 3-year residency in avian medicine and surgery in Tampa, FL.

Multiple gopher tortoise rehabilitation resources in the Tampa Bay area: Provides basic care and advanced shell restoration surgery for these threatened and protected animals.

Exotic Vet Near Me

During her career, Dr. Shakeri has directed and trained veterinary professionals, wildlife rehabilitation workers, exotic animal caregivers, and the public on topics related to the health and welfare of birds and exotic animals. She has worked with a wide variety of collection types, including pets, zoo animals, show animals (mainly birds), falconry raptors, non-release exhibit and teaching animals, wild animals, and many types of birds and small mammals Rescue and Shelter Society.

Avian & Exotic Veterinary Care In Turlock

Dr. Julia Shakeri is available by appointment. The Exotic Animals Section looks at birds, small companion mammals and reptiles/amphibians. The Avian/Exotic Pet Unit at Central Hospital provides health checks as well as treatment and hospitalization for sick birds, reptiles, amphibians and small companion animals such as sugar gliders, guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets. Our Emergency Department provides basic assessment and supportive care.

Technician PJ was very polite and knowledgeable. Dr.Shakeri was very attentive and answered all my questions. I am very happy with her.

I am grateful to PJ and Dr. Albino (and the office staff) for being able to help my gerbils on Christmas Eve. I’m grateful they saw exotic animals!

Dr. Shakeri and PJ are very knowledgeable about hedgehogs and are very honest and thorough with their care recommendations. Excellent customer service!

Exotic Animal Vet In Charlotte

We saw Dr. Weston and she was great. For emergencies the prices are very fair and that’s why I go to Central Hospital…Dr. Weston couldn’t do enough for my dog ​​and I’m very happy with how things were handled.

The coordination between your staff and our veterinarians is excellent. We (our 8 kittens) were greeted and taken right away. Thanks. Everyone is so caring and considerate and helpful.

I am grateful to my veterinarian for recommending this facility and the oncology team at Central Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Olmsted and her team were very helpful and supportive and patiently answered all my questions.

The vet is friendly, caring and takes the time to explain everything. Overall, great service, I’m lucky to have such a good 24 hour pet hospital near me in case I need it

Exotic Vet Care In Lakeland, Fl

We visit once a month for allergy vaccinations. Everyone has been great with Tashi, my dog ​​and me. Tashi likes to go. we are very happy.

I have no complaints; the best possible experience with a seriously ill pet – traveling for the surgeon’s expertise on the advice of my local veterinarian and receiving expertise and compassion for my animal, as well as myself considerate treatment.

Thank you for being there and providing such great care and service to the animals 24 hours a day. Don’t know where we would be without you! Thank you!

Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Smith are very happy with our pup. Honestly, everyone is. Your facilities are top notch.

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I came in on Christmas Day with an injured dog. I am very grateful to the staff! They are excellent. Thank you for being open 24/7.

Dr Wells is very kind and understanding. She took the time to explain all the options and made us feel like she genuinely cared about our cats and the whole family. Anthony Carrier. Our experienced veterinarians treat a variety of birds, rabbits, sugar gliders, guinea pigs, ferrets, lizards, snakes, turtles and other pocket pets, and occasionally goats and pigs. For safety reasons, we cannot treat venomous animals or primates.

Mariposa has two avian/exotic veterinarians who are experienced, compassionate and dedicated to providing the best possible care for your unique companion! Both physicians own exotic animals and regularly attend continuing education sessions that specifically emphasize these species, their special considerations, and medical needs. There is a lot to know when treating non-traditional pets, and the Mariposa team is dedicated to providing the best possible care for those pets with fur, scales, feathers or scales.

Our veterinarians enjoy examining non-traditional pets and provide education on care, nutrition, and animal-specific needs to ensure optimal health and enhance your animal-human bond with your pet.

Avian And Exotic Medicine • Mspca Angell

Birds treated by Mariposa include various parrots (cockatoos, African gray parrots, Amazon parrots, macaws, Poicephalus spp., conures, etc.), finches, canaries, chickens, ducks, geese, toucans , birds of prey, etc. about anything with feathers. Services include: full physical exam, wing trimming, nail trimming, beak trimming, blood work, stool analysis (Gram stain and direct exam), DNA sexing, microchip implantation, and various disease and toxicity testing. We can also perform laser treatments for injuries and arthritis as needed.

We understand the special nature of ferrets and the various medical issues that can arise with them. We offer comprehensive physicals for all life stages of ferrets, and we recommend routine blood work to screen for various problems. Available treatments for conditions such as adrenal disease include Lupron injections and deslorelin implants, as well as surgery.

The unique needs of rabbits require the veterinarian to be familiar with and experience with their physiology and behaviour. Dr. Burcham and Dr. Carrier have the experience and compassion for rabbits that all veterinarians treating this species should have (but unfortunately, not all!). Preventive care (including dental checks to check for abnormal molar or incisor growth) and proper nutrition are key to keeping your rabbit healthy and we would be happy to discuss these needs with you further.

Guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, hamsters, and other rodents have specific needs in terms of diet, cage setup, and environment. Health checks and preventive care are essential to ensure a long and happy life. Every check-up includes a thorough examination of the teeth, as dental care is especially important for these species!

How Do I Choose A Quality Chinchilla Vet Near Me

Snakes, geckos, bearded dragons, iguanas, chameleons, turtles and tortoises, monitor lizards, tegus, salamanders, frogs – these are just a few of the unusual species we saw in Mariposa! As with most exotic animals, it is necessary to review proper housing practices (cage setup, heating, lighting, diet – including feeding methods) in providing optimal comprehensive care.

Potbellied pigs, goats, wallabies, sugar gliders, hedgehogs and exotic cats do not fit into the above categories, but all animals are welcome here. Don’t see your pet type listed in the categories above? Call us! The only animals we don’t treat are: fish, venomous snakes/lizards and primates. The popularity of reptiles and other exotic pets has grown significantly over the past few decades. Thanks to advances in captive breeding, it’s easy to find pet reptiles in many different shapes, sizes and colors, and most don’t take up much space! Reptiles are relatively easy to care for compared to dogs or cats, making them great first pets. Common beginner reptiles include the leopard gecko, crested gecko, corn snake, and bearded dragon. They tend to be very tame in nature and come in many different colors and patterns – also known in the trade as “morphs”.

A major aspect of having a reptile as a pet is proper feeding or habitat/housing. Each species has different space, temperature, humidity, lighting, and dietary requirements, so thorough research on the needs of the animal you wish to keep as a pet must be done beforehand. For example, certain species of turtles and certain lizards require basking places as high as 110F to keep warm! Some species of snakes and geckos require high humidity of up to 60-70% to survive. So before you bring your new pet home, make sure your equipment is installed and functioning to provide the right living environment for your animal!

Another major aspect of keeping any pet, including reptiles, is routine veterinary care. Exotic animals, especially reptiles, can be hard to find! One way to find a reptile veterinarian in your area is to check out ARAV.org. Here’s the Reptile and Amphibian Veterinary Association, and they not only provide good information on reptile health, but they can also help you find a reptile veterinarian you can trust! Due to the short lifespan of most reptile species, routine veterinary care is essential for early detection and treatment of infectious and chronic diseases. Therefore, such visits can help prevent problems before they happen and keep your pet healthy and long.

Avian And Exotic Vet In Greenland, Nh

The Companion Animal Clinic in Blacksburg, VA cares for reptiles as does our sister hospital, Cedarcrest Animal Clinic in Fishersville, VA.

An important part of a reptile vet visit is

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