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If you’re looking for the best seafood in Orlando, this list has the best shellfish and crustaceans around town. These food stalls boast crawfish, crab, lobster, mussels, clams, and oysters so you can get your fill of seafood. It’s a seafood lover’s dream and the best crab and lobster in Orlando can be enjoyed right now for you.

Fresh Crawfish Orlando

Check out these great places to find crawfish in Orlando and crabs in Orlando. For more seafood restaurants in Orlando, here is your guide to all the best places to eat in Orlando.

Crabs And Crawfish In Orlando

What is now a single, family-owned location in Orlando, Florida, will soon become a chain of popular restaurants in the Central Florida area!

High Tide Harry’s is a family owned and operated seafood restaurant in Orlando since 1995. We have been voted “Best Bet” & “Best Seafood in Orlando.”…

Since opening on December 1, 2009, Big Fin has become a favorite among locals, tourists and attendees alike. Most Big Fin employees have been…

FIRST King Cajun Crawfish. It was founded in 2010 by Melinda Ha Nguyen of Bogalusa, Louisiana. Authentic Cajun with a modern twist. Family and…

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Lobster, crab legs, prime rib, sushi, fresh fish, green bar, homemade soups and salads, steaks grilled to order! Serving an “all you can eat” seafood feast…

Elegant and sophisticated, Oceanaire offers the perfect setting to enjoy the freshest seafood flown in daily from around the world.

Regularly praised for having some of the best raw oysters in Orlando, Lee & Rick’s Oyster Bar is the place to be if you’re a seafood lover….

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Family life and community life in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana’s Northshore, both revolve around food and nothing shows that better than crawfish season. The arrival of the first clutches of the year’s crawfish often merits a notice on the evening news, starting a months-long feeding frenzy. Although the time of year can vary slightly, supplies are plentiful and reliable from January to June.

During the peak season, around April, Louisianans celebrate the year with huge crawfish boils, cooking 30- and 40-pound crustaceans in cauldrons of water. boiling spices. There is almost always a lump of crab (usually Zatarain) involved along with cayenne pepper. Salt and lemons, too. Different chefs like different toppings – corn on the cob, potatoes, mushrooms, garlic pods, sausage, among them. Crawfish et al are usually thrown, sweated, on a long table covered in newspaper and family and friends gather, stand, feast, drink, laugh and repeat.

Visitors are sometimes invited to these healing crawfish hunts (or lucky enough to participate in one.) Cajun Encounters swamp Tours in Slidell have tour guides who double as professional boilermakers, and they can arrange crawfish ponds for their pavilion groups. But seafood markets and restaurants are getting in on the act, too, selling hot cooked crawfish by the pound. (Expect to eat, on average, 3-5 kilos each!) Crawfish are not only served cooked. You’ll find them in typical Louisiana dishes like crawfish étouffée or silky bisque, tossed in fettucine and other pasta dishes and battered and fried.

King Cajun Crawfish

Be the first to know about things to do, events, and great dining experiences in the Louisiana Northshore!

Cookies are used for measurement, advertising and optimization. By continuing to use our website, you agree to our privacy policy. #1 Shipper of Live Crawfish in the U.S. and the Only One Year Live Crawfish Boat in the U.S.

1. Please note try to give us 2-3 days advance notice for orders (more notice needed during holidays). However, the sooner you place your order, the better. We ship orders next day to ensure you receive them in time for your party or event. 2. Any questions before ordering, call 985-226-6444 Kyle. 3. Some orders can be filled on the same day if received early; however, those orders need to be phoned in or placed on the website order form the night before. 4. Also remember that we fill our orders on a first come, first served basis. The earlier you buy, the better. Thank you! We ONLY deal in high quality, wild (spillway) crawfish with unlimited supplies and the best service available year round, since 1990. NOTE: Prices are not the only which turns into a live crawfish. Other options include quality crawfish that arrive alive, crawfish shipped from New Orleans International (more flights than the metro airport) or home via Fedex Priority Overnight, crawfish are shipped by the most experienced live crawfish company in Louisiana seven days a week, and unlimited quantities; and other companies can’t offer a whole year like we can. Please remember that we are the #1 seller of live crawfish in the U.S., since 1990. Please see our reviews from past customers!! NOTE: Please remember that the average person does not want to eat small, dead crawfish. After counting the confused guests and the dead crawfish, the low price doesn’t seem too low.

Don’t let your party turn into a disaster. Go with a proven company specializing in live crawfish shipping since 1990!

Louisiana Crawfish Boil (all You Can Eat), Orlando Fl

30 LBSPER MINIMUM WEIGHT WILL FIT ANY OF OUR CHOICES (Can Freeze If There Is Leftover After It Comes To Room Temperature)

Reviews from Customers Subscribe here to get the latest price information all year round AIRPORT and Door to Door Shipping Available.

Kyle LeBlanc Crawfish Farms has been a family business since 1990 and has been in the business of selling high quality crawfish and other great Louisiana seafood and food products. We and our ancestors lived close to crawfish

And other delicious food products of Louisiana to the people of the U.S. Crawfish were once considered the food of the poor because they were plentiful and easy to catch. They soon became more popular and people started having “crawfish families.” Crawfish feasts are very popular in Southern Louisiana – people call friends and family together to cook and feed crawfish, usually in the spring and early summer months when crawfish are plentiful and cheap. When cooking crawfish, you can usually plan to order 1-2 lbs. per person (3-4 lbs. for a heavy crawfish dish) as long as you have other things to serve such as sausages, potatoes, corn, etc. Also, cooked to go well with cold beer. The deliciousness of crawfish is a great reason to call over a few family and friends. And we at Kyle LeBlanc Crawfish Farms love to spread this Cajun tradition to the rest of the country. Leftover crawfish is great for making crawfish dishes such as etouffee, bisque, stew, fried, etc. (see our recipes). We also include crawfish recipes in your order. Whatever crawfish you don’t eat for 2-3 days after your party, you can peel these leftover crawfish and store them in your refrigerator until you’re done. ready to cook. Our live crawfish come in 2 sizes: jumbo and extra large. We mainly sell Procambarus Clarkii (Red Swamp Crawfish) and Procambarus Actus Actus (White River Crawfish – Spillway Crawfish – Belle River Crawfish). We sell live and cooked crawfish year-round, however, they are plentiful and cheap in spring and early summer. Crawfish and our other Cajun products can turn an ordinary holiday into Mardi Gras! We have other Louisiana seafood and food products such as shrimp, crab, turtle and alligator as well as prepared foods containing these products and crawfish such as sausages, boudin, pies, patties, etc. We also have turkduckens, which is a boneless duck. boneless chicken wrap boneless turkey wrap with crawfish or shrimp dressing or rice dressing. We deliver recipes to your order; however, we do offer makeup on our website.

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We ONLY deal in high quality overnight shipped, wild (spillway) and farm raised crawfish with unlimited resources and the best service available year round.

NOTE: Price is not the only variable that drives live crawfish. Other variations include quality crawfish that arrive live sealed, crawfish shipped from New Orleans International (more flights than metro airports), crawfish shipped by a company that has the best seafood experience in Louisiana seven days a week, and unlimited quantities; some companies can’t offer a whole year. Please remember that we are the #1 seller of live crawfish in the U.S., since 1990. Please see our reviews from past customers!!


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