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Welcome to Time Out Eat List, a curated selection of Singapore’s best food scenes. These are currently the tastiest restaurants in the city. The freshest, most original and most memorable places, ranked by expert local editors.

Fun Place To Have Lunch Near Me

You don’t have to look far to find great food in Singapore. The city is full of boundary-pushing restaurants run by star-studded chefs and humble hawker finds that are cheap and mouth-watering. Narrowing down the list to 50 of the best restaurants in town is no easy task. That’s why we list the best Japanese, French and Spanish restaurants separately. And kind service to boot.

The Melting Pot

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Chef Joe Leung pays homage to his Thai and Chinese roots in this unpretentious yet intimate restaurant serving Euro-Asian cuisine.

Why it’s popular Experimental fine dining with friendly prices. Sit by the counter and watch as the chefs manipulate your dinner. The cuisine here follows a well-thought-out structure, interspersed with personal memoirs from childhood to formative years as a chef.

Time Out Tips His Abakery His bistro offers freshly baked breads and pastries. Lunch sets start at an attractive $30.

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Why We Love ItFrom the experimental black bean mascarpone cheese in a sourdough starter to the nourishing ribs jjim (slow-braised beef ribs), the food here is traditional Korean dishes and their modern interpretations. It’s a mix of

TIME-OUT TIPS Save space for finely crafted desserts. Look around and you’ll see most tables drinking Champagne his makgeolli, but Chungmyeong, the rich yet balanced and sophisticated glutinous rice wine served in most Michelin-starred restaurants in South Korea. Try the sake ($88).

Why We Love Italmost feels like a casual day trip to Los Angeles. During lunch, she serves her famous wood-fired pizza with her lips smacking. When the sun goes down, the cuisine becomes the classic verse that first pushed Osteria Her Mozza into the dining realm.

Time Out Tips Don’t come to dinner expecting pizza. Pizza is for lunch only. And while you’re here in the evening, don’t sleep on her deconstructed Nancy’s Caesar ($23) and her signature Fennel-laced Orecchiette ($32).

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What it is A bold, progressive take on Indian cuisine. A modern grill house fires up spice-infused dishes, giving every dish a kiss of smoke.

Why We Love It The dynamic open kitchen with its magnificent grill and tandoor is literally a warm welcome. There, Saurab

Udina and his team put their heart into every dish where explosive flavors are met with honesty and authenticity. Rumor has it that they have the best paneer in town, and I think it’s time for that to become a fact.

Chef Jeremy Guillon takes your taste buds on a narrative journey to experience the best of his hometown of Savoy, France, in each season.

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Why we love it Heirloom herbs, collected by my childhood friend Christophe Varaz, are flown in and incorporated into every dish on the menu in myriad imaginative ways. Meals here are veggie-centric, unlike most restaurants where protein is put on a pedestal.

Time out tips World class beverages are up the stairs. Make her way to Flo’s bar where master mixologist Ricky her Paiva shakes up a refreshing cocktail infused with Savoie herbs.

Description Contemporary cuisine served in a whimsical fashion, heavily inspired by the lush surroundings of the iconic Gardens by the Bay. The 7-course tasting menu is a perfect display of textures, flavors and temperatures.

Why We Love It Instead of taking the long walk, arrive in style from Gardens by the Bay’s arrivals square to Marguerite in a limousine buggy service. Additionally, Chef Michael Wilson’s dedication to craftsmanship is evident not only in the restaurant’s ambience, but also in every dish.

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Chef ‘Hatch’ Kenjiro Hashida’s intimate Japanese Kappo restaurant offers the best sushi omakase experience money can buy.

Hashida designed his 12-seater main space with sophisticated hiba countertops, undulating ceilings and walls that resemble the surface of the moon, exquisite handcrafted tableware, and a warm and hospitable crew. to stimulate the five senses. And, of course, creative dishes with quality seafood on a pedestal and unexpected surprises with creative desserts.

Timeout Tips Don’t sleep on condiments. Treated with the same respect as fresh seafood, the often forgotten wasabi and pickled ginger are highly addictive.

This time-tested, Michelin-starred restaurant offers a modern take on sophisticated Italian gastronomy, weaving flavors that are complex yet essential, intimate yet evocative. .

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Why We Love ItFrom the whisper-level formal service, the dining room is expertly curated by expert sommelier Gabriele Rizardi, with recommendations from his wine cellar full of Italian fine labels. We also offer constructed food.

Time Out Tip Enjoy a 5-course experiential menu (starting at $178) and savor the freshest and most exotic ingredients carefully prepared.

A restaurant dedicated to Gastro Botanica, a term coined by chef Jason Tan to pay homage to botanical ingredients. Vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and even flowers are the stars.

Botanically prepared and unexpected dishes are served in a thoughtfully designed space with leaf-filled walls, an onion motif (a tribute to Jason’s favorite vegetable) and plenty of natural light. increase.

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TIME-OUT TIPS Watch out for onions and peek in both literal and edible ways. The wall motif alludes to scales, and the coasters are made to resemble bulbous vegetables.

A modern Korean restaurant that serves as an ode to memories. Chef Louis Han’s personal journey is incorporated into the menu and space.

Why I Like It Everything feels homey and well made. The episode menu rotates every few months. Following the debut of the chef’s favorite ingredients, the new selection includes dishes that depict mountains in Korean – warm, refreshing, and hearty.

Time-out hint sea urchin his seomyeon extra order. Highly recommended as well as the charcoal fire jujube dessert.

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Why We Love It This sumptuously appointed restaurant promises to be a feast for the senses. First, indulge in a dreamy interior. The food, too, is a masterful reinterpretation of traditional Indian cuisine, with recipes tweaked and twisted so everything feels new again.

Time-out tips Be sure to leave your table and explore the entire interior, with four themed spaces decorated like movie sets.

Why it’s so popular There are no cake stands or fancy display cases, and images of desserts are also intentionally left out of the menu. Diners should rely solely on description and imagination to choose their desserts. Each one is finely crafted like a small work of art.

Timeout Tip Have 3-4 desserts as a way to sample the variety of desserts the patisserie has to offer. J is an edible planter and an absolute must try.

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Why We Love It Chef Rishi Naleendra of Cloudstreet leans into his heritage to cook flavorful, spice-scented meals inspired by Sri Lanka’s bustling street food culture.Sinhala The restaurant, which means ‘fortress’ in English, pays tribute to the Portuguese, Dutch and British influences on this country.

Time Out Tips Carbs of choice in his Kotuwa instead of regular grains: Hoppers, bowl-shaped pancakes go well with all gravy and curries.

The only Michelin-starred Peranakan in the world to become his chef is no easy task, but hard work, passion for his heritage, and unwavering dedication have made Chef Malcolm his Lee honored with this honor. I was able to earn a badge. His food is warm and comforting and based on recipes he grew up with.

Time Out Tips If you’re new to cooking and don’t know where to start, opt for Lee’s Taste of Candlenut menu ($98 lunch, $128 dinner).

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Local outpost of Mott 32, a sexy restaurant chain famous for its progressive Chinese cuisine.

Dining at Mott 32 is luxurious and sensual. It begins as you step into the richly decorated space – peacock chairs, mod furniture and apothecary drawers lend a sexy charm to the dimly lit space. Chinese dishes featuring premium ingredients are popular, such as the iconic Applewood Roasted Duck ($108).

TIME-OUT TIPS Pre-ordering is highly recommended as the prized chicken dishes are limited in quantity each day.

What it is A modern dining experience inspired by the collective past of her pair of childhood friends.

This Cafe Beneath The ‘friends’ Apartment Is The Real Life Central Perk

Why We Love It Modern gastronomic roadmaps are often marked by unfamiliar sights.

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