Fun Places To Eat Nearby

Fun Places To Eat Nearby – The festive season is approaching and this calls for gatherings and get-togethers with family and friends. Whether you enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee in a cafe or mouth-watering delicacies in restaurants and small eateries, it is the company that matters most. With the recent increase in the number of cafes in the Upper Thomson area, and well-established food joints, I’m sure you’ll enjoy a delicious meal at one of the eateries we’ve reviewed. Here is the Upper Thomson food guide for your reference. Enjoy it!

At Habitat, it all started with coffee. It wasn’t, of course, just any coffee. It was a cup of coffee made with passion. Singaporean owner Ryan was so inspired by Melbourne’s cafes, he brought his passion for coffee back to Singapore and started his cafe Habitat in the popular cafe-going neighborhood of Upper Thomson. From salads, sandwiches, pastas to the most important, brunch, Habitat Coffee does it all. Some of the new items on the menu include BBQ Pulled Pork ($13), Chilli Crab Linguine ($17), Truffle Salmon Scrambled Egg ($15), Meat Cake with Berries ($15). Something that goes fast is the Pick a Date ($12), which has a warm, sticky sauce with a creamy sauce. There is a unanimous praise for an uninspired dessert among diners.

Fun Places To Eat Nearby

Chicken rice is a staple food in Singapore and most people would have heard of Kampong chicken, which is different from your usual chicken found in many places. Conventional chickens are usually injected with hormones to grow faster and fatter for commercial purposes while Kampong chickens are a variety of chickens that are allowed to run in the wild and are not forced to feed on corn to fatten them up, so so they make it a healthier version. The moist rice that came with the Kampong chicken was fragrant and not too oily. There are also other dishes such as chicken internal organs, vegetables and Thai-style chicken feet that can be found on their menu. To be honest, we felt that the chilli and garlic sauce was the best we tried. Although picky eaters have a hard time separating each piece of chicken from the bone to save every bit of meat that remains, food watchers and conscientious people are satisfied with less visible fat.

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Badoque (Malay slang for eat) has developed a loyal following in the local Malay community because of its lively coffee and good food. The cafe has an internationally inspired menu – Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian Fusion. The best seller is the Badoque ribs ($36), it was 5cm thick and almost as long as my arm. The accompanying brown sauce had a nice texture which was helped by the addition of beef stock and jus. The meat is well grilled and brought to your table hot with potatoes and greens. We recommend sharing your meal with your loved ones – the portions are generous. Yes, it is legally certified!

Around the corner is this amazing, vibrant cafe! The simple interior, making use of white walls and wooden furniture, brings out the feeling of Australia. Starting the day Truffle Benedict ($18) or Salmon Royale ($18) is something that motivates me to crawl out of bed. Free range eggs lie on a spread of smoked ham, topped with brioche and served with a delicious truffle hollandaise sauce. Salmon Royale is another brunch favorite of mine, with asparagus, sautéed spinach and smoked salmon served with anchovy anchovy hollandaise sauce. If you’re looking to start your day on a sweet note instead, try the Caramel Banana French Toast ($16) where caramelized bananas are drizzled with salted caramel sauce and topped with whipped cream. Barista Pacamara also makes great coffee!

Les Pâtisseries simply means “desserts” in French. Relocated from Toa Payoh to Upper Thomson recently, they specialize in French desserts and pastries. Using modern French techniques to produce the best products, most of our ingredients are imported from France, thus producing high quality and accurate products. They recently introduced Thai tea with gray waffles and selling classic brunch items as well.

Ngee Fou, a portion of Yong Tau Foo ($4) contains the usual ingredients such as kangkong, fried bean sticks, fish ball, tau kwa, tau pok, fried quail egg, fried, tofu, brinjal, bitter gourd. and the girl’s finger. The ingredients are made fresh every day. There is only the dried version and the fattening sauce is unacceptable! Yong Tau Foo is served with rice here. The combination of salt and spices is simply heavenly. Apart from their signature Yong Tau Foo, they also sell chicken and duck rice. The location may be ulu and not convenient unless you have a car but it is definitely worth the trip to Hakka Yong Tau Foo. It can get crowded during lunch and dinner time so come early!

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Opened by the same guys after November 8, Five by Five cafe made use of minimal wooden furniture that complements its all-white interior. This restaurant exudes a cozy and homey feeling that chases away your troubles and worries. Brunch players can satisfy their signature 5by5 breakfast ($15.50) or Salmon Florentine ($16.50) while diners can settle on Chicken Bleu ($15.50), Japanese Beef Steak ($18.50) or Miso Roasted Pork ($16.50). If you’re just looking for a place to chill and enjoy a couple of beers, why not order some bar snacks? Spicy Lemon Topshell ($7) and Nachos with Cheese Sauce and Tomato Chorizo ​​($9) were a delight. This cafe offers free Wi-Fi and is open until midnight so it’s a perfect meeting place for your best friends. Although November 8 was short, it seems that Five by Five is here!

‘Thailand’ springs to mind when ice cream rolls are mentioned. You don’t have to travel far for this because there is the Famous Ice-cream Rolls Shop! You can choose a flavor per cup ($4.20) or mix two flavors (add $0.80). They offer Vanilla, Ferrero Rocher, Chocolate, Oreo, Kinder Bueno, Milo, Ovomaltine and Nutella. Each cup is topped with Hershey’s Chocolate Sauce and Rainbow Rice. They also offer Fruit Delight – a single fruit ($4.90) or a combination of two fruits (add $0.80). You can choose between Strawberry, Lychee and Mango. Each fruit cup is topped with Strawberry or Caramel Sauce and Rainbow Rice. This is an easy frozen dessert that will help you beat the intense heat!

Cafes will often miss One Man Coffee as the building was better known as Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar. They share one shop unit – Hal Man Coffee uses the building from 9am to 5pm while Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar opens only from 5pm. At One Man Coffee, coffee lovers will be treated to a brew made from Axil Coffee Roasters beans, one of Melbourne’s most popular coffee joints. Espresso starts at $3. My Cappuccino ($4.50) is top notch with a balanced body and rich aroma. I enjoyed the nutritious Brioche French Toast topped with homemade berry compote and fresh cream ($10). The pillow was pillow-y soft and moist as it was soaked in the egg mixture. The walnuts were full of nutritional goodness and the blueberry jam and dollop of fresh cream complemented the French toast. Another dish that caught our eye on the menu is the Gashouse Eggs ($10). Coffee’s no-nonsense laid-back atmosphere makes me want to come back and spend a relaxing afternoon all over again. There is also a cake and dessert cabinet. P/S Say YAY don’t pay GST & service charge!

Being a popular convenience store that serves one of the best ‘pratas’ in Singapore, this place is filled with a steady flow of customers and rarely gets quiet. Be early to reserve seats! The pratas sold here are different from the soft and fluffy ones you get elsewhere. We especially love the crispy and crunchy pratas served here! Dipping the prata into a thick and creamy chicken curry is definitely love at first sight.

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With such a wide variety of Indian-Muslim cuisine, you’re bound to be spoiled for choice. There is probably less room in your stomach than the food options like Maggie Goreng ($3.50), Chicken Briyani ($5), Murtabak ($5), Mutton Soup ($4) and Indian Rojak etc. Super shiok Teh Tarik ($0.90), which is not mixed or too sweet. This is a great place to satisfy your late night hunger pangs, check it out!

Since opening its doors in 2011, Salted Caramel has been serving up affordable ice cream. A single scoop costs $3.60 while a double goes for $6.40 and a triple for $9.20. Such a good deal huh? All under $10! For more substantial desserts, you have the option of adding a brownie ($3.50) or a waffle ($4) to your ice cream selection. My favorites are Earl Grey, Rum & Raisin, Milo and not to forget, Salted Caramel! Their ice cream is free from artificial enhancers and preservatives. They open up

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